Best Social Media Sites: Finding the Best Social Media Sites for You

Social media is everywhere, and it is a part of everyday life. From teens to seniors, people everywhere are using social media to connect and share with those around them, and this list of the best social media sites will allow you to do that better than ever before.

In this list of the best social media sites, we detail 25 popular social media sites that may be of interest to you. We have all the big players but also some great social media sites that you may not be as familiar with.

From pictures to posts to tweets, the social media sites on this list let you share and connect in a number of different formats. Many of the sites also provide an excellent way to keep up with current events. This will help to ensure you stay informed in a continually changing world.

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Top 25 Social Media Sites:



1. Instagram

Site Highlights: Share Photos, Videos, Clips of Your Day, Live Videos

About Social Media Site: A very popular photo-sharing site, Instagram allows users to post photos and short videos. With all the Instagram filters and the right Instagram video maker, you will be able to look like a professional photographer and videographer. A number of celebrities and bloggers post regularly on Instagram as well. So if you like feeling involved in the everyday life of the people that you follow, you will love Instagram.

Many businesses use Instagram ads as well to further promote their brand because it is used by billions of users each month, which makes it a great social media platform to get mass publicity.



2. Facebook

Site Highlights: Share Photos, Videos, Thoughts, Read Articles, Connect with Friends

About Social Media Site: The juggernaut of social media, Facebook has even garnered its own movie. Facebook is a one-stop shop for all things social media-related. You can post updates, pictures, videos, links, and a variety of other great content.

If you are not on Facebook, you are missing out on a massive part of popular culture. With more and more features added to Facebook regularly, you can trust that they will be a significant social media player for years to come.


3. Twitter

Site Highlights: Share Your Thoughts and Learn From Others All in Under 280 Characters

About Social Media Site: Along with being one of the best social media sites, Twitter is also a real-time news-sharing outlet used by people all around the world. With Twitter, your posts (tweets) are limited in length. This allows for better scrolling and forces users to get right to the point.

Media can also be easily shared, making Twitter popular on two fronts. If you love to post your thoughts or hear from other friends, family, and celebrities throughout the day on a more casual level, then Twitter is for you.




4. Pinterest

Site Highlights: Share Images and Videos, Save Other Shared Images and Videos

About Social Media Site: Pinterest is an image collecting and categorizing site. They allow you to share your ‘pins’ with others so that they can gain inspiration. You are also able to comment and save pins. This makes for a large community of users that are posting engaging content.

Pinterest is excellent for planning, collaborating, or daydreaming on pretty much any topic you can think of. Whether it is travel, sports, fashion, or whatever else piques your interest.



5. Periscope

Site Highlights: Take a Live Look In On Other People’s Lives

About Social Media Site: There is just something about being able to witness live videos. It allows for untouched, live truth. A truth that you can watch right as it happens. Periscope is a live streaming social media site that is going to allow you to have a live video stream of your life.

You will be able to be a part of millions of other people’s lives or just your close friends. This is one of the best social media sites and a unique way to experience things from around the world like never before.



6. YouTube

Site Highlights: Watch Videos and Even Full Movies on Pretty Much Ever Topic Imaginable

About Social Media Site: YouTube is going to allow you to be able to experience some of the best entertainment on the planet. It is also going to enable you to interact with millions of people from around the world as well. Watch videos, comment on videos, share videos, and more. You can also follow different creators as well as build a following of your own.



7. Weibo

Site Highlights: Share Your Thoughts, Learn From Others, Stay On Top of the Latest News

About Social Media Site: Some of the social media sites are unavailable in China. This is where Weibo steps in. Weibo is a microblogging site that is a cross between Facebook and Twitter. With a user base of 600 million-plus, Weibo definitely deserves a spot on this list of the best social media sites. Weibo is excellent for sharing your thoughts, staying on top of the latest news, and so much more. It is not just for those who live in China, either.



8. Reddit

Site Highlights: Sub-Reddits That Allow You to Follow Pretty Much Every Topic You Can Think Of

About Social Media Site: Reddit has a large following in the hundreds of millions. It has been self-dubbed (but well deserving) the “front page of the internet.” Reddit is a resource-sharing platform that is going to allow you to post and read almost anything you can think of.

