Best Craft Ideas: Finding the Perfect Craft Ideas for You

There is just something about being able to put something together with your own hands. You can see your vision, execute it, and then enjoy something that you created. That is what makes this list of the best craft ideas so much fun. You will be able to have all of the inspiration that you can handle and will also be able to challenge yourself with several new art and craft ideas.

This list of the best craft ideas will feature 25 different craft ideas that you can do on your own or with a group. These crafts will cover a wide range of difficulty levels and will allow you to find the perfect crafts for you. 

These crafts are perfect for all different ages as well. Whether you are looking for yourself, crafts for kids, or something that you can do in a group, there will be several crafting options that will fit what you are looking for. So start finding the craft ideas that most appeal to you, and get ready to have a ton of fun.

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Top 25 Craft Ideas:



1. Rock Painting

Recommended Age: 5+ (with adult supervision)

Needed Craft Supplies: Smooth rocks, acrylic outdoor paint, paintbrushes, a water basin, and an outdoor Mod Podge.

About Craft Idea: Painted rocks are a fun and easy craft project that costs very little to make and can easily be a great craft for kids or the elderly. Whether you want to give your family members a homemade stocking stuffer or place your rocks around town to make people smile, this is truly a craft anyone can do.

This tutorial will provide 10 different rock painting projects that vary in difficulty level. Truly, no matter how creative you are (or aren’t), rock painting is a great DIY craft project.



2. String Art

Recommended Age: 12+

Needed Craft Supplies: A wood slab, mini nails, hammer, embroidery thread, and scissors.

About Craft Idea: String art is an enjoyable, simple way to make a customized piece of artwork for your home. And once you have your materials, it doesn’t require a lot of time. Simply create a template (or find one online), hammer the nails through the template, remove the template, and then wrap the thread around your design.

If you want to include a child in this craft, get the nails hammered into the wood (or help them with this if they are old enough) and then allow them to do the threading. Plus, for extra customization, you could paint or stain the block of wood or change the thread and nails’ color.



3. DIY Hanging Shelf

Recommended Age: 15+

Needed Craft Supplies: Poplar wood, macrame cording, a drill, a saw (if the wood is not to size already), and a macrame ring.

About Craft Idea: Since DIYing is all the rage, why not try your hand at making something both functional and beautiful? This hanging shelf is straightforward to make as long as you can use a drill and tie a knot. Additionally, you can add another shelf to this design by making your cording longer and tying the first shelf off securely.

However, keep in mind the amount of weight you add to these shelves, as they are not braced for a significant load. In spite of this, DIY shelves are a great way to implement some of this year’s pro decorating tips, like adding more greenery to your house or changing up some of your decorative pieces.



4. Stamped Fabric Napkins

Recommended Age: 12+

Needed Craft Supplies: Block printing stamps, white fabric napkins, fabric ink, foam plates, iron, and pressing cloth.

About Craft Idea: Creating customized cloth napkins is a great gift idea, party favor, or way to add some personal flair to your dining room; can we talk about custom napkins for a Thanksgiving dinner or a family get-together? Plus, it is incredibly easy to do once you have all of the right materials.

While this project is recommended for ages 12+, this can be a good craft for kids, too, so long as they have adult supervision and help using the hot iron. Please note any instructions or warnings on your fabric ink, as particular kinds may not be safe for children or use on certain materials.



5. Painted Pots

Recommended Age: 12+

Needed Craft Supplies: 4-inch pots with trays, white spray paint, craft paint, rubber bands, and a foam paintbrush.

About Craft Idea: Since painted pots are an easy, fun way to add color and customization to any space, they are perfect for a college dorm, nursing home, desk space at work, or your living room. Not only is it a great craft for kids, but it could be equally enjoyed by adults at a garden party, ladies’ night out, or a dorm-floor activity. Spray paint the pots white, then, after they dry, add a rubber band to form the painting border, and get painting! Plus, these pots are the perfect size for succulents, which are relatively easy to care for.



6. Fabric Canvas Art

Recommended Age: 15+

Needed Craft Supplies: 4-sided stretcher frame, fabric, staple gun, scissors, and staples.

About Craft Idea: If you’re looking for great pieces of wall art and are on a budget, try making your own fabric canvas art. And don’t worry; It is super simple! To start, you will put together your frame, then stretch your fabric across the frame and staple it to the back!

