Best Hiking Backpacks: Finding the Perfect Hiking Backpacks for You

Are you looking for a new backpack for your next hiking trip? If so, you’re in luck with this list of the best hiking backpacks on the market. 

This list of the best hiking backpacks will feature the top options and will ensure that you find the perfect hiking backpack. With this list, you can find a comfortable, durable backpack that can hold all of your hiking essentials. 

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Top 15 Hiking Backpacks :



1. Mammut Ducan Spine 28-35 Hiking Backpack

Price: $214.95 – $279.99

Highlights: Encourages natural gait pattern, customizable sizes, and two hip belts.

About Hiking Backpack: The perfect companion for your next adventure, the Mammut Ducan Spine 28-35 Hiking Backpack is an absolute must-have for hikers and outdoors enthusiasts. Its Active Spine technology offers greater freedom of movement at your hips and shoulders and encourages a natural gait pattern, making it ideal for long treks with a heavy load.

Thanks to variable packing volumes, you can easily customize your pack size depending on how much gear you need — without compromising on comfort or performance. Plus, with bungee-style overflow straps, two hip belts, and side pockets that can be accessed while you’re on the move – this backpack really has it all when it comes to taking your outdoor adventures to the next level.



2. Ursack Allmitey Bear Hiking Backpack

Price: $210.00

Highlights: Puncture-proof, combines UHMWP and Kevlar correctional fabric, and provides protection from bears and critters.

About Hiking Backpack: You will never have to decide between bear and critter protection again: the Ursack AllMitey Hiking Backpack is here to protect your foodstuff from all creatures big and small. This revolutionary backpack has a unique patented lamination process that combines UHMWP and Kevlar correctional fabric – which is the same textile used in prisons to prevent shivs.

This combination of fabrics makes the Ursack AllMitey virtually puncture-proof, keeping out not just bears’ claws and teeth but also mice, raccoons, squirrels, pine marten, and more. 



3. Deuter Hiking Backpack

Price: $172.96

Highlights: Breathable padding, excellent back support, and designed to help reduce back perspiration.

About Hiking Backpack: When it comes to long-distance hikes and mountaineering tours, comfort is key. The Deuter Hiking Backpack is designed specifically to provide comfort and support while still offering plenty of room and remaining lightweight. The Aircontact Lite back system helps reduce perspiration on your back by as much as 15%, keeping you cool no matter how hot the weather gets.

The Breathable padding made of open-cell, hollow-chamber foam allows air to flow in and out, helping keep you comfortable throughout the hike. The Ergonomic Comfort Lock hip fins not only support the backpack for improved load stability but also adjusts according to your body’s shape for a tailored fit. Lastly, the S-shaped shoulder harness makes carrying heavier loads easy with its soft edges and 3D mesh lining.



4. Gregory Arrio 22 Hiking Backpack

Price: $99.95

Highlights: Quick-access storage options, expandable bungee system for overflow, and hydration-compatible.

About Hiking Backpack: Introducing the new Gregory Arrio 22 Hiking Backpack. It’s an excellent option for daring day hikes, offering plenty of features to get you on the move quickly and comfortably. The FreeSpan open-air suspension system exploits your body’s strength to minimize stress and increase airflow for a cooler, drier back.

You’ll also love reaching for quick-access storage options with ease on the move, like two internal zippered pockets, one side zippered pocket, and one side mesh pocket. Plus, it offers an expandable bungee system for more overflow storage, and if that isn’t enough, the backpack is hydration-compatible too.



5. 4Monster Hiking Backpack

Price: $16.99 – $26.99

Highlights: Only weighs 4 ounces, is water and tear-resistant, and has plenty of storage space.

About Hiking Backpack: This lightweight yet highly durable and versatile daypack is great for hiking, camping, day trips, and more. And with its unbelievably low weight of only 4 ounces, it’s about half the weight of a normal smartphone – so you can comfortably go anywhere without feeling burdened.

