Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers: Finding the Perfect Mattress for You

Sleeping on your side can cause extra pressure to build up on specific areas of the body, leading to aches and pains. That’s why it’s important to find the right mattress that provides cushioning and support, and this list of the best mattresses for side sleepers can help you do just that.

This list of the best mattresses for side sleepers will highlight the top options and will allow you to find the perfect mattress for you. Whether you are looking for a specific mattress brand, type of material, etc., this list will have you covered. 

When you finish with this list of the best mattresses for side sleepers, make sure you check out our lists of the best pillows and best sheets to make sure your new bed has all the coverings it needs.


Top 10 Mattresses for Side Sleepers:



Amerisleep Mattress

1. Amerisleep Mattress

Price: $1299.00

Highlights: Two inches of foam on the top layer, plenty of firmness, and the option of a memory foam or latex hybrid.

About Mattress: Are you ready for an excellent night’s sleep? Amerisleep mattresses are ideal for side sleepers, giving you maximum comfort and optimum support. This classic hybrid mattress design combines two types of materials to provide a personalized sleeping experience.

With two inches of foam in the top layer and plenty of firmness to balance out the support, it’s sure to be your favorite mattress. Choose an Amerisleep mattress if your preference is a memory foam product – it will cradle and contour your body perfectly.



Dreamcloud Mattress

2. Dreamcloud Mattress

Price: $899.00

Highlights: A blend of memory foam and individually wrapped springs, awarded as the most Luxury Hybrid in the US, and optimal support with a cushioned feel.

About Mattress: This premium hybrid mattress provides a dreamy blend of memory foam and individually wrapped springs to provide you with a unique sleep experience.

Besides its superior comfort, one of the best features of Dreamcloud Mattress is its attainable price point. Enjoy a luxury hybrid mattress without having to pay an outrageous markup. Dreamcloud Mattress has even been awarded as the most Luxury Hybrid in the US. You won’t regret investing in this comfy new piece of furniture.

For those who are especially using their mattress as side sleepers, this option from Dreamcloud Mattress is your best choice – it’ll give you everything that you need for optimal support and a cushioned feel for comfortable sleep every night.



Loom & Leaf Mattress


3. Loom & Leaf Mattress

Price: $1895.00

Highlights: Made from renewable oils that produce fewer greenhouse gases, a nationwide manufacturing network, and designed for the support your body needs.

About Mattress: This superior sleep system is designed to give you the comfort and support your body needs. On top of that, Loom & Leaf is an eco-friendly product that looks after the planet while making sure you get a great night’s sleep.

Their foam is made from renewable oils, which produce fewer greenhouse gases during manufacturing. That means not only can you sleep soundly, but you can also rest assured that your product choice has an environmentally conscious element. Plus, because they have a nationwide manufacturing network, their product spends less time traveling in order to make it to your door, reducing our carbon footprint even further.



Molecule Mattress

4. Molecule Mattress

Price: $899.00

Highlights: An unbeatable blend of pressure relief and support, advanced edge support, and motion-absorbing foam.

About Mattress: This revolutionary mattress provides an unbeatable blend of pressure relief and support to keep you sleeping soundly night after night. Advanced edge support reduces or eliminates that roll-off feeling, while motion-absorbent foam prevents you and your partner from rolling together.

Enjoy an excellent combination of temperature regulation, breathability, and targeted support with copper-infused gel memory foam. In key pressure point areas, this memory foam gives way to copper gel that provides pushback where it’s needed most.



Nolah Mattress

5. Nolah Mattress

Price: $1599.00

Highlights: 12-inch AirFoam technology, perfect spinal alignment, and lumbar support, and a luxury organic cotton cover with an unbleached diamond pattern.

About Mattress: This premium mattress is constructed from 12-inch AirFoam technology, which contours to your body and relieves pressure on your neck, hips, and shoulders. Its layer of AirFoam offers perfect spinal alignment and lumbar support, helping you wake up ache-free.

Plus, this conveniently delivered mattress features a luxury organic cotton cover with an unbleached diamond pattern that’s 300% more durable, so you can get comfortable night after night. Add in moisture-wicking properties, and you have a mattress that will keep you cool all night long while providing maximum comfort and support.



Saatva Mattress

6. Saatva Mattress

Price: $1495.00

Highlights: A plush 3″ Euro pillow top, handcrafted with sustainable carbon steel, and temper-treated three times to ensure ultimate durability.

