Best Hedge Trimmers

Best Hedge Trimmers: Finding the Perfect Hedge Trimmer for You

Hedge trimmers can be a great addition to any backyard landscaping. But finding the right one for you can be challenging without the right resources, which is where this list of the best hedge trimmers can help you.

This list of the best hedge trimmers will provide the top hedge trimmers and will help you find the perfect trimmers for your needs. From heavy-duty trimmers to trimmers that are easy to handle and maneuver, this list of the best hedge trimmers will have it all.

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Top 15 Hedge Trimmers:



Greenworks 4 Amp Hedge Trimmer

1. Greenworks 4 Amp Hedge Trimmer

Price: $38.00

Highlights: Ideal for light-duty trimming on smaller properties, is lightweight, and has a corded design.

About Hedge Trimmer: If you’re looking for a quality hedge trimmer, the Greenworks 4 Amp Hedge Trimmer is a great option. Ideal for light-duty trimming on smaller properties, this trimmer can handle all the trimming work you need without any issues. Plus, its front handle wraps all the way around the tool, so you can hold it however you like.



EGO Power+ HT2410 Hedge Trimmer

2. EGO Power+ HT2410 Hedge Trimmer

Price: $123.97

Highlights: A 56-volt battery, a wide cut capacity, a cushioned grip, and an electric brake.

About Hedge Trimmer: With a 56-volt battery, this hedge trimmer has the power to cut through branches up to 1 inch thick. Plus, it features a wide cut capacity, making it quick and easy to trim your hedges.

And at only 9 pounds, it’s lightweight and easy to use. Plus, the cushioned grip helps reduce muscle fatigue and strain caused by vibration. For safety, the power hedge trimmer features an electric brake stop to immediately cease the blade’s momentum as soon as the trigger is released.



DEWALT DCHT820B Hedge Trimmer

3. DEWALT DCHT820B Hedge Trimmer

Price: $129.99

Highlights: A strong motor, a 22-inch long, per-hardened blade, and a 5.0Ah lithium-ion battery.

About Hedge Trimmer: The DEWALT DCHT820B Hedge Trimmer is a top pick for one of the best hedge trimmers thanks to its strong motor and low-maintenance blade. This hedge trimmer’s blade measures 22 inches long and can cut branches up to 0.75 inches thick.

The blade is also pre-hardened, so it doesn’t dull as quickly or require maintenance as frequently as some other models. This model relies on a 5.0Ah lithium-ion battery, and you can purchase it with or without the battery and charger.



TABOR TOOLS B620A Hedge Trimmer

4. TABOR TOOLS B620A Hedge Trimmer

Price: $31.99

Highlights: Strong carbon steel wavy blades, two handles, and adjustable tension.

About Hedge Trimmer: This trimmer has strong carbon steel wavy blades that make it easy to get precise, healthy cuts. The two handles are rubberized to provide maximum grip, and the tension can be adjusted via a knob to suit your strength and the type of plants you’re trimming. This trimmer is also lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it a great choice for any gardener.



BLACK+DECKER 20V Hedge Trimmer

5. BLACK+DECKER 20V Hedge Trimmer

Price: $58.94

Highlights: Features a 22-inch, dual-action blade, weighs 5.7 pounds, and can trim up to 3000 square feet on a single charge.

About Hedge Trimmer: This top hedge trimmer is ideal for anyone who needs to quickly and easily take care of their hedges, bushes, and shrubs. The blade is a lengthy 22 inches, allowing you to trim a large area in one go. Additionally, the blade features dual action – meaning it’s more efficient and causes fewer vibrations.

With a full charge, this battery-operated trimmer can run for an entire hour. And if that’s not enough, it can also trim up to 3000 square feet on a single charge. Weighing in at just 5.7 pounds, this trimmer is also very lightweight and easy to use. Plus, the padded front handle and front handle shield help reduce muscle strain and keep your hands safe while you’re trimming.



WORX WG261 Hedge Trimmer

6. WORX WG261 Hedge Trimmer

Price: $103.53

Highlights: A built-in safety guard, a soft rear handle, and a front D-grip.

About Hedge Trimmer: This trimmer weighs only 5.5 pounds, making it one of the lightest options on the market. Additionally, its ergonomic design allows for user comfort and safety. This trimmer also has a built-in safety guard to keep debris off of you while you work. Not to mention, its soft rear handle reduces vibration, and its front D-grip allows you to cut hedges from any angle.



DEWALT 20V Hedge Trimmer

7. DEWALT 20V Hedge Trimmer

Price: $229.00

Highlights: Reaches up to 12 feet, cutting capacity up to 1 inch in diameter, and strong, hardened steel blades.

About Hedge Trimmer:  With a reach of up to 12 feet, this trimmer is ideal for tall hedges and trees. The DEWALT 20V Hedge Trimmer blades are made from strong, hardened steel that can tackle even the thickest branches effortlessly.

With a cutting capacity of up to 1 inch in diameter, this trimmer will make short work of any job. Plus, it’s battery-powered for added convenience. The 4.0 Ah battery provides an hour of run time – plenty of time to get the job done right.



Earthwise Hedge Trimmer

8. Earthwise Hedge Trimmer

Price: $108.22

Highlights: A 20-volt battery, a fast charger, and 20-inch dual-action steel blades.

About Hedge Trimmer: This cordless trimmer is lightweight and maneuverable, making it a breeze to use. The included 20-volt battery provides up to 30 minutes of run time, while the fast charger can recharge the battery in just 30 minutes to an hour.

