Best Clothing Brands for Men: Finding the Perfect Men’s Clothing Brand for You

Is your wardrobe in need of refreshing? In this list of the best clothing brands for men, we detail the top 25 men’s clothing brands. These brands will help give both you and your wardrobe a new and updated look.
This list of the best clothing brands for men will help you look and feel your best for any occasion. With brands that focus on business, casual, and sports apparel, you can make sure to find the perfect men’s clothing brand for any event that you may find yourself a part of.
With a range of styles and prices represented, there are sure to be some brands on this list that are perfect for you. So find the style that best speaks to you, and start looking your best for every occasion. Whether you are looking for athletic gear, a stylish leather jacket, or something in between, this list will have all the men’s clothing brands to keep you looking your best.
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Top 25 Clothing Brands for Men:



1. Calvin Klein

Brand Highlights: Casual and Dress Wear

About Clothing Brand: Part of the PVH Corporation, the parent company of brands like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Van Heusen. Calvin Klein is one of the leading menswear brands in the world. Calvin Klein produces everything from casual to dressy wear. All of these options make Calvin Klein an excellent choice for virtually every wardrobe.




2. Diesel

Brand Highlights: Jeans and Casual Wear

About Clothing Brand: If you are in search of high-quality, fashionable jeans and casual wear, look no further than Diesel. An Italian company, Diesel, is a worldwide brand and is an excellent choice in any casual wardrobe. Since its creation in 1978, Diesel has been helping men from all around the world rock a relaxed, confident clothing style. And, with over 3,000 new products coming out every season, you will always be able to stay on top of the latest clothing trends.



3. J. Crew

Brand Highlights: Casual and Dress Wear

About Clothing Brand: Featuring classic, bold designs, wearing J. Crew is an easy way to show some style. Moderately priced items make this American retailer a go-to for casual and dressy wear. If you want a classic look that won’t fade in and out with the latest fashion trends, J. Crew will be right up your alley. Make sure that you find the closest outlet mall to you as well, because there are even more great savings when you visit the J. Crew factory store.




4. Levi’s

Brand Highlights: Jeans

About Clothing Brand: A classic jeans brand, Levi’s, also offers a number of other menswear clothing options as well. For a casual, classic style, Levi’s is not to be missed. Men with odd jean sizes will also definitely appreciate Levi’s wide range of sizes. With a history going back to 1873, Levi Strauss’ denim dream is alive and well today. With more than 500 stores worldwide and products that are available in over 100 countries, Levi’s is a worldwide brand.


5. Ralph Lauren

Brand Highlights: Classic, Casual Dress Wear

About Clothing Brand: What began 40 years ago as a collection of ties has now grown into a worldwide clothing empire. With classic American style, Ralph Lauren works in both casual and dressy wardrobes. Ralph Lauren has a variety of quality products that it offers, but one area that it does exceptionally well is men’s clothing. So wear Ralph Lauren whenever you are looking for classic, timeless pieces that will have you looking your best and feeling your best.



6. Giorgio Armani

Brand Highlights: Suits and Dress Wear

About Clothing Brand: Armani is known the world over for its impeccable style and for being one of the best clothing brands for men. The Italian company does dressy clothes particularly well, so if you are in the market for a suit, look no further.

Armani also offers a variety of other dress and casual wear, as well as accessories that are going to give your look that extra pop. If you enjoy dressing to the nines and appreciate an elegant style, Giorgio Armani should be one of your go-to men’s clothing sources.


7. Nike

Brand Highlights: Casual Sportswear and Sport-Specific Shoes and Apparel

About Clothing Brand: Nike footwear and clothing was designed for athletes, but looks good on anyone, athlete or not. With everything from outerwear to casual wear, Nike is an excellent choice for those looking for comfortable and fashionable activewear.

And, as a bonus, the clothes are super comfortable. Nike also does a great job of allowing you to express your own individual style as well. You can create your shoes as well as purchase custom shoe releases from famous shoe designers.


8. Tommy Hilfiger

Brand Highlights: Casual Dress Wear

About Clothing Brand: The Tommy Hilfiger brand features classic, well-designed looks. While a variety of styles are featured, Hilfiger’s polished casual wear is a cut above the rest. From suits and blazers to casual wear to accessories, Tommy Hilfiger is going to be your one-stop shop for “classic cool American style.” Tommy Hilfiger also regularly adds new looks that are sure to get you excited.



