Best Women’s Rollerblades

Best Women’s Rollerblades: Finding the Perfect Rollerblades for You

Are you looking for the top women’s rollerblades? If so, you’ve come to the right place, and this list of the best women’s rollerblades is for you.

This list of the best women’s rollerblades will highlight the top options and will allow you to find the perfect blades for you. Whether you are looking for a specific brand, style of rollerblades, or whatever, this list will help you find the right pair for you so you can get out there and go.

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Top 15 Women’s Rollerblades:



Powerslide Next Core 80 Women's Rollerblades

1. Powerslide Next Core 80 Women’s Rollerblades

Price: $365.69

Highlights: Heat-treated memory foam boot liners, Trinity aluminum frames, and high-cut cuff.

About Rollerblades: The Powerslide Next Core 80 Women’s Rollerblades are high-performance inline skates that are perfect for urban skating. They feature heat-treated memory foam boot liners that mold to your feet for a custom fit, Trinity aluminum frames for increased stability and weight transfer, and a lace-up closure for more flexibility.

The high-cut cuff provides more ankle support and less muscle fatigue, and the skates can reach high speeds.



Rollerblade Macroblade Women's Rollerblades

2. Rollerblade Macroblade Women’s Rollerblades

Price: $188.96 – $349.99

Highlights: Full-height boot cuff design, 110mm Supreme wheels, and ventilated knit uppers.

About Rollerblades: Specifically designed for experienced female skaters and racers, these rollerblades have been engineered to bring you an innovative combination of speed, style, and substance. Outfitted with high cuffs for improved balance and a highly structured foothold for precision control, getting around town or working on tricks has never been this effortless.

The breathable lining and padded footbed ensure maximum comfort while you’re doing your thing. Plus, the full-height boot cuff design offers optimal lateral support. Achieve greater velocity each time you hit the concrete thanks to its 3×110 setup and 110mm Supreme wheels with SG9 bearings. The stylish ventilated knit uppers add even more finesse to your setup.



Roller Derby V-Tech Women's Rollerblades

3. Roller Derby V-Tech Women’s Rollerblades

Price: $51.17

Highlights: Triple buckle closure, adjustable button, and urethane wheels.

About Rollerblades:  Roller Derby V-Tech Women’s Rollerblades are the best way for ladies to hit the trails. No more stressful tying up laces and long waits trying to find the perfect fit. This incredible design features a triple buckle closure, allowing you stress-free skating anytime, anywhere.

With its special adjustable button, its size can be easily adjusted in seconds. Additionally, these rollerblades are brilliantly lightweight and extremely maneuverable that even a beginner will master them in no time.

The urethane wheels promise a smooth ride every time with top-notch durability and grip. Moreover, these wheels protect indoor surfaces from any scratches or scuffs, which makes them great for both outdoor and indoor use.



Rollerblade Zetrablade Women's Rollerblades

4. Rollerblade Zetrablade Women’s Rollerblades

Price: $125.97

Highlights: Come in a wide range of sizes, heel brake, and specially designed wheels and bearings.

About Rollerblades: These skates are specifically designed to provide superior comfort and performance for female skaters and come in a wide range of sizes to ensure the perfect fit. They feature a heel brake for easy stopping and roll smoothly over uneven surfaces thanks to their specially designed wheels and bearings.



Impala Lightspeed Women's Rollerblades

5. Impala Lightspeed Women’s Rollerblades

Price: $139.95 – $181.99

Highlights: Vegan-friendly, 700mm 80a durometer wheels, and easy entry buckle and lace combo.

About Rollerblades: Introducing the super stylish Impala Lightspeed Women’s Rollerblades. Be the envy of all your friends with a brand-new set of vegan-friendly rollerblades. Unlike other rollerblades that require a long break-in period, these ones are ready to go right out of the box.

