Best Dog Breeds: Finding the Perfect Dog Breed for You

The dog is man’s best friend and for a good reason. And thankfully, man’s best friend comes in all shapes, sizes, and varieties. Whether you are looking for a dog that is good with kids or a dog that will scare off the neighbors, your best friend may be on this list of the best dog breeds.

This list of the best dog breeds will highlight 2o different types of dogs that might be right for you. Whether you are looking for a dog breed based on size, personality, allergies, or whatever, this list of the top dog breeds will have you covered. 

Some of the variations within different breeds are energy, affection, IQ, and several other variations. Others will require a lot of space to live in, and some seem like they could permanently live on your lap. To help you in your search for a four-legged best friend, we have put together this list.

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Top 20 Dog Breeds:



1. Labrador Retriever

Size: Height 22-24 Inches, Weight 55-80 Pounds

Highlights: Gentle, Fun-Loving, Great Companion, Makes an Excellent Service Dog.

About Dog Breed: The Labrador Retriever is consistently ranked as the most popular dog breed in the United States, according to the American Kennel Club. The Labrador Retriever is gentle, fun-loving, and great with kids. They are also great companions and make ideal service dogs.



2. Yorkshire Terrier

Size: Height 8-9 Inches, Weight 4-6 Pounds

Highlights: Full of Energy, Get Along with Other Dogs, Quick Learners.

About Dog Breed: Yorkshire Terriers, or Yorkies, are balls of energy but are also great cuddlers. While probably not the best dog for children, Yorkies get along with other dogs well. They are also quick to learn as long as you provide some structure and discipline. And with its smaller size, you won’t spend a fortune on dog food like you would with some other larger dog breeds. 



3. Dachshund

Size: Height 8-9 Inches, Weight 16-33 Pounds

Highlights: Good Family Dog, Good Watch Dog.

About Dog Breed: The Dachshund, or ‘wiener dog,’ were initially bred as hunting dogs. Today, the Dachshund is an adventurous family dog. While small in size, the Dachshund also acts as a good watchdog, alerting its owners to any perceived mischief. So if you are looking for a smaller dog that can also double as home security, this is one of the best dog breeds for you.



4. Poodle

Size: Height 15-22 Inches, Weight 45-70 Pounds

Highlights: Very Smart, Surprisingly Athletic.

About Dog Breed: If you aren’t very familiar with poodles, you may have the misconception of thinking them to be sissy dogs. This couldn’t be further from the truth, though. When it comes to poodle characteristics, they are very smart, athletic, and remarkably versatile. There are three different variations of poodles based on the size of the dog. A Standard poodle is taller than 15 inches, a Miniature is between 10-15 inches, and Toy poodles are under 10 inches.



5. Newfoundland

Size: Height 25-29 Inches, Weight 100-150 Pounds

Highlights: Sweet Natured, Very Responsive, Love Being Active.

About Dog Breed: If you are looking for “big,” look no further than the Newfoundland. Don’t let their intimidating size fool you, though. They are sweet-natured and very responsive. Newfoundlands were initially a working dog. They were used to help with carrying packs and hauling wood and fishing nets. So they love to be active.

With the males coming in between 130-150 lbs and females coming in at 100-120 pounds on average, this is a large breed dog with plenty of lovin’ to give out. If you are looking for large and loveable, this is one of the best dog breeds and may be the perfect dog for you. 



6. Border Collie

Size: Height 18-22 Inches, Weight 26-44 Pounds

Highlights: Very Smart and Agile, Easily Trainable, Eager to Learn New Things.

About Dog Breed: A medium-sized breed, Border Collies are known for being very agile, smart, trainable. Because of their energetic nature, Border Collies need daily exercise. So be prepared to be active with them.

Border Collies are also eager to learn as well and will enjoy the mental stimulation that comes with learning new things. An interesting fact about Collies is that they get their name from the Scottish dialect, where the word Collie means sheepdog.



7. French Bulldog

Size: Height 11-12 Inches, Weight 16-28 Pounds

Highlights: Great Companion Dogs, Perfect for Smaller Living Spaces.

About Dog Breed: Notorious for being great companion dogs, the French Bulldog is not only cute but also very friendly. On the smaller side of breeds, French Bulldogs originated in England. However, they got their name when they accompanied English lacemakers to France. This breed is perfect for smaller living arrangements and for people that enjoy smaller breed dogs.



8. English Pointer

Size: Height 21-28 Inches, Weight 44-75 Pounds

Highlights: Good Hunting Dogs, Full of Energy, Very Smart.

About Dog Breed: Bred primarily for hunting, the English Pointer is going to be full of energy and very smart. This breed is best for active owners that will be able to exercise their dog regularly and for extended periods of time. The English Pointer will thrive under these conditions. English Pointer can also be sensitive, a bit stubborn at times, slightly reserved with strangers, and loving.



9. Weimaraner

Size: Height 23-27 Inches, Weight 55-85 Pounds

Highlights: Great Family Dog, High Energy, Very Smart with Proper Training.

About Dog Breed: Originally bred for hunting and helping to handle big game like deer and bear, Weimaraners can be great family dogs as well. Weimaraners are high energy and require mental stimulation. So active dog owners are the best match for this type of dog breed.

These beautiful dogs are agile, versatile, and with the right training, very smart. This is one of the best dog breeds for those that live a more active lifestyle and are looking to include their pup. 



10. English Mastiff

Size: Height 28-36 Inches, Weight 120-240 Pounds

Highlights: Gentle Giants, Very Loyal, Patient and Does Well with Children.