It’s also water-resistant and tear-resistant 30D nylon that protects your backpack from rain and scratches from branches or stones. The bag features a well-thought-out design for optimal convenience. A main compartment provides plenty of storage space, while a front zipper pocket and two mesh side pockets offer quick access to items such as keys or cash.

You’ll also appreciate how easy it is to carry – with adjustable straps that allow you to customize the fit and its ability to be folded into wallet size and stored nicely in a pocket when not in use.



6. Deuter Speed Lite Hiking Backpack

Price: $77.63 – $89.99

Highlights: Detachable hip belt, padded back for comfort, and air escape technology for better airflow.

About Hiking Backpack: Looking for an ultralight pack for hiking? The Deuter Speed Lite Hiking Backpack is an excellent option. Weighing just over 1lb, this high-value backpack provides plenty of storage. It features both a detachable hip belt and a comfortable padded back with air-escape technology to increase airflow and keep you cool.

Perfectly designed for endurance athletes, the Deuter Speed Lite Hiking Backpack is sure to become your new go-to favorite when hitting the trails. With four exterior pockets plus an adjustable internal frame, you can find exactly what you need without interruption.



7. Osprey Talon 22 Hiking Backpack

Price: $115.25

Highlights: AirScape suspension system, 12-liter capacity, and expandable overflow storage.

About Hiking Backpack: Get ready to take your overnight hikes to the next level of comfort and convenience with the Osprey Talon 22 Hiking Backpack. This best-in-class pack is packed with all the technical features you need for an enjoyable and successful trip, from its AirScape suspension system, which lifts the pack off your back and distributes weight evenly to maximize airflow, to 12 liters of capacity for carrying your gear.

Dual zippers grant easy access to the main compartment, while a tuck-away ice axe attachment, trekking pole carriers, lower-side compression straps, and a bike helmet attachment make it easy to securely carry extra equipment. Also a large stretchy mesh front pocket offers expandable overflow storage for extra food or layers.



8. N NEVO RHINO Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

Price: $69.99 – $86.99

Highlights: Scratch-resistant nylon material, waterproof rain cover, and ample pocket space.

About Hiking Backpack: This sturdy, rip-stop backpack has a scratch-resistant nylon material to ensure your gear remains dry, safe, and secure no matter the weather. Its durable, well-sewn craftsmanship means that stitching at all critical points – including the shoulder straps, carrying handle, and bottom – will stand up to years of gear hauling.

With its waterproof rain cover and the breathable mesh padding on the back of the shoulder straps and hip belt for cooling ventilation, fatigue reduction, and heat dissipation, this bag is built to last. Equipped with a streamlined suspension system and ample pocket space, you can bring everything you need without worrying about being weighed down or uncomfortable.



9. Mammut Lithium Speed Hiking Backpack

Price: $88.24

Highlights: Plenty of space, ergonomic design and structure, and very versatile. 

About Hiking Backpack: For adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts seeking a lightweight yet comfortable hiking or biking solution, look no further than Mammut’s Lithium Speed 20L backpack. This amazing piece of lightweight gear features Mammut’s signature ergonomic design and compact structure to keep you in perfect balance whether you are tip-toeing across exposed ledges or embarking on a backcountry trek.

Thanks to the well-padded hip and shoulder straps, the Lithium Speed 20L provides maximum comfort so you can easily carry your essentials. Plus, it is designed with an even load distribution to avoid overloading any of your extremities, making for a truly stress-free day out in the wild.



10. The North Face Basin 24 Hiking Backpack

Price: $98.00

Highlights: External stack pocket, polyester boot on the bottom, and includes a rain cover.

About Hiking Backpack: The North Face Basin 24 Hiking Backpack is an excellent choice when you’re planning a day outdoors. The lightweight nylon ripstop construction won’t weigh you down, while the polyester boot on the bottom helps keep your belongings safe and dry.

An external stash pocket keeps bulky or quick-access items securely stored, and there are two additional water bottle pockets for even more organization. And to top it all off, this stylish backpack includes a concealed rain cover for additional weather protection. Plus, each pack has an adjustable sternum strap with an integrated whistle buckle to ensure you stay comfortable during your journey. 



