Best Activewear Brands: Finding the Perfect Activewear Brands for You

We have all heard the saying, “look good, feel good, play good.” And, well, it isn’t proper English, it does apply when it comes to playing sports, working out, etc. The better you look and the more comfortable you are, the harder you will be able to train and workout. That is why we decided to put together a list of the best activewear brands.

This list of the best activewear brands will highlight the top activewear brands and will help you find the perfect workout clothing for you. With this list, you can search through all of the top activewear clothing brands and find clothing based on a specific type of activity, look, budget, and more. 

Some of these brands are going to feature giants of the industry like Nike and Under Armour, while other newer, lesser-known brands still hold their own with excellent activewear offerings. These activewear brands will also cover you from head to toe. So regardless of the sport or the outdoor adventure, and whether you are looking for something small like the perfect pair of fitness shorts or shirt or a coat to protect you from the cold and rain as you climb up a mountain, these brands have it all.

The other great thing about this list of the best activewear brands is that some of these brands cater to specific activities. So whether you are a basketball player, love fitness, or anything in between, this list is going to have something for you.


List of the Top 25 Activewear Brands:



1. Lululemon

Recommended For: Daily Activewear and Yoga Enthusiasts

Highlights: Sport and activity-specific clothing for women and men and comfortable and durable athletic wear for daily use.

About Activewear Brand: With a yoga background and a small beginning in Vancouver, Canada, Lululemon is now a worldwide brand that offers activewear to all. From leggings to sweaters to underclothing, you will be able to find it all. And, as one of the top activewear brands as well, they offer specific clothing for different activities. You can choose from yoga, running, training, swimming, and even your office commute.



2. Fabletics

Recommended For: Activewear for Women

Highlights: Luxury activewear for women at an accessible price point and a large selection of items and new offerings every month.

About Activewear Brand: You may recognize Fabletics from one of the many Kate Hudson ads. Today though, it is more than just a celebrity face; it is a trusted workout brand for women all over the world. In 2013, Fabletics recognized a need in the marketplace for high-quality, luxury workout clothing at an accessible price point, and today their mission stays the same. They offer complete workout outfits, underwear, plus sizes, and so much more. Also, their activewear is so comfortable and stylish that it can be worn in your everyday life.



3. Nike

Recommended For: All Ages and Sports

Highlights: Features a large selection of quality activewear items and sport-specific clothing options.

About Activewear Brand: Nike is one of the original players when it comes to activewear, and they continue to prove why they deserve to be up at the top of the list. One of the best things about Nike activewear is the large amount of sport-specific clothing items that they offer.

From basketball to football to baseball to pretty much any sport you can think of, they provide quality activewear options. Along with a large selection, they also offer quality items that will stand the test of time. So whether you are looking for sport-specific activewear or looking to wear it daily, you will be able to find what you are looking for.



4. Adidas

Recommended For: All Ages and Sports

Highlights: Something for everyone, regardless of sport or fitness needs and quality products that will stand up to the rigors of your workout.

About Activewear Brand: Another big-time player in the workout brand clothing market, Adidas, also caters to very sport-specific needs. Regardless of your fitness needs, though, you will be able to trust that Adidas’ activewear is going to be able to help your performance.

Their clothing, shoes, and accessories are all high-quality. Also, as of late, Adidas has done an excellent job of creating a modern culture around their clothing line. With artists, celebrities, and athletes all coming together to rep Adidas, their activewear brand is continuing to trend upwards.



5. Under Armour

Recommended For: All Ages and Sports

Highlights: Excellent outdoor activewear options, sport-specific training wear, and high-quality clothing, shoes, and accessories.

About Activewear Brand: Under Armour may not have been around as long as some of the other top workout brands, but their quality and attention to detail continue to prove that they are a player in the industry. One of their biggest highlights is their outdoor activewear.

