Best Hunting Clothing Brands: Finding the Perfect Hunting Clothing Brands for You

There are many different hunting clothing brands, and deciding which is right for you can be difficult. That is where this list of the best hunting clothing brands will have you covered.

This list of the best hunting clothing brands will highlight the top options and will help you find the right hunting clothing brands for you. Whether you’re a novice hunter or an experienced outdoorsman, this list will help you choose the right clothes for your next adventure.

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Top 15 Hunting Clothing Brands:



1. Sitka

Highlights: Impressive breathability that allows heat to escape, an uncompromising commitment to quality, and perfect for a range of weather conditions.

About Clothing Brand: Discover Sitka, one of the world’s most renowned and respected brands in hunting clothing. Their apparel is trusted by hunters across the globe because of its uncompromising commitment to quality, comfort, and durability.

From jackets and pants to base layers and accessories, Sitka has designed some of the finest hunting clothes available today that are well-suited to a wide range of weather conditions you might encounter.

Not only will their outdoor clothing keep you warm on cold days, but they also boast impressive breathability, allowing excess heat to escape without compromising your protection. For those who like to make a statement in the field, Sitka has an array of stylish designs so you can look good no matter what the landscape throws at you.



2. Kuiu

Highlights: A direct-to-consumer model, founded in 2011 by Jason Hairston, and stands out for its aesthetic design choices.

About Clothing Brand: Founded in 2011 by renowned Jason Hairston, Kuiu has partnered with larger brands to stand out as one of the best material and aesthetic design choices on the market today. When they started out, they implemented a direct-to-consumer model that drastically reduced costs and enabled them to better serve their fans.



3. Drake Waterfowl

Highlights: Established over 20 years ago, the series is for flooded timber, layout blinds, and boat hunting, and offers waterproof fabric options.

About Clothing Brand: Drake has established itself as a leading industry expert in providing quality apparel catered to hunters and fishermen alike. For 20 years, Drake has provided high-quality clothing for all your waterfowl hunting needs, including a series designed for flooded timber, layout blinds, and boat hunting.

But that’s not all – they also have specialized apparel that caters to different types of game and fishing. With features like waterproof fabrics tailored for enhanced movement and comfortable wearability, along with pocketing and blazing options designed to make you more efficient in the field, all of this allows them to be one of the best hunting clothing brands.



4. Kryptek

Highlights: Committed to durability and dependability, pushes the envelope on innovation, and employs military-grade features.

About Clothing Brand: Not only is Kryptek committed to providing durable and dependable apparel for outdoor adventures, but they are also intent on pushing the envelope of innovation, introducing features that provide maximum stealth and concealment for all types of hunters.

Kryptek is one of the few brands that employ military-grade features in their outerwear, offering camouflage patterns and features so advanced that it’s almost like having superpowers. With designs specifically thought out to help you meld into your surrounding environment while stalking your prey, Kryptek lets you feel confident that you won’t be spotted until it’s too late.



5. Filson

Highlights: Lightweight, breathable features, eclectic designs with a classic appeal, and adjustable features.

About Clothing Brand: For any adventure seeker looking for an excellent outfit for their next outdoor trip – Filson is your brand. With a history rooted in the hardworking mentality of pioneering outdoor enthusiasts, choosing Filson gear guarantees unique pieces that prioritize quality and performance.

Filson combines incredible durability and waterproof materials, lightweight, breathable fabrics, adjustable features, and eclectic designs with classic appeal that will make you look sharp no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.



6. Banded

Highlights: Offers more than 600 items across 19 product categories, specializes in tools and accessories, and high-quality fabrics.

About Clothing Brand: If you are an avid hunter, then look no further than Banded when it comes to hunting clothing. Founded by a group of visionaries, innovators, and product designers, this company was built on a quest to produce better products for you.

From pullovers, hoodies, and waders to boots and hunting accessories – Banded has you covered for all your outdoor needs. Not only does this brand offer more than 600 items across 19 product categories, but they also specialize in tools and accessories like game calls, decoys, and blinds.



7. Mossy Oak Camo

Highlights: Industry-leading camo patterns since 1986, advanced photorealistic 3D imagery, and cutting-edge concealment technologies.

About Clothing Brand: This leading hunting brand has been creating industry-leading camo patterns since 1986, and they’ve been successful in helping hunters blend into their environments better than ever before.

With advanced photorealistic 3D imagery and cutting-edge concealment technologies, Mossy Oak Camo is sure to help you take your hunting to the next level. Spend less time worrying about being spotted and more time focusing on bringing down your prey with ease when you wear Mossy Oak Camo.



8. Orvis

Highlights: Established in 1856, donates 5% of annual income to conservation organizations, and specialized packs made specifically for turkey hunts.

About Clothing Brand: Welcome to Orvis – the company devoted to giving you the best quality hunting clothing from one of America’s oldest, continually-running businesses. Established in 1856 and headquartered in Manchester, Vermont, Orvis has been providing the finest apparel for hunters for over a century.

They’re not just focused on making profits – they strive to make environmental stewardship a priority. During their long history, Orvis has donated 5% of its annual income to conservation organizations such as the Atlantic Salmon Federation, Nature Conservancy, and Ruffled Grouse Society.