About Dog Breed: Large but very loving, the English Mastiff is going to come in near the top of the list when it comes to size. Don’t let their giant size intimidate you, though, as they are often called a “gentle giant.”

English Mastiffs are very loyal and, by nature, guard dogs when it comes to defending their territory and family. They are also considered very patient and do well with children. If you are looking for a gentle giant to love, give the English Mastiff breed a look.



11. Vizsla

Size: Height 21-24 Inches, Weight 40-66 Pounds

Highlights: Very Active, Athletic, and Intelligent, Great Companion Dogs.

About Dog Breed: A very active dog by nature, Vizslas are the perfect dog breed for owners that want a dog with high energy, athleticism, and intelligence. Vizslas are a medium-sized breed (females 40-55 pounds and males 65 pounds).

They were initially bred for hunting but also quickly became great companion dogs. Considered to be great with children, Vizslas need a lot of attention, or they will get bored. Vizslas also make excellent watchdogs as they are very protective.



12. Australian Shepherd

Size: Height 18-23 Inches, Weight 31-64 Pounds

Highlights: Smart and Athletic, Full of Energy, Excellent Assistance Dogs.

About Dog Breed: Despite the name, Australian Shepherds originated in the United States and first got recognition by doing tricks at the rodeo. Australian Shepherds are smart, athletic, and need consistent activity to be at their peak. Also known to be great assistance dogs and even used sometimes in search and rescue situations, the Australian Shepherd can do it all.



13. Golden Retriever

Size: Height 20-24 Inches, Weight 55-75 Pounds

Highlights: Great Work Dogs, Very Social, and Highly Intelligent.

About Dog Breed: Not only one of the best dog breeds but also one of the most popular. Golden Retrievers are excellent work dogs and do very well at (you guessed it) retrieving things. They also score high marks when it comes to hunting, tracking, sniffing out drugs, and providing therapy assistance. The Golden Retriever is very social and highly intelligent, making it a family favorite for many families.



14. German Shepherd

Size: Height 22-26 Inches, Weight 49-88 Pounds

Highlights: Loyal and Excellent Watchdogs, Good Fit for Families.

About Dog Breed: Known the world over for their police and military service, German Shepherds also make ideal family pets. They are loyal animals, make excellent watchdogs, and are one of the best dog breeds for protection. They do, however, require regular exercise and grooming.

So make sure that you are able to provide adequate space and the necessary time to take care of this dog breed. In some cases, German Shepherd puppy colors in their fur can change over time. This will be a fun time of transition that every German Shepherd owner can look forward to. 



15. English Bulldog

Size: Height 12-16 Inches, Weight 40-51 Pounds

Highlights: Friendly and Independent, Patient, and Does Well with Children.

About Dog Breed: English Bulldogs were originally bred in England as an entertainment dog for the sport of bull-baiting. The friendly and independent Bulldog is now one of America’s favorite dog breeds. A patient dog, the Bulldog, is excellent with children, making it an ideal family pet.



16. Shetland Sheepdog

Size: Height 13-16 Inches, Weight 16-20 Pounds

Highlights: Very Obedient, Friendly.

About Dog Breed: Known for its obedience, the Shetland Sheepdog, or Sheltie, is essentially a miniature working Collie. While friendly, the Sheltie’s herding background may make the dog inclined to ‘herd’ strangers. Its double coat also requires regular grooming.



17. Maltese

Size: Height 8-10 Inches, Weight 2-8 Pounds

Highlights: Lively and Fearless, Ideal Companion Dog.

About Dog Breed: Despite being small in size, Malteses are known for being lively and fearless. It is also a very affectionate dog, making it an ideal companion dog. Be careful, however, to provide the Maltese with proper training, as “Small Dog Syndrome” can quickly set in.



18. Rottweiler

Size: Height 22-27 Inches, Weight 77-130 Pounds

Highlights: Very Loyal, Ideal Watchdog.

About Dog Breed: Handsome and loyal, the Rottweiler is a great pet for those willing to train the dog. It sometimes does not get along with dogs of the same sex, but an owner that knows how to direct a strong-minded dog will be fine. With its intimidating appearance, the Rottweiler also makes an ideal watchdog.



19. Chihuahua

Size: Height 6-9 Inches, Weight 3-7 Pounds

Highlights: Intelligent, Ideal for Smaller Living Arrangements.

About Dog Breed: Intelligent and entertaining, the Chihuahua requires little exercise, making it an ideal city dog. Chihuahuas have a wide array of temperaments. So new Chihuahua owners may have to address some undesirable traits early on.

With a little bit of patience, though, a Chihuahua makes a loyal and friendly pet. And, with a dog this small, you won’t have to worry as much about the cost of dog food and some of the other concerns of a bigger dog breed. 



20. Whippet

Size: Height 18-22 Inches, Weight 15-31 Pounds

Highlights: Very Good Companion Dogs, Very Active.

About Dog Breed: Sometimes referred to as “Velcro dogs” for their human attachment desire, Whippets are ideal companion dogs. However, they are also quite active, and like their larger relative, the Greyhound, Whippets require regular exercise.


Best Dog Breeds Conclusion

While we believe that all dogs are great, different breeds of dogs, as we have seen, have different personalities and traits. These unique characteristics make a specific breed more or less ideal for your lifestyle. After reading through this list, you should better understand popular dog breeds and what type of dog you are looking for.

We hope that this list of the best dog breeds has helped to narrow down your search for your future furry best friend. And, for even more excellent pet ideas, make sure you visit our list of the best house pets. Before you know it, you will have some new family members to love and do life with.

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If you have any personal feedback on any of these breeds, we would love to hear about it in the comments below.