Whether you are looking for travel tips, types of dog breeds, or whatever else you can think of, Reddit is most likely going to have a community of people to help you out. Reddit users can upvote or downvote posts to help keep great content towards the top. Also, Reddit offers different categories, called subreddits. These subreddits are great for making it easier to find specific content. They will also help you better connect with like-minded people.



9. MeetUp

Site Highlights: Connect With People Online and Then Meet-Up in Real Life Doing Fun Activities

About Social Media Site: It is great to connect with people online, but that is not what MeetUp is about. MeetUp allows people to connect and then meet up in real life. You will be able to find different activities that you enjoy, and then meet up with people who also enjoy them. You can create an activity as well. With MeetUp, you will be able to make real-life connections with people that share the same interests as you. If you are looking to connect with people in real life, this is one of the best social media sites to use.



10. Snapchat

Site Highlights: Send and Receive Short Videos and Images, Follow Celebrities

About Social Media Site: Also, one of the best messaging apps, Snapchat is going to allow you to connect with family, friends, and celebrities like never before. Snapchat will enable you to post different videos and images that have a timed shelf life, and then once their time limit expires, they disappear. You can send your videos and images individually, in groups, or for all your followers to see.

Before sending any multimedia, you will also be able to edit as well. You will be able to use filters and editing tools to improve your image and keep it fun. Some of the other cool features that they offer are live face-to-face video, a news section, and the ability to delete a message that was already sent.



11. Taringa

Site Highlights: Connect With People All Over the World, Read Articles, Watch Videos

About Social Media Site: Taringa is a Spanish-generated social media platform that is also translated into English. With Taringa, you will be able to connect with 25 million-plus people and read posts on sports, technology, life hacks, and much more. Taringa’s motto is “Collective Intelligence.” Their goal is to provide a place where people can come together to connect and learn from each other.



12. Foursquare

Site Highlights: Connect With Real People Who Have Left Reviews on Places You Also Want to Check Out

About Social Media Site: Have you ever gone to a city or an area and wondered what was fun to do there? With Foursquare, you will be able to connect with people online that have done different activities you are looking into. They will be able to give you relevant feedback on their experiences. This is going to be critical for finding the best things to do in a new place.



13. Myspace

Site Highlights: Connect With Artists, Designers, and Creators From All Over the World

About Social Media Site: You may think of MySpace as a social media site from the past, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. With a massive facelift and change in direction, Myspace is still one of the best social media sites. Myspace has one of the largest digital music libraries in the world. They are also going to allow you to connect with artists, designers, photographers, and creators from all around the world. You will be able to follow your passions and also connect with like-minded people as well.



14. The-Dots

Site Highlights: Connect With Real People in Different Business Industries

About Social Media Site: The-Dots is not the typical social media site on this list, but is still a great site. They are geared towards connecting people within different business industries. The goal of The-Dots is to connect and support the “makers, doers, fixers, and dreamers that bring creative ideas to life.” So if you are a thinker that has something to contribute, or you enjoy learning from other creative minds, give The-Dots a try. Start connecting with like-minded people.



15. Quora

Site Highlights: Share Knowledge and Learn From Millions of Other Users As Well

About Social Media Site: Knowledge is power, and Quora believes that they have a responsibility to share knowledge with as many people as possible. The Quora Platform is designed to help you share your knowledge and learn from other people from all around the world.

You will be able to read interesting content, ask and answer different questions, and so much more. Quora is one of the best social media sites, but it is also an online community that will help you grow in your knowledge of the world we live in.



16. BizSugar

Site Highlights: Designed for Small Business Owners, Managers, and Entrepreneurs

About Social Media Site: BizSugar is designed for small business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs. It is going to deliver great content “without all the noise.” BizSugar does two things. First, it is going to allow you to share expert content, which is going to allow you to increase your visibility and reputation.

Second, it will enable you to be able to learn from other experts. Both are key when it comes to developing and managing a business that you are a part of. Users can vote for different posts as well, so you will be able to find relevant and helpful information on various topics quickly.



17. Digg

Site Highlights: Better Find the Content Online That You Are Looking For

About Social Media Site: Digg is designed to help cut through the “clutter of the internet” so that it can provide readers with access to the content that matters. With Digg, you will be able to discover the stories that are most relevant and interesting quickly.

Two of Digg’s most significant selling points are its proprietary tools and top-of-the-line editorial team. This allows for a platform that is easy to sort through and will allow you to read the stories that most appeal to you.