They feature a plastic outer boot combined with an incredibly comfy and breathable padded boot liner, along with an easy entry buckle and lace combo. The skates also come with an optional heel brake and two Allen wrenches included. You’ll love the 70mm 80a durometer wheels that can even fit 72mm wheels.



Rollerblade Advantage Pro XT Women's Rollerblades

6. Rollerblade Advantage Pro XT Women’s Rollerblades

Price: $62.99 – $107.99

Highlights: Multiple colorful designs, secure buckle and strap, and padded liner.

About Rollerblades: Make a statement while you skate with the Rollerblade Advantage Pro XT. These inline skates feature a supportive shell and padded liner, making them one of the best women’s rollerblades out there. They provide maximum stability and control while also looking gorgeous in any of their slick, colorful designs.

Whether you are brand-new to skating or looking for an upgrade, these skates offer unbeatable comfort and reliability. You will never have to worry about your feet slipping around with the secure buckle and strap that help lock your foot into place. Get ready to hit the streets with confidence, comfort, and style.



FR Skates FRX Women's Rollerblades

7. FR Skates FRX Women’s Rollerblades

Price: $209.90

Highlights: Great for beginners, hard plastic shell, and easy-glide bearings

About Rollerblades: Looking for a great pair of beginner rollerblades? Check out the FR Skates FRX Women’s Rollerblades. These skates offer a great balance of stability, speed, and maneuverability, perfect for those just learning to skate.

With a hard plastic shell for durability and easy-glide bearings, these skates will help you enjoy hours of skating fun. And when you’re ready to move up to a more advanced model, the FR series has you covered.



K2 Skate Kinetic 80 Women's Rollerblades

8. K2 Skate Kinetic 80 Women’s Rollerblades

Price: $89.95 – $140.17

Highlights: larger wheels, aggressive cuff and buckle system, and good for bumpy roads.

About Rollerblades: These high-quality blades, designed with larger wheels and an aggressive cuff and buckle system, will have you speeding through busy streets with confidence. You’ll cruise effortlessly over bumpy roads while staying nice and stable through even the tightest of turns. The sleek look is stylish yet subtle – allowing you to fit right in with any city vibe.



Rollerblade RB Cruiser Women's Rollerblades

9. Rollerblade RB Cruiser Women’s Rollerblades

Price: $186.95

Highlights: Low frame, shock-absorbing heel pads, and durable boot with ventilation.

About Rollerblades: If you’re looking for a tough, versatile skate to take on urban commuting, the Rollerblade RB Cruiser is your best bet. With a low frame that keeps you close to the ground for better control and maneuverability, shock-absorbing heel pads to help you glide over uneven pavement, and a durable boot with ventilation to keep your feet dry, the RB Cruiser can handle anything city skating throws your way. Plus, the liner is removable for easy cleaning.



Hikole Women's Rollerblades

10. Hikole Women’s Rollerblades

Price: $55.99 – $58.99

Highlights: Adjustable skates, PU wheels, and semi-flexible liner contours.

About Rollerblades: These reliable inline skates have been designed for maximum comfort and reliability so you can focus on mastering those perfect tricks and spins. With adjustable skates, a rip-tab, laces, and buckles – you’ll be sure to find an amazing fit no matter what your size.

The PU wheels and upgraded bearings give you that extra boost of speed when you need it. Lastly, the semi-flexible liner contours to your feet for unparalleled comfort and prevents fatigue so you can stay out there longer and skate with confidence.



Sktyee Women's Rollerblades

11. Sktyee Women’s Rollerblades

Price: $105.88

Highlights: Removable liners, adjustable wheel/bearing combo, and secure closure system.

About Rollerblades: For the aspiring skater, SKTYEE Women’s Rollerblades are the perfect entry-level pairing for beginning a lifelong passion. From their ultra-comfy, removable, and washing design liners to their shock-absorbent, one-piece PP shell construction and secure closure system, these rollerblades ensure maximum support and unparalleled stability for novice skaters.