They offer excellent cold-weather clothing options to help you train your best in the elements. Along with cold wear, they also provide sport and fitness-specific clothing options as well. This will allow you to be able to find what you need for whatever you are training towards.


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6. Goodlife Clothing

Recommended For: Men and Women Looking for More Traditional Activewear

Highlights: High quality and timeless activewear.

About Activewear Brand: Focused on quality and timelessness, Goodlife Clothing offers high-quality activewear. According to them, “they didn’t invent the classics; they just made them better.” So if you enjoy a more classic and timeless look when it comes to your activewear, Goodlife is going to be an excellent option. With offerings for both men and women, you will be able to find all of the basics that you will need to look your best in the gym, running, running errands, or whatever else you find yourself doing throughout the day.



7. Columbia

Recommended For: Outdoor Enthusiasts

Highlights: Durable outdoor activewear for all of the different elements.

About Activewear Brand: With humble origins and an inspiring story, Columbia is one of the premier outdoor activewear brands today. From fishing gear to hiking to camping, and so much more, they will cover all of your outdoor activewear needs.

Also, they provide clothing for men, women, and children, so you and your entire family can be secure in whatever elements you find yourself. And, last but not least, all of their clothing looks great as well. So not only can you wear it hiking in the mountains, but you can also look good while wearing it in your everyday life.



8. Gymshark

Recommended For: Gym Goers and Exercise Enthusiasts

Highlights: High-quality gym wear for both men and women and a large number of products and styles

About Activewear Brand: As one of the fastest-growing fitness brands on the market, there is a good chance you have probably already seen someone in your local gym repping some Gymshark activewear. This is no fluke either. Gymshark has developed an almost cult-like following in the fitness community because they offer top-of-the-line fitness apparel. From leggings to tops to accessories, everything that they offer looks great and comes from quality materials.



9. Sweaty Betty

Recommended For: Active Women

Highlights: Activewear for women that was designed and created by women.

About Activewear Brand: “Designed by women for women,” the Sweaty Betty activewear line puts women’s needs first and foremost. All of their activewear is designed to help women look and feel confident in the gym, and whatever else they are doing throughout the day.

From leggings to tops to underwear, and so much more, Sweaty Betty will have you feeling confident from head to toe. Also, with new arrivals regularly, you will be able to keep yourself looking good, staying fit, and feeling confident.



10. New Balance

Recommended For: All Ages and Sports

Highlights: Has a long tradition of quality activewear and provides a large selection to choose from.

About Activewear Brand: New Balance has been around for more than 100 years as they continue their pursuit of offering excellent activewear. Their goal is to provide products that are equal in functionality and style. And, while they may not have as much of the market share as some of the other activewear brands that have been around as long, they still provide excellent products. They also offer a large selection of different activewear items, as well. From everyday fitness attire to hiking and cricket, they have something for everyone.



11. Aether

Recommended For: Outdoor Enthusiasts

Highlights: Outdoor wear that can be also be worn in an urban environment.

About Activewear Brand: Aether was born out of a love for the outdoors. It was designed to provide both quality looking and quality made clothing that would stand up to nature. The Aether activewear brand will cover all of your outdoor active clothing needs.

Starting with the base layer to the outer jackets and vests, you will be able to look good and feel confident in your outdoor apparel. All of Aether’s activewear is also designed to fulfill your everyday needs as well. Their products are made to be both stylish and functional.



12. Vuori

Recommended For: All Fitness Enthusiasts

Highlights: Stylish and functional athletic wear for a variety of different fitness needs.

About Activewear Brand: With a new perspective on performance apparel, Vuori aims to provide products that are “versatile and perform exceptionally well.” With the ability to pick out clothing based on travel, training, yoga, and running, fitness enthusiasts will be able to find clothing that fits their specific needs. Another significant aspect of the Vuori brand is the community that it offers to fitness lovers. The brand and community aim to inspire themselves and others to live extraordinary lives.


