Best Hockey Gifts: Finding the Perfect Hockey Gifts

Are you looking for a gift for the hockey fan in your life (or maybe just a little something for yourself)? Well, we have you covered with this list of the best hockey gifts. From your favorite player’s jersey to training tools to inspiring hockey books, you are going to be able to find everything that you need on this list.

This list of the best hockey gifts will highlight the top hockey gifts and will help you find the perfect hockey gift for your friends and loved ones. Whether you are looking for a hockey jersey, a training tool, etc., this list will have a number of great hockey gift ideas for you to select from. 

Many of these gifts will also continue to give over the years. By providing a training tool for a player as a gift, they can use it to continue to develop and become a better player. This may help them get a scholarship one day to play in college or maybe even professionally.

So start looking through this list of the best hockey gifts and bring a smile to someone’s face, even if it is your own. If you have other sports fans in your life, make sure that you check out our lists of the best baseball gifts, best football gifts, and best soccer gifts as well.


Top 20 Hockey Gifts:



1. Hockey Jersey

Recommended For: Hockey Players and Fans

Gift Price: Varies

About Hockey Gift: Nothing says you are a true hockey fan quite like rocking your favorite player’s jersey. And, with authentic game jerseys, you can be feeling closer to the game than ever before. Great for going to the game, and for watching the game on your couch, this jersey will make the perfect hockey gift.



2. One Timer Hockey Passer

Recommended For: Hockey Players

Gift Price: $94.99

About Hockey Gift: Practicing one-timers on your own has never been easier. This hockey gift will allow a player to set up in front of the goal and practice receiving and hitting one-timers. The next gift on this list is going to provide a perfect pairing. This gift is going to be great for hours of practice and hockey fun.



3. Hockey Balls

Recommended For: Hockey Coaches and Players

Gift Price: $27.99

About Hockey Gift: If you know a hockey player that loves to work on their game or a coach who practices with their team, this bucket of hockey balls is one of the best hockey gifts you can give. With one or two balls, you are going to constantly be chasing down balls every couple of minutes. With this 15-ball bucket, though, you will be able to set up and do different drills that require more balls to work well.


4. Wall Monkeys Hockey Graphics

Recommended For: Hockey Fans

Gift Price: Varies

About Hockey Gift: If you know someone that is a die-hard fan of a certain team, make sure that you get them a team wall decal. With Fathead Graphics, you will be able to get them a graphic that will take up their entire wall if you want! Perfect for pretty much any hockey fan regardless of age, these wall decals make a great gift.


5. Hockey Attack Triangle Training Aid

Recommended For: Hockey Players and Coaches

Gift Price: $59.99

About Hockey Gift: Another great hockey training aid. The Hockey Attack Triangle is going to allow the player to work on making moves against a dummy defender. Perfect for both ice and other hard surfaces, this hockey training aid is one of the best hockey gifts for players that are serious about developing their game.


6. Hockey Books

Whether a coach, player, or fan of the game, a hockey book makes a perfect gift. Here are some of our favorite hockey books and overall sports books that we recommend for anyone that loves the game.



The Boys of Winter

Recommended For: Hockey Fans

Gift Price: $12.75

About Hockey Gift: If you are a hockey fan, then there is a good chance that you have already heard about the “Miracle on Ice.” It is when the 1980 U.S. Men’s Olympic Hockey Team pulled off one of the greatest upsets in sports history. The Boys of Winter is going to cover this event and give you an intimate look at the different levels of this story.



100 Years, 100 Moments

Recommended For: Hockey Players

Gift Price: $27.19

About Hockey Gift: Over the last 100 years, there have been some remarkable moments in the NHL. This book by Scott Morrison is going to cover 100 of the most important moments that have happened. If you love history or know someone that loves history, this is the book to get.



Hockey Tough

Recommended For: Hockey Players

Gift Price: $16.42

About Hockey Gift: To be a great hockey player, you must have the physical skills, but you must also have the mental strength and discipline as well. Hockey Tough by Saul L. Miller is going to cover this exact subject. It will help you learn the mental training techniques used by Pros and College players.