And with the built-in composite frame design bringing them closer to the ground and an adjustable wheel/bearing combo that can handle different levels of skating proficiency, these blades guarantee a smooth ride every time.



Jackson Utima Women's Rollerblades

12. Jackson Utima Women’s Rollerblades

Price: $269.95

Highlights: Comes in three colors, Bionic ABEC-7 bearings, and MicroFiber upper liner.

About Rollerblades: The Jackson Utima Women’s Rollerblades are the perfect way to take your skating game to the next level. Embrace your true passion and roll away in confidence on these superior rollerblades. These come in three stylish colors – Red, Purple, or Black – so you can express yourself with flair. Experience comfort like never before with the Jackson frame, which provides strength, feel, comfort, and security.

The Bionic ABEC-7 bearings will give you an effortless rollout on any terrain, so you can do even more. You’ll love their toe stop ‘Bionic Artiste Stopper’, and a MicroFiber upper liner with Nylex lining will keep you feeling snug at all times. Plus, their Memory foam ankle padding provides extra cushioning to enjoy both long sessions of practice or a few hours of fun in the park.



RollingBunny Women's Rollerblades

13. RollingBunny Women’s Rollerblades

Price: $79.99

Highlights: ABEC-7 bearing, padded liner, and padded collar and tongue.

About Rollerblades: Made with durable, anti-choc hard shell outer boots, these rollerblades are built to last. The ABEC-7 bearing ensures a smooth and safe skating experience, even if you skate hard and aggressively. The padded liner is breathable and comfortable, while the ankle padding helps to support your ankles.

The padded collar and tongue make slipping on these skates easy for a snug yet comfortable fit. Plus, the lining is removable for easy cleaning and drying. RollingBunny also features easy-entry metal lace eyelets and a buckle combo, which makes these skates simple and fast to adjust.



Cruze 84 Women's Rollerblades

14. Cruze 84 Women’s Rollerblades

Price: $79.99 – $89.95

Highlights: High-rebound polyurethane wheels, adjustable brake pads, and anatomical padding.

About Rollerblades: Get ready to speed your way into the world of outdoor fun and adventure with the Fit-Tru Cruze 84 Rollerblades. These incredible inline skates have been designed specifically for women’s feet, ensuring that each stride feels effortless and comfortable without sacrificing style or performance. With their sleek, cute colors, you’ll be the envy of all your friends – even the guys.

Each pair has state-of-the-art technology due to its high-rebound polyurethane wheels, adjustable brake pads, and sturdy frames, which offer stability so you can glide effortlessly up and down hills with ease. The secure fit boot is custom-made with technical fabric, which evaporates moisture away from your skin, along with anatomical padding placed in perfect spots to give you maximum support when needed.

Plus, these skates would make a great low-impact workout for those looking for a fun cardio activity without putting unnecessary strain on their body.



Powerslide Next 110 Women's Rollerblades

15. Powerslide Next 110 Women’s Rollerblades

Price: $436.99

Highlights: Customizable cuff height, fiberglass boots, and 110mm wheels.

About Rollerblades: Trinity Frames skates are low to the ground, providing both power and control. Plus, you can easily adjust frames with just one wheel removal. Plus, customize your cuff height for a customized fit for maximum comfort. Don’t worry about lacing them up too tight– these fiberglass boots reinforced with plastic are incredibly durable yet lightweight for freestyle skating.

The three 110-millimeter wheels paired with toe protection make these the perfect rollerblades for distance and slalom skating. Lastly, removable memory foam liners make them ultra comfy no matter how long you explore with your new blades.


Best Women’s Rollerblades Conclusion

This list of the best women’s rollerblades should help you find the perfect pair of blades for you. With these great options, you will be able to hit the streets in style and have an amazing time doing it.

And as much as you will be having fun with your new blades, you can also improve your fitness and explore new areas.

If you have tried any of these women’s rollerblades before, we would love to hear your feedback below in the comments.