Not only is it crazy easy to do, but it also gives you infinite options for customizing your canvas, including the size of the piece, the material used, and how you want to hang it! Plus, when you get tired of that piece, all you need to do is buy another piece of fabric and staple it onto the back for a brand new piece of artwork.



7. Painted Floral Mugs

Recommended Age: 5+ (with adult supervision)

Needed Craft Supplies: A white mug, glass paint markers, and a baking tray.

About Craft Idea: This is a super simple project, and your hand-painted mugs can be used for Christmas gifts, a handmade wedding favor, or for the break room at work. Additionally, it is an extremely affordable gift since simple Dollar Store mugs are fine for this project, and a set of glass paint markers only costs around $16 (or $4 per marker). Plus, after the paint has dried, you can bake the mugs for 30 minutes to make your designs 100% dishwasher safe.



8. Watercolor Plates

Recommended Age: 8+ (with adult supervision)

Needed Craft Supplies: Water-based porcelain paint, oven-safe porcelain plates, food-safe Pebeo paint and thinner, and paintbrushes.

About Craft Idea: If you’re looking for a custom, abstract craft project to do, these watercolor porcelain plates are an easy weekend project. Not only will they be beautiful, but they will also be oven, dishwasher, and microwave safe. It is important to note that not all Pebeo paints are food-safe, so be sure to verify this before using them.

Also, if you are uncomfortable with using paint on a surface you will eat off of, try buying transparent plates and creating your design on the bottom so that it shows through the top. This will give you a beautiful, abstract design while keeping the paint away from your food.



9. Mini Herb Garden

Recommended Age: 12+

Needed Craft Supplies: Empty cans, ribbon, card stock, old fork, scissors, large terra-cotta saucer, pebbles, potting soil, drill, rubbing alcohol, twine, tags, and the herbs of your choice.

About Craft Idea: When it comes to crafting or DIY projects, some are meant solely to be enjoyed when making but don’t provide much benefit after that. Well, not with this craft project! This mini herb garden project will allow you to have a fun little side project and allow for a fresh seasoning that you can use when cooking.

Whether it is adding some oregano or basil to your favorite soup recipe or using one of the other herbs for your favorite family dinner, you will have everything you need. And along with being useful for eating, your mini herb garden craft is going to look great on the counter as a decorative piece for your home.



10. Desk Organizer

Recommended Age: 12+

Needed Craft Supplies: Empty can, a board, glue, and spray paint.

About Craft Idea: This craft idea is perfect for those who like to keep things neat and organized. It is also a craft idea that isn’t going to take much work and may even be completed with items that you already have around the house, which will make this a cost-friendly activity. All it takes is a few empty cans, a board, glue, and some gold-colored spray paint. You will have a classy-looking desk organizer for all of your writing utensils and whatever other smaller items you would like stored before you know it.



11. Seashell Art

Recommended Age: 8+

Needed Craft Supplies: Seashells, crafting glue, white cardstock paper, and a shadow box frame.

About Craft Idea: If you love beachy-themed crafts, this is the craft project for you. It is especially a great crafting idea if you live near the beach or are planning a trip to the beach where you can gather the needed shells for this project.

If you aren’t going to be near a beach anytime soon, though, you can also purchase shells online. Along with shells, you will need a shadow box frame, crafting glue, and white cardstock paper. And, if you are looking for a craft that doesn’t require as much time, this seashell art craft can be completed in under an hour.



12. Rope Crafts

Recommended Age: 15+

Needed Craft Supplies: Rope, glue, and different decorative items.

About Craft Idea: If you are looking for a way to add some more style and unique decorative pieces to your home, these rope crafts are going to be perfect for you. With 15 awesome different rope crafting ideas to choose from, you will be able to find the perfect craft or crafts that speak to you.

With a little bit of rope and some items that you may already have around your house, you will be able to add a unique look and feel to different sections of your home. Whether it is a candle holder, kitchen table placemat, plant hanger, or whatever, you will have plenty of rope crafting ideas to choose from.



13. Paper Hanging Wisteria

Recommended Age: 15+

Needed Craft Supplies: Glue gun, cardstock, Scissors, 22 gauge jewelry wire, and small pearl beads.