13. Tracksmith

Recommended For: Men and Women Runners

Highlights: Activewear with the runner in mind.

About Activewear Brand: As you might have guessed, Tracksmith is a fitness brand that focuses on runners. With a purposeful pursuit of activewear for running, they have achieved high standing in the running community. They offer running bottoms, tops, jackets, and accessories that allow runners to both look and feel great when running. Whether it is running in cold weather or warm weather, Tracksmith will have all of your activewear running needs covered.


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14. Athleta

Recommended For: Women Fitness Enthusiasts

Highlights: Offers a large selection of women’s activewear.

About Activewear Brand: Athleta is a Gap-owned brand that offers quality fitness apparel for women. It allows women to feel great going to the gym, working out at home, and in their everyday life. With the belief that “being active opens doors to a bigger life,” Athleta takes its mission of providing quality activewear to women very seriously. They also offer a large selection of items, as well. You can find clothing based on the activity or based on the specific article of clothing you are looking for. They even provide fitness-inspired dresses to keep you comfortable and looking your best.



15. Alo Yoga

Recommended For: Yoga Enthusiasts

Highlights: Yoga apparel that can be worn on the mat and in your everyday life.

About Activewear Brand: Yoga is more than just doing the different yoga poses. It is about a lifestyle of wellness and transformation. Alo Yoga took this same approach in 2007 when the brand started. They wanted to start a brand of activewear for yoga enthusiasts, but also make it more than that. Their activewear clothing is designed to be functional but made to be worn off of the mat as well. Today their large selection of yoga activewear is trusted by the world’s best yogis and beginners alike.



16. Reebok

Recommended For: Training and Sports Wear

Highlights: CrossFit-specific activewear and a large selection of offerings for men, women, and children.

About Activewear Brand: With CrossFit’s rise in popularity, Reebook has become an activewear expert in that field. Along with CrossFit, though, they also offer excellent sportswear for everyday activities, as well as other specific sports. Adidas also owns Reebok, so they come with the quality backing of one of the top players in the game. Also, their large selection of different products allows fitness enthusiasts to find apparel for whatever training needs that they might have.



17. Asics

Recommended For: Running Enthusiasts

Highlights: High-quality running shoes and gear.

About Activewear Brand: If you enjoy running, Asics activewear is probably already on your radar, at least somewhere. And, while they offer a lot of quality activewear for other training areas and sports (wrestling, tennis, volleyball, etc.), they really excel with what they provide the running community. From quality running shoes to a beanie that will keep your head warm, Asics delivers head-to-toe coverage for runners of all ages and levels.



18. Outdoor Voices

Recommended For: Outdoor Recreation Lovers

Highlights: Everyday clothing that looks good, feels good, and allows you to be active and confident.

About Activewear Brand: Outdoor Voices has one goal in mind, and that is to get people to be active and enjoy a more healthy life. They believe that if they create activewear that allows people to feel great and look great, they will be inspired to spend more time each day being active.

They offer both women’s and men’s clothing and feature a large selection of activewear options, even offering an “exercise dress” for women. So if you are looking to look good, feel good, and participate in a more active lifestyle, check out all that Outdoor Voices has to offer.



19. Day/Won

Recommended For: Women Fitness Enthusiasts

Highlights: Offers sizes from 0-32 in every piece of activewear they have and provides high-quality products.

About Activewear Brand: Day/Won is an activewear brand that does things the right way. They are 100% size-inclusive and offer sizes 0-32 for every product available, and they also use recycled materials to help create their fantastic brand of activewear.

And while it would be easy enough to support a fitness apparel brand for those two reasons alone, they also offer exceptional workout clothes as well. From tops to bottoms to accessories, all of their activewear is quality tested and made to perform.



20. Rhone

Recommended For: Men Fitness Enthusiasts

Highlights: High-quality and durable fitness apparel for every part of a man’s active lifestyle.