9. Under Armour

Brand Highlights: Casual Sportswear and Sport-Specific Shoes and Apparel

About Clothing Brand: Under Armour clothing looks great on athletes and non-athletes alike. The clothing line features performance apparel designed to keep you cool and dry. From indoor sports like basketball (think 2x MVP Stephen Curry) to extreme climates outdoors, Under Armour does well in all environments.

This clothing brand is an especially good choice for those residing in very hot or cold climates. Under Armour will allow you to be able to stay comfortable regardless of the climate, sport, or social occasion.



10. The North Face

Brand Highlights: Outdoor Sportswear

About Clothing Brand: The type of clothing is in the name. North Face clothing is typically going to be geared for cold weather, but they do offer some T-Shirts and shorts options as well. There is a stylish element to their clothing, but their primary purpose is durability and comfort for outdoor use.

North Face has had the same mission since its beginning in 1966, “to provide the best gear for our athletes and the modern-day explorer, support the preservation of the outdoors, and inspire a global movement of exploration.” For durable clothing that also looks and feels great, North Face is a great option.



11. Buck Mason

Brand Highlights: Jeans, Shirts, and Casual Wear

About Clothing Brand: Looking great while also staying on the casual side of clothing has never been easier. Buck Mason is going to provide you with jeans, shirts, pants, and more that look great and also have a casual feel to them.

Buck Mason stands by the quality of their clothing and uses “old school manufacturing techniques combined with modern technology” to create each piece. This will allow you to wear Buck Mason clothing time and time again while still looking great and trusting its durability and quality.



12. Basic Outfitters

Brand Highlights: All of the Basics

About Clothing Brand: Shopping for socks, underwear, and tees isn’t always the most exciting thing to do. With Basic Outfitters, though, they are going to provide everything for you in a simple one-stop shopping experience. You simply pick out your “drawer of basics,” and then they ship it off to you.

This will allow you to not only simplify the whole process but also get exactly what you want. Basic Outfitters has been featured on Good Morning America, GQ, Shark Tank, and a variety of other reputable sources. They have officially changed the game when it comes to having to shop for men’s “basics.”



13. Reigning Champ

Brand Highlights: Sweats and Casual Lounge Wear

About Clothing Brand: Every man needs a great pair of sweats. Finding sweats that are also stylish can really help your cause, though. Well, with Reigning Champ, you can find just that. They offer premium athletic wear that is going to last and continue to look great over time.

Their design and manufacturing process is guided by two principles, “respect the details and master simplicity.” So if you are looking for some great athletic wear, make sure that you check out Reigning Champ.



14. Uniqlo

Brand Highlights: Casual Wear and Dress Wear

About Clothing Brand: Finding clothes that fit your style can sometimes be a challenge, but not with Uniqlo. They do a great job of providing a wide variety of clothing styles. So whether you dress more casual or like to get dressed up with multiple layers, they have you covered.

Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing company that values “simplicity, quality, and longevity” in the clothing that they create. Uniqlo also has some prominent brand ambassadors like Roger Federer. So you can trust that they know what they are talking about when it comes to men’s clothing and fashion.



15. H&M

Brand Highlights: Casual Clothes and Dress Clothes

About Clothing Brand: From casual clothes to dress clothes, this is one of the best clothing brands for men and will allow you to complete your entire wardrobe. You will be able to find sweatpants as well as a killer sports jacket to wear out on the weekend.

H&M also does a great job of providing unique clothing pieces and accessories as well. Looking the same as everyone else is bland and boring. With H&M, you can find some cool pieces that will give you that added pop and leave you standing out from the crowd.



16. Jack Threads

Brand Highlights: Casual Dress Wear

About Clothing Brand: Jack Threads provides top-notch clothing at a reasonable price. As a customer, you will be able to choose from hundreds of different shirts, pairs of pants, and so much more. You will also be able to pair and match these various items together to find your perfect looTheirere selection will help you put together the perfect outfit for whatever occasion.

Jack Threads also offers discounts for those who are in the military, students, first responders, and teachers. So if you fall into one of those categories, make sure you capitalize on the extra savings offered.