11. CamelBak Octane 25 Multisport Hiking Backpack

Price: $107.45

Highlights: Six easily accessible pockets, 25-liter main compartment, and perfect for all kinds of adventures.

About Hiking Backpack: Discover the versatility and convenience of CamelBak’s Octane 25 Multisport Hiking Backpack. This unique blend of a running vest and a hiking backpack gives you access to all your essential outdoor gear without sacrificing your mobility or speed. The stretchy mesh straps, dual sternum straps, and padded hip belt hug your body for added stability and comfort.

It also has six easily accessible pockets so that you can keep the necessary fuel within reach. The pack also offers a generous 25-liters main compartment with eight internal sleeves for smart organization. You can stock up on your snacks, extra layers, navigation tools, and more – perfect for no matter what kind of adventures you have planned.



12. Mystery Ranch Scree 32 Hiking Backpack

Price: $209.00

Highlights: Removable waistbelt, internal hydration sleeve, and fast access to your items.

About Hiking Backpack: The Mystery Ranch Scree 32 Hiking Backpack is the ideal companion on any of your day hikes or light backpacking trips. This backpack comes equipped with an internal HDPE frame sheet for maximum rigidity and support, and our patented Futura Yoke easily micro-adjusts to your torso length, allowing for a proper stand-off from your back and frame.

Travelers will also appreciate its removable waistbelt that’s designed to redirect force in a natural, forward pull direction—allowing you to tighten the belt with less effort. The pack also features a convenient 3-Zip design that makes rapid access to its contents simpler than ever before, as well as an internal hydration sleeve and water bottle pockets for the times you need some refreshment during your journey. 



13. Dakine Seeker Hiking Backpack

Price: $138.69

Highlights: Great for any weather, has a breathable back panel, and is very comfortable.

About Hiking Backpack: Don’t let the weather slow you down. The Dakine Seeker Hiking Backpack is great for exploration through any terrain and in any weather. This pack has all of the features that hikers need for their adventures, including a helmet carry strap, breathable back panel, dedicated storage for sunglasses, and more.

With unique technology that maintains dryness throughout your ride, no matter what mother nature throws at you. It’s also incredibly lightweight and crafted out of durable materials, so you don’t have to worry about it tearing or wearing out. 



14. Venture Pal Hiking Backpack

Price: $29.49

Highlights: Tear-resistant, waterproof, and a wet pocket to store wet clothes.

About Hiking Backpack: Stay comfortable, organized, and ready for your next adventure with Venture Pal Hiking Backpack. Whether you’re planning a day hike, an overnight excursion, or a weekend outdoors, Venture Pal is the ultimate companion.

This backpack is made with high-quality tear-resistant and waterproof nylon fabric to ensure durability and reliability. With its more humane design, you can experience greater convenience when packing for your next journey. Plus, it features a unique internal wet pocket specifically designed to store wet clothes after water activities. 



15. Fengdong Hiking Backpack

Price: $27.19 – $39.99

Highlights: Lightweight and durable, water-resistant high-density polyester, and a breathable ventilated mesh backside.

About Hiking Backpack: Adventure through the great outdoors with ease and comfort with the Fengdong Hiking Backpack. Lightweight and durable, this handy pack is sure to meet all your hiking needs. It’s made of water-resistant high-density polyester material for maximum protection from the elements.

Comfort won’t be an issue as it offers breathable ventilated mesh padding for your shoulder straps and backside, which will keep you cool in even the hottest summer months. All stress points are reinforced with bar tacking to ensure your goods are secure at all times. 

Best Hiking Backpacks Conclusion

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hiker, having the right backpack is essential to a great hike. You want a backpack that can stand up to the elements while also allowing you to stay as comfortable as possible on your hikes. You also want a backpack that will allow you to bring all of your essentials with you.

Well, with this list of the best hiking backpacks and the options above, you can make sure to find the perfect backpack for you.

Have you used any of these hiking backpacks? If so, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.