About Mattress: Crafted to provide superior comfort and pressure-point relief, this plush 3″ Euro pillow top has been designed with side sleepers in mind – so you can rest your head easy, knowing it’s an excellent solution for your sleeping needs. Handcrafted with sustainable carbon steel that’s built to last and temper-treated three times to ensure ultimate durability, this mattress also comes with three firmness levels to choose from that are sure to suit everyone.

Plus, with Saatva’s patented Lumbar Zone® Technology, you won’t just be getting a comfortable night’s rest — but a healthy one, too. When paired up with its dual-coil construction that features more airflow beneath you for cooler nights on the horizon, this mattress will guarantee optimal back support if it’s just one position or multiple that you may find yourself in throughout the night.



Zenhaven Mattress

7. Zenhaven Mattress

Price: $2695.00

Highlights: Dual-sided with a firm side and plush side, naturally hypoallergenic and non-toxic, and a perfect balance between body contouring, cushioning, and uplifting support.

About Mattress: With its dual-layered design of firm comfort on one side and plush comfort on the other, you can get exceptional support and deep pressure relief no matter your sleep style. Their naturally hypoallergenic foam mattress is 100% organic and eco-friendly, so you can sleep in total peace without toxins or chemical residue.

This all-natural latex mattress ensures a perfect balance between body contouring, cushioning, and uplifting support. You’ll be held in a perfectly relaxed sleeping state thanks to their signature combination of breathable materials, which keep you cool throughout the night so you can awaken feeling completely recharged.

Plus, Zenhaven is handcrafted with only the finest in nontoxic materials, so you can be sure of uncompromising quality with every night’s sleep.



Puffy Mattress

8. Puffy Mattress

Price: $999.00

Highlights: Endorsed by Consumer Reports and the American Chiropractic Association, an amazingly breathable cover, and two layers of cloud foam.

About Mattress: The Puffy Mattress is ideal for getting a good night’s rest. Not only does it offer cooling comfort and support, but it’s also been endorsed by Consumer Reports, the American Chiropractic Association, and many other industry awards for back pain relief.

This all-in-one mattress features an amazingly breathable cover, two layers of cloud foam to cradle your body in extreme comfort, and a top layer of pocketed coils and contouring foam that supports your spine in perfect balance.

With its pressure-relieving capabilities designed specifically for side sleepers, the Puffy Lux Hybrid has everything you need to reduce muscle tension and alleviate back pain so you can wake up refreshed.



Nectar Mattress

9. Nectar Mattress

Price: $699.00

Highlights: A cooling quilted cover, contours to your unique shape to alleviate pressure points, and a Forever Warranty™.

About Mattress: This award-winning memory foam mattress consists of premium layers and a cooling quilted cover that provides you with luxurious comfort. It has been specially designed to contour to your unique shape, alleviating pressure points for the deepest restorative rest.

And, no matter what season you experience it in, Nectar adapts to its surroundings to provide optimal levels of support and plushness. Their Forever Warranty™ ensures you’ll be able to experience this level of comfort for years to come. Get ready for the night, and seize the day afterward refreshed as never before with Nectar.



Lull Mattress

10. Lull Mattress

Price: $499.00

Highlights: Luxurious foam lakers built with responsiveness in mind, powerful coils that provide an evenly distributed surface, and reduced motion transfer.

About Mattress: It’s time to say goodbye to endless tossing, turning, and waking up with a stiff back. The innovative and intuitive Lull mattress is here to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep. Lull is the go-to choice for side sleepers who demand comfort and support – especially when it comes to their sleeping routines.

They built each layer of their luxurious foam layers with responsiveness in mind. This ergonomic design features powerful coils that provide an evenly distributed surface that contours to your body shape and adapts to different positions so you can turn or move around without affecting the mattress’s power — meaning perfect restorative sleep every time.

Not only does this reduce motion transfer for undisturbed sleep – when you turn over, the mattress shifts with you – but it also supports healthy spinal alignment and helps improve circulation throughout your body while relieving pressure in key areas such as hips along the neck.


Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers Conclusion

Finding the perfect mattress for your sleeping style is essential. With this list of the best mattresses for side sleepers, you’ll be able to find one that offers support, cushioning, and all-around comfort so you can get the best sleep possible.

This list will also take into account other features such as price, durability, and breathability when making your decision. With the right mattress, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, so don’t wait any longer to select the best one for your needs.

If you have tried any of these mattresses before, we would love to hear your feedback below in the comments.