99: Stories of the Game

Recommended For: Hockey Coaches, Players, and Fans

Gift Price: $15.71

About Hockey Gift: Known as “The Great One,” Wayne Gretzky is going to give you a glimpse into his story. You will be able to see his journey to greatness and hear all of the great stories along the way. If you have an appreciation for greatness and the rarity of a player like Wayne Gretzky, you will enjoy 99: Stories of the Game.



Mr. Hockey: My Story

Recommended For: Hockey Coaches, Players, and Fans

Gift Price: $13.25

About Hockey Gift: Gordie Howe, also known as “Mr. Hockey,” won four Stanley Cups and is considered possibly the best player to ever play the game. Just a quick look at his stats will have you agreeing with the title of “Mr. Hockey.” This book is going to recount his Hall of Fame career as well as the other areas of life that made him a great man.



7. Net Defender Hockey Training Tool

Recommended For: Hockey Coaches and Players

Gift Price: $43.99

About Hockey Gift: Great scorers know how to shoot with precision. This hockey training tool is going to allow players to be able to work on pinpointing different spots on the net as they practice their shooting. The Net Defender is a perfect hockey gift for a player or a coach and their team.



8. The Green Biscuit Hockey Puck

Recommended For: Hockey Players

Gift Price: $21.99 (4-pack)

About Hockey Gift: The Green Biscuit Puck is going to allow you to work on both handling and shooting. Also, these pucks are going to allow you to practice on surfaces that may not be very ideal for other pucks. Considered one of the best off-ice pucks out there, the Green Biscuit Puck is perfect for playing outside and one of the best hockey gifts for players.



9. Pass Master Hockey Training Tool

Recommended For: Hockey Coaches and Players

Gift Price: Varies

About Hockey Gift: With the Pass Master Training Tool, you will be able to work on developing a nice soft pass and also receiving the puck as well. You can use this training tool both on the ice and off, making it an ideal training tool perfect for the driveway, garage, and basement.


10. Hockey Sticks

Finding the right hockey stick has a lot to do with personal preference, and there are a lot of great brands out there. However, here are a few of our favorite brands that we think will be able to provide you with the right hockey stick for you. You are going to be able to dominate the ice or street with one of these hockey sticks.



Bauer Hockey Sticks

Recommended For: Hockey Players

Gift Price: Varies

About Hockey Gift: Bauer hockey sticks are well balanced and made up of light composite material. Each stick will allow you to be able to have great control of the puck and also be able to generate power on your shots. The Supreme Power Shaft and Maximum Power Kick are just a couple of the innovative features of their hockey sticks.



Easton Hockey Sticks

Recommended For: Hockey Players

Gift Price: Varies

About Hockey Gift: Easton hockey sticks are made of durable synthetic material and are a great stick to play with. As some of the lightest sticks on the market, they will allow you to snap the puck while also being able to trust that the shaft is still strong. They are also balanced very well and will allow for great stick handling as you break it in.



11. Kids Hockey Nets

Recommended For: Hockey Fans and Kids

Gift Price: $31.99

About Hockey Gift: Playing hockey with actual nets is just so much more fun! These youth hockey nets are going to be perfect for elementary players that love playing hockey in the front driveway or garage. As a bonus, it can also be used for mini-soccer goals as well, so would double as a soccer gift for any dual-sport player.



12. NHL Hockey Team Bean Bag Chair

Recommended For: Hockey Fans

Gift Price: Varies

About Hockey Gift: Nothing shows your team support quite like an overstuffed and extremely comfy bean bag chair. With a cozy cotton outer lining and an inside stuffed with polystyrene beads, this bean bag chair will be the highlight of any young hockey fan’s room.



13. Hockey Hall of Fame Book of Trivia

Recommended For: Hockey Fans

Gift Price: $17.94

About Hockey Gift: Know someone that loves everything hockey-related? Get them this Hockey Trivia book and let them test their knowledge. With a variety of different questions written by experts and made for all readers, this hockey gift is perfect for any fan of the game.