The Earthwise Hedge Trimmer features 20-inch dual-action steel blades that can easily cut through branches up to 5/8 inches thick. Additionally, the six-position adjustable cutting head and built-in extension pole make it easy to trim the top, bottom, and any awkward angles on your hedge.



Makita XHU02M1 Hedge Trimmer

9. Makita XHU02M1 Hedge Trimmer

Price: $132.05

Highlights: Has a 22-inch blade, delivers up to 1,350 strokes per minute, and has anti-vibration features.

About Hedge Trimmer: This trimmer has a 22-inch blade that can deliver up to 1,350 strokes per minute, making quick work of even the most overgrown hedges. Its lightweight design and anti-vibration features make it comfortable and easy to use, even for extended periods of time.

And with a runtime of up to 120 minutes on its lowest setting, you can be sure that this trimmer will get the job done, no matter how big or small.



Poulan Pro Hedge Trimmer

10. Poulan Pro Hedge Trimmer

Price: $206.99

Highlights: Heavy-duty gas hedge trimmer, has a wide 1-inch cutting capacity, and weighs 11.1 pounds.

About Hedge Trimmer: The Poulan Pro Hedge Trimmer is a heavy-duty gas hedge trimmer that is ideal for maintaining well-established hedges, bushes, and small trees. It has a wide 1-inch cutting capacity and weighs 11.1 pounds.

The trimmer is powered by a 23 cc engine and has a rotating handle with a cushioned grip to reduce vibration during operation. The Poulan Pro Hedge Trimmer is a great choice for those who need a powerful and durable hedge trimmer that can handle even the toughest jobs.



CRAFTSMAN V20 Hedge Trimmer

11. CRAFTSMAN V20 Hedge Trimmer

Price: $89.98

Highlights: An 8-inch shrubbery blade, a 4-inch grass shear blade, and a convenient blade-swap system.

About Hedge Trimmer: This versatile tool comes with two different blade attachments—an 8-inch shrubbery and a 4-inch grass shear blade—so you can tackle any trimming job, big or small. The shrub blade on this trimmer can easily cut through branches up to 5/16 inches in diameter, while the grass shear blade is ideal for smaller jobs.

Plus, the convenient blade-swap system makes it easy to change between blades without having to fiddle with any tools. And at just 5 pounds, this trimmer is incredibly lightweight and easy to maneuver, even with just one hand.



Sun Joe SJH902E Hedge Trimmer

12. Sun Joe SJH902E Hedge Trimmer

Price: $66.17

Highlights: An extendable arm, a pivoting head, and a 4-amp motor.

About Hedge Trimmer: This powerful trimmer has an extendable arm that can reach up to 13 feet, making it ideal for trimming tall hedges and bushes. The head of the trimmer also pivots, so you can adjust the angle to reach under or above bushes.

The SJH902E has a dual-sided, 21-inch hardened-steel blade that can easily prune branches up to 3/4 inch thick. And with a 4-amp motor, this trimmer has plenty of power to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Plus, since it’s electric, there’s no need to worry about running out of gas or battery power. Just plug it in, and you’re good to go.



GARCARE Hedge Trimmer

13. GARCARE Hedge Trimmer

Price: $149.99

Highlights: A 4.8A motor, a 20-inch laser SK5 metal cutting blade, and a detachable telescopic pole.

About Hedge Trimmer: Equipped with a 4.8A motor and 20-inch laser SK5 metal cutting blade, this trimmer can easily take on 3/4-inch thick branches. Plus, with its detachable telescopic pole, you can use it as a long-reach hedge trimmer, making it great for higher bushes and trees.

For added safety, the GARCARE Hedge Trimmer features a double safety start button, so you can rest assured knowing that accidental startups won’t happen.



PowerSmart Hedge Trimmer

14. PowerSmart Hedge Trimmer

Price: $69.99

Highlights: 2400rpm, a powerful 20V DC motor, an electric cordless design, and a cutting length of 16 inches.

About Hedge Trimmer: This top hedge trimmer is equipped with a powerful 20V DC motor and no load speed at 2400rpm, making it ideal for cutting through tough hedges quickly and easily. The electric cordless design is also a lot quieter than gas-powered trimmers and avoids the smell that can come with them.

Additionally, the dual-action blades on this trimmer remove jammed leaves and branches efficiently, and the battery-operated design reduces vibration to avoid arm fatigue. With a cutting length of 16 inches and a teeth space of 1/2 inch, this hedge trimmer can handle even the biggest jobs. Plus, its lightweight design makes it easy to operate, even for long periods of time.



Toro 51490 Hedge Trimmer

15. Toro 51490 Hedge Trimmer

Price: $49.97

Highlights: A 4 amp motor, a 22-inch-long cutting bar, and a dual-action cutting system.

About Hedge Trimmer: This powerful trimmer has a 4 amp motor and a 22-inch-long cutting bar that can easily cut through branches up to 9/16-inch thick. The dual-action cutting system reduces vibration, and the cord-lock system keeps the cord securely in place. Plus, it measures just 8 by 8 by 36 inches, so it’s easy to store and transport. And for peace of mind, it comes with a 2-year warranty.


Best Hedge Trimmers Conclusion

Whether you are an expert hedge trimmer or not, you should at least have a good idea of what you need to get the job done. Whether you are looking for a specific brand, type of power, etc., there is something on this list of the best hedge trimmers for everyone.

Because with the right tools, you can have your shrubs and bushes looking better than ever. This will add to the value of your home and will allow you to enjoy the beautiful greenery in your yard. It all starts with the right pair of hedge trimmers, though.

Please comment below if you have any feedback on these hedge trimmers. We know that all of our readers would appreciate your comments.