17. Topman

Brand Highlights: Suits and Formal Wear

About Clothing Brand: Need a suit? Need socks? Topman is going to have you covered from head to toe. You will be able to find your next suit as well as find clothes that you can wear while lounging around the house. Everything you need to create your look can be found at Topman. With British fashion roots from its start, Topman is now a worldwide brand that is in over 30 different countries.



18. River Island

Brand Highlights: Casual Wear to Formal Wear

About Clothing Brand: Whether you are looking to dress up or find your next favorite pair of sweats, River Island is going to have what you are looking for. They have a wide variety of great clothing options that cover a wide range of styles. With over 60 years of fashion retail experience, River Island is consistently on top of the men’s fashion industry year after year.

Based out of the UK, they have over 350 stores around the world. Whether you have a store near you or not, though, you can find all of River Island’s men’s fashion listings online 24/7, so make sure you check them out.



19. Patagonia

Brand Highlights: Outdoor Sportswear

About Clothing Brand: If you love being outdoors and want a clothing brand that matches your lifestyle, Patagonia is going to be the right fit for you. All of their clothing is well made, and you can trust that it will last when you are hiking the outdoors or just hanging out with friends.

Patagonia started with humble origins, as they were initially a small company that made tools for climbers. They are now a worldwide brand that will allow you to look great, feel great, and will provide you with clothing for all the different outdoor elements.


20. Lacoste 

Brand Highlights: Stylish Casual Wear and Formal Wear

About Clothing Brand: Lacoste is going to be able to cover your complete wardrobe if needed. They offer high-quality clothing as well as high-quality accessories like sunglasses, watches, and belts. Lacoste clothing is going to be both stylish and quality, made to last. So for all things style and class, make sure that you check out all that Lacoste has to offer.



21. Lucky Brand

Brand Highlights: Jeans and Casual Wear

About Clothing Brand: At Lucky Brand, you can find shirts, sweaters, hoodies, jeans, graphic tees, and jackets. And all of them are going to be stylish and well-made. You will be able to class up your style while also staying somewhat casual with Lucky Brand.

They offer a lot of great men’s clothing options, but one of their highest customer-rated items is their jeans. So make sure that if you are in need of a great pair of jeans, this is one of the best clothing brands for men.



22. Express

Brand Highlights: Business Place Attire and Casual Dress

About Clothing Brand: If you are looking to dress up for a night out or need some business place attire, Express has what you need. They offer jeans and tee-shirts as well, but they are primarily known for their dress clothes.

From dress clothes to casual wear, though, you will be able to find something that fits your style. Express is going to allow you to feel both confident and comfortable. With a location most likely in your closest shopping mall, you will also be able to go to the store and try on any clothing items as well.



23. Columbia

Brand Highlights: Outdoor Sportswear

About Clothing Brand: Whether you are into fishing, hunting, skiing, or doing another outdoor sporting activity, Columbia has you covered. Not only will you look stylish, but you can also trust the quality and durability of their outdoor clothing.

Columbia Sportswear began in Portland, Oregon, and has been making quality gear ever since. “Making no-nonsense apparel and footwear to keep you warm, dry, cool, and protected no matter what,” Columbia is going to be a great option if you enjoy adventuring the great outdoors.



24. Hurley 

Brand Highlights: Casual Sportswear and Beachwear

About Clothing Brand: While Hurley is owned by Nike and falls under the Nike brand, they have a unique apparel line that is worth mentioning as well. While typically known as a skater or surfer brand, Hurley also offers some great clothing options for the casual dresser as well.

You will be able to look great while also enjoying the comfortable and breathable clothing that Hurley offers. So whether you are headed to the beach or hanging out with friends, Hurley is going to have your clothing needs covered.



25. Hugo Boss

Brand Highlights: Casual Dress and Formal Wear

About Clothing Brand: This German brand offers sophisticated and international designs. Everything from casual to formal wear is available, making Hugo Boss perfect for any occasion. With regular sales on the site, you can also time up your purchases for some significant savings as well. Hugo Boss will allow you to look great and feel great regardless of what you are doing.


Best Clothing Brands for Men Conclusion

Discovering “your brand” can make all the difference when finding clothing that fits your body and a style that fits your personality. You don’t have to be a fashion expert either. This list of the best clothing brands for men will allow you to create any look that you are going for. So get to shopping and finding the clothes that best fit you and your style.
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Have a favorite brand of men’s clothing? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear your feedback.