Best Hockey Skates: Finding the Perfect Hockey Skates For You

In order to be a successful hockey player, you need the proper equipment. That includes skates that fit well and provide the support you need to make quick turns and navigate the ice or hard surface you are playing on. That is why we created this list of the best hockey skates.

With this list of the best hockey skates, you can find the perfect hockey skates for you, giving you the confidence to play your best. And this list isn’t just for the pros, either. Whatever level you play at or however many years of experience you have, you should be able to find the perfect pair of hockey skates on this list for you.

Before you know it, you will be skating better and more confident than ever before. But it all starts with the right pair of skates.

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Top 10 Hockey Skates:



1. CCM Jetspeed Hockey Skates

Price: $349.95

Highlights: Personalized fit, feature an advanced one-piece SPEED boot, has an XS tongue system, and includes a TotalDri liner.

About Skates: CCM’s new JetSpeed hockey skates are among the best on the market, offering a versatile fit system and an advanced one-piece SPEED boot for maximum energy transfer and a close fit.

The XS tongue system lets you customize your tongue for a comfortable, personalized fit, while the TotalDri liner wicks away moisture to keep your feet dry. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, these skates will help you take your game to the next level.



2. Bauer Hockey Skates

Price: $94.85 – $143.75

Highlights: Feature Bauer’s new 3D Skate Sizing system, designed to fit any type of foot, and include HyperFlex technology.

About Skates: These skates are taking the league by storm and are perfect for anyone who wants to up their game. Featuring Bauer’s new 3D Skate Sizing system, they’re designed to fit any type of foot, and the new HyperFlex technology maximizes flex in the boot for an enhanced skating experience. So if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line pair of hockey skates, Bauer Vapor Hyperlite skates are an excellent option.



3. Lake Placid Hockey Skates

Price: $38.20 – $63.97

Highlights: Offers a fit system that expands up to 4 full sizes, features an insulated soft-tec foam, and has reinforced ankle support.

About Skates: These skates are perfect for kids, with a fit system that expands up to 4 full sizes. Kids can wear them for years, even as their feet grow. They’re also made with insulated soft-tec foam for warmth and comfort and have reinforced ankle support for stability. This will allow you to skate with confidence, whether you’re just starting out or still honing your skills.



4. TronX E1.0 Hockey Skates

Price: $149.99 – $174.66

Highlights: 8mm classic felt tongue, Tron-tech ankle padding, molded comfort footbed, high-performance outdoor wheels, and feature a hi-lo aluminum frame.

About Skates: These skates are built for comfort and durability, with an 8mm classic felt tongue, Tron-tech ankle padding, and a molded comfort footbed. The TronX E1.0 is also equipped with high-performance outdoor wheels and a hi-lo aluminum frame chassis for ultimate control.



5. Tour Code 9 Hockey Skates

Price: $89.98 – $89.99

Highlights: Designed for optimum performance, ideal choice as an entry-level skate, and look great.

About Skates: These skates are designed for optimum performance and look great. With features that are not found on competitor skates at this value, the Code 9 SENIOR is the best choice for anyone looking for an entry-level skate. You’ll love how these skates feel when you wear them, and you’ll also notice a difference in your game.



6. Jackson Ultima Hockey Skates

Price: $83.15 – $199.90

Highlights: Feature a Thinsulate-lined upper and tongue, have a cushy foam padding, feature a hook and loop tape closure, and include a leisure blade with a stainless steel runner.

About Skates: We all know that playing hockey is a demanding sport. That’s why having the right equipment is essential to perform your best. And when it comes to the best hockey skates, you can’t go wrong with Jackson Ultima.

They feature a Thinsulate-lined upper and tongue for added warmth, as well as a cushy foam padding that will keep your feet comfortable throughout the game. Plus, the hook and loop tape closure fastening ankle strap and loops provide a snug, secure fit. And finally, the leisure blade with stainless steel runner ensures a smooth glide while you’re skating.



7. Alkali RPD Hockey Skates

Price: $119.99

Highlights: Lightweight quarter construction, 100 percent heat mobile, feature the Alkali Pro Roller, include Hyper Lock L pads, and have a two-piece fully ventilated tongue.

About Skates: These skates feature a lightweight quarter construction that provides added stiffness while being 100 percent heat mobile for improved comfort. The Alkali Pro Roller allows for an excellent fit, and Hyper Lock L pads secure the ankles and eliminate heel lift for even more comfort. The two-piece fully ventilated tongue will keep your feet comfortable and cool all game long.



8. Botas Hockey Skates

Price: $99.95 – $289.95

Highlights: Have an ergonomic upper, feature a new anatomical tongue, and include a coated plastic toe.

About Skates: These top hockey skates are designed with silver and gold decorations on a black base, providing a sleek and stylish look. They also have protective elements, including an ergonomic upper with side strengthening and a new anatomical tongue.

The plastic toe is coated, making it resistant to wear and tear. Plus, the hockey skates are designed to provide superior comfort during skating. So if you’re looking for one of the best hockey skates out there, these might be the perfect skates for you.



9. CCM Super Roller Hockey Skates

Price: $183.50 – $209.99

Highlights: Stiffness performance index of 115, brushed microfiber liner, and offer efficient energy transfer.

About Skates: The CCM Super Roller Hockey Skates are some of the best hockey skates on the market. Featuring an ergonomic boot and a stiffness performance index of 115, these skates offer great comfort, durability, and skating performance.

The brushed microfiber liner protects your foot from wear and delivers major comfort, while the tongue helps you achieve energy transfer. If you’re looking for a great pair of hockey skates, these hockey skates should be at the top of your list.



10. TOUR Volt Kv4 Hockey Skates

Price: $219.95

Highlights: Heat-moldable, lined with Comfort Tricot, high quality, and features Bionik Series 4 technology.

About Skates: The Tour Volt Kv4 Hockey Skates are one of the best choices for anyone looking for a high-quality, lightweight, and durable hockey skate. The quarter package is made from Tour’s new Bionik Series 4 technology, which is lightweight and responsive and provides good protection against blocked shots and slashes.

The material is also heat-moldable, so you can get a custom fit. The interior of the skate is lined with Comfort Tricot for a soft feel against your foot. So if you’re looking for a great all-around skate, the Volt Kv4 is the ideal choice.


Best Hockey Skates Conclusion

No matter if you are a beginner or advanced ice hockey player, having a great pair of hockey skates is essential. The right pair of skates will allow you to play the game with confidence and make more agile and explosive movements while you do.

This will give you the advantage over your opponents and help you make the big plays that will help your team win the game. But even if you don’t play on a team, a pair of skates from this list of the best hockey skates are still great to use and enjoy with friends.

Also, these hockey skates make excellent gifts. So if you know someone that loves to play ice hockey, consider getting them a pair of these skates as a hockey gift. And if you are looking for more hockey-content, visit our list of the best youth hockey sticks.

Have you tried any of these hockey skates? Please feel free to share your feedback below if you have any.