About Craft Idea: While it may not be exactly the same as a beautiful garden, these DIY paper flowers can bring that garden-like feel into your home and are also super fun to make! These paper hanging wisterias are also great for different events as well.

They could be used to spruce up your home, but they can also be used as decorative pieces for weddings, parties, special events, and more. This crafting project’s details and colors will be the highlight of any room and will immediately grab people’s attention. If you are looking for a craft that involves real flowers, consider a DIY macrame plant hanger. These two projects will pair seamlessly and provide all the flower decorations your house can handle.



14. Sharpie Tie Dye Shoes

Recommended Age: 5+ (with adult supervision)

Needed Craft Supplies: Sharpie markers, plain white canvas shoes, rubbing alcohol, spray bottle, and masking tape.

About Craft Idea: You may have tie-dyed a shirt or two in the past, but what is even more fun is making a custom pair of tie-dyed shoes to rock. What makes these shoes so great is that they are fun to make, fun to wear, and one-of-a-kind.

You won’t find these shoes on any shoe websites or in stores because you took the time to hand-craft them and make them your own. This also a great craft idea for a group of kids. So whether you have several kids of your own or are looking for kid’s party activities, this craft is easy to set up and is fun to do.



15. Wine Cork Crafts

Recommended Age: 15+

Needed Craft Supplies: Empty can, glue, wine corks.

About Craft Idea: This wine cork craft will be perfect for storing kitchen utensils in a unique and artsy container. This is going to be especially great if you have limited drawer space in your kitchen.

And rather than having to dig around in your drawers trying to find what you need, you will have all of your utensils elegantly displayed right in front of you on the kitchen counter. So start saving those wine corks, and before you know it, you will be able to craft up this awesome kitchen utensil holder (you can also purchase wine corks online as well).



16. Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Recommended Age: 12+

Needed Craft Supplies: A pinecone, wood slice, wooden star, acrylic paint, paintbrush, and a hot glue gun.

About Craft Idea: If you are looking for a fun Christmas-themed craft, look no further! This pine cone Christmas tree is perfect as a decorative piece for your Christmas dinner table or as a stocking stuffer for your family or friends. And as much as it would be a good gift to give out, it will be just as fun to make. So along with baking your favorite cookies for the holidays, add crafting this pine cone Christmas tree to the list of fun Christmas activities.



17. Cottage Flower Pot

Recommended Age: 12+

Needed Craft Supplies: Terra cotta pot, small smooth stones, gorilla glue, decorative moss, fairy door, and whimsical windows.

About Craft Idea: As beautiful as flowers and plants can be, this cottage flower pot is only going to serve to highlight whatever is planted in it. You will be able to provide a whole new dimension to your garden or flower bed with a couple of these custom-made cottage flower pots.

And as intricate as they look, they are not very difficult to assemble. Also, if you have any decorative items that you wish to add to the pot, it is as simple as gluing them on. This will allow you to be able to have full creative control over your decorative pot.



18. Fingerprint Art Glass Magnets

Recommended Age: 5+ (with adult supervision)

Needed Craft Supplies: Printing paper, fine tip permanent black marker, finger ink pads, clear glass gems, clear glass cabochons, scissors, clear drying glue, and 1-inch ceramic magnets.

About Craft Idea: Whereas some of these crafts are designed for adults or older kids, this is one of the best crafts for younger kids. It can also be fun for the adults and older kids involved, but it is simple enough for younger kids to participate.

With just a fingerprint and a few well-placed lines from a sharpie, these clear gems will preserve a number of different artistic creations. And as there is a magnet involved, these creations can be displayed afterward on the fridge for all to see and enjoy.



19. Flower Wall Decor

Recommended Age: 15+

Needed Craft Supplies: Varies on which flower wall decoration you choose.

About Craft Idea: Who says flowers are supposed to be outdoors? These different flower wall decorations will allow you to bring all of the flowers you could ever want indoors with you. And even better, these flowers will stand the test of time and will not wilt after a week or two.

Also, with so many different flower decorations to choose from, you are sure to find several that speak to you. This will allow you to have plenty of fun flower decorations around your house and will also be a lot of fun for you to make.