14. Puck Control Hockey Training Tool

Recommended For: Hockey Players

Gift Price: $49.95

About Hockey Gift: One of the best puck and stick control training tools out there, this hockey gift is going to be perfect for the hockey player in your life. Not only will they enjoy this gift, but it will also translate into them being able to better control the puck on the ice in actual game situations.


15. Hockey Movies

These sports movies are going to cover a variety of different angles. From based on a true story to all-out laughs, you will be able to be both inspired and entertained with these great hockey movies. All of these movies make excellent hockey gifts for players, coaches, and fans.




Recommended For: Hockey Fans

Gift Price: $17.99

About Hockey Gift: Based on the inspiring true story of the 1980 Olympics and the USA Men’s Hockey team. Miracle is going to follow a bunch of young amateur players as they take on the best players in the world. If you are a hockey fan, this movie is a must-watch.



The Mighty Ducks

Recommended For: Hockey Fans

Gift Price: $14.99

About Hockey Gift: One of the most popular kid’s movies of the ’90s, Mighty Ducks, is still a great movie today that will have you laughing and enjoying the drama of youth hockey. The movie is going to bring the most unlikely players together with a coach that is still figuring it out himself; the mix is going to make a great movie worth watching over and over again.



New England Hockey: A Life at the Rink

Recommended For: Hockey Fans

Gift Price: $14.99

About Hockey Gift: Hockey is a way of life in New England, and this movie is going to document the stories of different players and families as they dedicated the majority of their days to this game. From youth players to playing at Harvard to playing in the backyard rink, hockey is a part of New England life.



Mr. Hockey: The Gordie Howe Story

Recommended For: Hockey Fans

Gift Price: $11.99

About Hockey Gift: Gordie Howe, also known as “Mr. Hockey,” is one of the best players to ever play the game of hockey. This movie is going to be set in 1973 when Gordie Howe returned to the ice to play at the age of 44. Follow the storied career of Gordie Howe and witness the story of hockey greatness.



16. Bauer IMS 9.0 Hockey Helmet Combo

Recommended For: Hockey Players

Gift Price: $190

About Hockey Gift: CSA and HECC certified this Bauer helmet is going to allow for both great protection and functionality. With a customized fit and tool-free adjustment, this helmet is going to allow for equal protection and comfortability. Add in antimicrobial protection that helps to resist odors and mildew, and you have a winner.


17. NHL Skills Hockey Goal

Recommended For: Hockey Players and Coaches

Gift Price: $16.49

About Hockey Gift: Aim small, miss small. This NHL Skills Goal is one of the best hockey gifts and will work on accurate shooting and passing. It is also great for no-goalie play with friends or in practice. It is made out of durable steel and assembles in seconds, making it easy to put up and tear down.



18. Easton Pro 10 Hockey Gloves

Recommended For: Hockey Player

Gift Price: $140

About Hockey Gift: Great when it comes to protection, comfort, and usability, these Easton Pro 10 Hockey Gloves are going to be the perfect gift for the hockey player in your life. The shell is lightweight but durable, and the interior has a bio-dri feature to help keep the gloves dry.



19. Hockey Pucks 12 Pack

Recommended For: Hockey Coach

Gift Price: $17.99

About Hockey Gift: These hockey pucks are regulation size and weight and are perfect for either practicing on your own or with a team. They are made out of vulcanized rubber and a surface that will be consistent and accurate with passing and shooting. This pack of 12 hockey pucks will help with being able to work on different shooting and passing drills.



20. NHL 22 Hockey Game

Recommended For: Hockey Fans

Gift Price: Varies

About Hockey Gift: You may not be able to play in the NHL, but you can play NHL 212! This hockey game is going to have you enjoying the sport from a different perspective and will allow you to be able to play against your friends and family for bragging rights.


Bonus Hockey Gift Idea:



Hockey Mug with a Goal

Recommended For: Hockey Fans

Gift Price: $25

About Hockey Gift: Scoring goals has never been easier (or more delicious) than with this bonus hockey gift. This hockey mug with a goal backstop is going to be fun to drink out of and makes a perfect gift for any age hockey fan. Drink your hot beverages in style with this hockey gift.