Their men’s and women’s hunting clothing is designed by wild game enthusiasts with you in mind- so you can trust that whatever you buy from Orvis is up to the biggest challenge your hunt has to offer. They offer an unparalleled selection of items ranging from insulated waterproof coats with hoods or vests with customizable pockets, zip-off sleeves, and adjustable cuffs for managing your body temperature in any condition.



9. King’s Camo

Highlights: A combination of precision coloration and depth, a wide range of terrains, and recognized as an industry expert.

About Clothing Brand: King’s Camo has become recognized as an industry expert in producing some of the most effective camouflage patterns. From their first successful launch of King’s Shadow Camo Pattern to their latest designs, each pattern draws inspiration from hunting terrains around the world, giving hunters an edge.

With a combination of precision coloration and depth, King’s Camo provides the highest quality gear with some of the best camo patterns that cover a wide range of terrains. Experience the freedom and blend into your surroundings with their unbeatable selection.



10. Badlands

Highlights: Solutions for both men and women, a large selection of clothing, and unique camo patterns, including two that are specially designed for any backdrop.

About Clothing Brand: Badlands offers an unbeatable balance between mastery of technology and overall quality. Whether you are a hunter searching for stylish apparel or trying to stay warm with their impressively designed hunting clothes, Badlands offers all sorts of fashion solutions for both men and women.

From jackets, pants, bibs, and hoodies to tactical vests and hats – Badlands provides an extensive selection of versatile clothing perfect for any situation. For those who are looking for something extra special, Badlands also offers unique camo patterns in its lineup. Choose from various textures, such as Horizon Camo or Buck Camo, which are specifically designed to camouflage against any backdrop.



11. First Lite

Highlights: An incredibly versatile merino wool material, ensures warmth and coolness depending on the situation, and is breathable.

About Clothing Brand: This Idaho-based company was founded by Kenton Carruth and Scott Robinson, combining winter sports technology with that of Idaho’s own hunting potential. With its incredibly versatile merino wool material, First Lite’s philosophy for its clothing is to create garments that are perfect for any situation.

Merino wool ensures you stay warm when needed and cool during the day while being breathable enough so that you won’t be left drenched in sweat after your hunting session.



12. Rivers West

Highlights: A special waterproof fleece, several series including big game and waterfowl, and lightweight yet durable fabric.

About Clothing Brand: Rivers West is an excellent choice for hunters who refuse to let a little water get in their way. With decades of experience behind it, Rivers West proudly presents its special waterproof fleece, tailored to fit your hunting needs perfectly.

With this lightweight yet durable fabric that’s designed with warmth and waterproofness in mind, you’ll remain dry and comfortable no matter what the weather brings. Ready for whatever game you’re chasing, Rivers West has an incredible range of apparel options divided into several series—big game, waterfowl, and more.



13. Beretta

Highlights: Generously sized pockets, breathable material, and a wide selection from vests to trousers to boots.

About Clothing Brand: For centuries, Beretta has been renowned for its superior Italian craftsmanship and innovative designs. That’s why, when it comes to hunting apparel, the Beretta brand is second to none. Their extensive range of clothing has you covered from head-to-toe for any kind of hunt – from Waterfowl and Upland hunting to Big Game hunting.

The quality of their garments will make sure you look and feel your best while out on the field. The breathable materials and generously-sized pockets are crafted in order to meet the unique needs of any hunter. Whether you’re looking for a wicking and waterproof jacket or a lightweight but durable vest, Beretta has something that’s perfect for your next hunting adventure.

What’s more, they also offer trousers and boots that provide support, comfort, and performance, even while traversing tough terrain. Choose high-quality fabrics with a contemporary style when shopping at Beretta; their range will withstand the elements while adding value to your wardrobe.



14. Muck Boot Company

Highlights: Used by hunters since 1999, a unique combination of materials, and is resilient against mud, dirt, snow, and more.

About Clothing Brand: Whether you’re a bird hunter, big game trophy seeker, or just someone looking for reliable and comfortable waterproof boots, Muck Boot Company is the brand for you. These boots have been trusted by hunters since 1999 to keep their feet dry and protected regardless of weather conditions.

Muck Boots are crafted from a unique combination of materials that make them not only waterproof but also highly resilient against mud, dirt, snow, and more. Plus, their exceptional design ensures all-day comfort without sacrificing any protection—making them perfect for any hunting adventure.



15. Asio

Highlights: RAPTOR CAMO pattern inspired by owl feathers, blends into timber, and only premium materials are used.

About Clothing Brand: Founded by the passionate archery hunter Joe Miles, this South Carolina-based company offers a full lineup of deer hunters’ apparel and accessories designed to achieve optimal concealment no matter the landscape.

Their RAPTOR CAMO pattern is inspired by owl feathers, providing you with a unique camouflage design suitable for any environment. They’ve mastered the arts of blending into the timber so that your presence will go unnoticed by wary whitetails and other game when perched in a tree.


Best Hunting Clothing Brands Conclusion

There are many great hunting clothing brands out there, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. This list of the best hunting clothing brands has hopefully helped you narrow down your options and has helped you find the right brand for your needs.

With this list, you’re sure to find the perfect hunting clothing brand for your next trip.

Please make sure to comment below if you have feedback on any of these hunting clothing brands. We know that all of our readers would appreciate your comments.