About Activewear Brand: Rhone places a premium on quality. Their activewear is going to offer something for all areas of a man’s life. With recognition from Forbes, GQ, Esquire, and more, they have the reviews to back their men’s activewear offerings. And, while some of the activewear brands on this list only focus on activewear when working out, Rhone also provides slacks, dress shirts, and more. So if you are looking for more than just activewear for the gym, Rhone will have you covered.



21. Hylete

Recommended For: Men’s and Women’s Fitness Enthusiasts

Highlights: Activewear based on the needs of the fitness community.

About Activewear Brand: A big part of what makes Hylete so unique as a top activewear brand is the fitness community that they have created. It is almost like a “give and take relationship,” as Hylete uses community feedback to develop the best possible fitness apparel. They are always on a mission to improve the fitness products that they offer. This allows for top-notch training bottoms, tops, jackets, shoes, and so much more. And the best part is that they will always be improving as they continue to stay in tune with what the fitness community needs and is asking for.



22. Olivers

Recommended For: Men Fitness Enthusiasts

Highlights: Quality activewear that will stand the test of time.

About Activewear Brand: Olivers is all about providing activewear that is equal parts timeless style and quality materials. They offer men’s activewear that doesn’t have a ton of flash or pop, but is still going to have people asking, “where did you get that from?” Quality is another of their foundational characteristics, and that is why they offer a 12-month repair or replace guarantee.

They stick to the basics in their men’s activewear offerings (shorts, pants, tops), but everything that they offer is quality-made. Their fabric technology features clothing that is odor resistant, temperature regulating, offers 4-way stretching, is water repellant, quick-drying, breathable, and the list goes on.


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23. Ryu

Recommended For: Men and Women Fitness Enthusiasts

Highlights: Clothing that will stand up to the test in the gym, and also is stylish enough to be worn outside of the gym.

About Activewear Brand: RYU knows that each person’s style is different, and that is why they offer unique activewear options for men and women. With everything from tops to bottoms to underwear to outerwear, you will be able to find your unique fitness style and embrace it.

They also know that activewear is meant to be worn outside of the gym as well. That is why they have spent so much time not only developing functional athletic apparel, but also athletic apparel that looks great.



24. Ten-Thousand

Recommended For: Men Fitness Enthusiasts

Highlights: Highly functional and quality athletic wear basics for men.

About Activewear Brand: Ten-Thousand takes all of the fluff out when it comes to the activewear that they offer. They have simplified the search for the perfect workout gear for men, and only offer premium activewear that is made to last. Also, if you are still not sure about all of the hype, they offer customers the opportunity to try out their shorts free for 30 days. This will allow you to put their quality to the test and help you find the perfect pair of shorts for you.





25. Varley

Recommended For: Women Fitness Enthusiasts

Highlights: Activewear for the modern woman.

About Activewear Brand: As styles change, it is essential to have a fitness brand that understands what women want. That is where Varley’s activewear comes into play. Their offerings of leggings, tops, bras, and so much more are all inspired by what the modern fitness woman needs. You won’t find outdated fitness apparel items at Varley. Instead, you will discover activewear that will have all of your friends asking you where you got your top and leggings from.



Best Activewear Brands Conclusion

Being active is fun; it is something that allows you to reduce stress and pursue things that you are passionate about. Also, it will enable you to live a full life. This list of activewear brands was made to help you better pursue your fitness passions.

Having the perfect pair of workout pants, shorts, favorite shirt, or even pair of underwear will help to inspire you to pursue your fitness goals even more. And, whether you are a fitness expert or just starting, this rings true. So live life to the fullest and look great while you are doing it!

If you are still looking for more apparel options, make sure to visit our lists of the best shoe websites, best clothing websites, and best clothing brands for men. These lists will have you looking your best for any occasion.

Have you used one of these activewear brands before? We would love to hear your personal feedback in the comments below. Also, if there is a quality brand that we left out, please share that below as well.