20. Photo and Memo Board

Recommended Age: 15+

Needed Craft Supplies: MDF or plywood, black paint, trim pieces, twine, staples, and clothespins.

About Craft Idea: Yes, it is easier to look through your phone or computer at digital images, but it doesn’t have quite the same feel as an actual print photo. Also, many times, photos can be forgotten among the thousands that you may have stored.

This photo and memo board will allow you to think back fondly on different memories as you enjoy each photo placed on the board. Along with taking a trip down memory lane, this board will also remind you of important upcoming events, or maybe a quote or saying to help you get through the day.



21. DIY Phone Stand

Recommended Age: 12+ (with adult supervision)

Needed Craft Supplies: Wood board, mini hinged clip, wood glue, wood screws, super glue, and pocket hole screws.

About Craft Idea: This cute little DIY phone stand will be perfect for a home office or a bedroom dresser. The notch on the stand will allow your phone to stand up while charging, which will allow you to see any notifications. Also, with a notepad to the right of the phone stand, you will be able to put a to-do list or any type of encouraging quote or thought. Try pairing this DIY phone stand with the desk organizer above for all of your organizational needs.



22. Hula Hoops Wreath

Recommended Age: 15+

Needed Craft Supplies: Based on the type of wreath you choose to design.

About Craft Idea: While wreaths are typically associated with Christmas time, these DIY hoop wreaths can be used year-round. As you might suspect from the name, you will need a hula hoop to start, but after that, there is a ton of room for creativity and customization. You can add flowers, wording, yarn, and so much more to customize your wreath to how you would like it.



23. Knot Pillow

Recommended Age: 15+

Needed Craft Supplies: Stretchy fabric, ruler, sewing machine, sewing pins, scissors, wrapping paper cardboard tube, and dry polyester fiberfill (stuffing).

About Craft Idea: This crafting idea will provide you with a fun decorative piece for pretty much any living space in your home. It will require a quality sewing machine and some sewing skills, but it is as simple as stuffing and knotting once that is finished. Also, while this know pillow is blue, there is nothing to say that you can pick your favorite color, or maybe even do several different colored knot pillows.



24. Puffy Sidewalk Paint

Recommended Age: 5+ (with adult supervision)

Needed Craft Supplies: Flour, water, shaving cream, food coloring, freezer bags, and plastic squirt bottles.

About Craft Idea: For a fun summer kids activity, or really any time the weather is nice, this puffy sidewalk paint will be perfect. Like regular sidewalk chalk, kids will be able to get creative and draw whatever comes to their imagination.

It will be just that much cooler, though, as the paint rises off of the ground. The puffy paint is a breeze to make as well and won’t ruin clothing or stain skin. All of this comes together to make this one of the best craft ideas for kids.



25. Cactus Jewelry Holder

Recommended Age: 12+ (with adult supervision)

Needed Craft Supplies: Jigsaw, pinewood, screwdriver, screw hooks, acrylic paint, and sandpaper.

About Craft Idea: If you are looking for a fun and creative way to store your jewelry, look no further. This cactus jewelry holder is going to be perfect for your dresser or bathroom vanity. It will provide a little bit of creativity and fun to your decor and will do an excellent job of displaying your jewelry so that you can find the perfect piece for any outfit. This crafting idea will require a jigsaw, so it is a little more intensive, but the finished project is definitely worth it.


Best Craft Ideas Conclusion

One of the best things about doing crafts is, not only is it fun to make, but you also end up with a really cool piece at the end. Whether it is a jewelry holder, Christmas tree decoration, pillow, or whatever, these craft ideas will be fun to make and fun to have afterward.

These are craft ideas that can be used to entertain your kids, but they are also a great way to make new friends. Whether it is a playdate for your kids or a fun crafting day for you and a few of your friends, these craft ideas offer everyone something. It is up to you to take advantage of them, though.

A lot of these craft ideas can be personalized as well. Whether it is placing your initials somewhere, subbing in a theme that you like, you have the ability to get creative. After all, that is what art and crafting are all about.

Some of these crafts would make excellent gifts, as well. So whether you are looking for the perfect gift for a guy or the perfect gift for a girl, you should be able to find something on this list. And the fact that it is handmade will only add to the specialness of the gift.

Do you have a craft idea that you think our readers would enjoy? If so, we would love to hear about it in the comments below.