18. Mix

Site Highlights: Dive Deeper Into Different Topics, Share and Learn From Other Users

About Social Media Site: If you love to discover and learn new things, then Mix is the right choice for you. You will be able to dive deep into different topics and find quality resources like never before. With an entire community that is interested in learning and sharing, you will be able to increase your knowledge base drastically.

You will be able to search for content in several ways. You will be able to search for topics that you already enjoy learning about and also use the suggestion tool. This will help with keeping your content fresh.



19. AskFM

Site Highlights: Revolves Around the Q&A Format, Help Others Learn and Learn From Other Users

About Social Media Site: AskFM is based on the simple concept that asking questions creates an excellent conversation. This entire social media platform revolves around the Q&A format. The AskFM platform will allow you to learn and help others learn.

It will also allow for stimulating conversation between different connections you make as well. With over 200 million users and thousands of questions asked every minute, AskFM is going to be a great resource and a place to connect.




20. LiveJournal

Site Highlights: Combines Blogging and Social Media, Share Your Own Story and Read Other User Stories

About Social Media Site: LiveJournal is going to combine blogging and social media and make them into something unique and personal to each user. You will be able to share your own story as well as take part in other people’s stories, along with making a personal connection. You will be able to learn about different topics like politics, entertainment, fashion, and more.



21. Google+

Site Highlights: Connect With Friends and Family, Learn From Other Sources

About Social Media Site: Google+ lets users post photos and updates, among other things. Text and video chats are also available, as well as the ability to edit and upload photos to a private, cloud-based album. If you are a Google fan, Google+ is something you should definitely check out. Also, with Google’s love for innovation, you can bet that Google+ is going to continue to add more and more cool features as time continues on.



22. Flickr

Site Highlights: Online Community of Photographers That Share Images

About Social Media Site: Flicker is an excellent photo-sharing website that has a great online community. They let you search for pictures or upload and edit your own images and videos to share. Millions of pictures are tagged and categorized on Flickr, making it an excellent photo repository. So whether you are a professional photographer, enjoy it as a hobby, or just like looking at great images, Flickr is going to be your go-to source.



23. Tumblr

Site Highlights: Share Your Own Content, Read and Interact With Other Users Content

About Social Media Site: A blogging platform, Tumblr allows users to post texts and images quickly. Users can follow other Tumblr users and ‘like’ or re-blog content. If you enjoy blogging, but want a simplified blogging platform, Tumblr is a great choice. With a variety of contributors, you will be able to find and follow a range of different users. You will be able to find the bloggers that best fit your various interests.



24. Linkedin

Site Highlights: Networking for Professionals, Excellent Business Resources, Share Your Expertise and Learn From Others

About Social Media Site: The social media site for business professionals, Linkedin is a great networking site for career building. Users can post online resumes, as well as post job ads, or apply for jobs. As the job market turns more and more to online connections, Linkedin is a must for those looking to further their professional career.

With the right Linkedin resume, you can open up a number of doors to job opportunities. Linkedin also offers a bunch of great learning tools and resources, as well as other members and experts that share quality content regularly.



25. VK

Site Highlights: Share Your Thoughts, Connect With Others, Live Stream, Play Games

About Social Media Site: Very popular in Europe, VK is similar to Facebook, but with a European twist. With more than 100 million active users, people can connect across the globe. If you are looking to switch things up, you may want to check out VK. They have a variety of cool features like a live stream, games, and more. VK will keep you entertained and connected with everything that you enjoy following online.


Best Social Media Sites Conclusion

The world is consistently shrinking and making everything more accessible. Social media offers something for everyone. It is a tool that is going to allow you to stay connected, learn new things, keep up with the latest news, and more. These social media sites are going to enable you to find the best fit for you to do all these things.

This list of the best social media sites was put together with the idea of variety in mind. It has all the big hitters, but it also has some great social media sites you may not have heard of. So give some of these sites a try and stay better connected with the online world that you love.

Social media has even become so popular that companies hire social media experts. So if you are looking to work from home or for a big social media company, consider learning how to master some of these different social media platforms. And with the right tools, you can grow your social media following or grow it for a business you may work for.

Do you have a favorite social media platform that you don’t see on this list? If so, please feel free to share it below.