Best Ways to Save Money: Finding Great Ways to Save Money

Saving money doesn’t have to be complicated –sometimes, just a few changes can make a massive impact on your wallet. And with this list of the best ways to save money, you can make sure that you are capitalizing on as many of these as you can.

In this list of the best ways to save money, we detail 20 things you can do to help save yourself some cold, hard cash. And, whether you do one of the ideas or all of them, you can rest easy knowing that you have saved yourself some money.

Remember, just a few simple changes in your lifestyle can go a long way toward helping you save a significant amount of money! Have your own money-saving tip? Comment below!


Top 20 Ways to Save Money:



1. Save Money by Carpooling

Saving Tips: If it is a longer drive, you could also use this time to be productive as well and get things done on the days that you aren’t the driver.

About: Consistently paying for gas adds up. If you can carpool to work, you can save yourself some serious money by the year’s end. While carpooling may not always be the most convenient option, once you see how much money you can save, you will be glad you did it.

And not only will you save on gas, but if you can rotate cars as well, you will end up putting fewer miles on your vehicle as well.



2. Save Money by Drinking Water

Saving Tips: Find a reusable water bottle that will allow you to keep water handy and prevent you from having to use multiple cups throughout the day. Also, if drinking water is a little too dull for you, try some different flavor mixes. They are relatively inexpensive and will add a little life to your water.

About: Not just good for the waistline, drinking water is also good for the wallet. If you cut out the sodas, juices, and, if possible, a cup of coffee every now and then, you will be putting money back into your pocket. Along with better learning how to manage your money, you may even drop a few pounds in the process!



3. Save Money by Getting Rid of Cable

Saving Tips: If you are worried about getting rid of live sports with your cable, consider YouTube TV or Hulu. Both of these services offer live sports streaming through wifi at a fraction of the cost of most cable bills.

About: With so many inexpensive and free online streaming sites paying for cable can be a waste of money. Get rid of cable and switch to an online service for your TV and movie watching, and you will start to see the dollars add up. Many online sites also offer exclusive content, so saving money will end up giving you access to content you didn’t have before.



4. Save Money by Inviting Friends Over Instead of Going Out

Saving Tips: Try pairing dinner or drinks with a few friendly games to help keep the party going. Also, if you can connect with a quality group of friends, you may be able to get into a rotation of others in the group hosting dinner nights as well.

About: Whether it is just for drinks, dinner, or both, going out regularly can get pricey quickly. So instead of going out this weekend, try having friends over for a drink or dinner. You will be able to have a great time and save money on food, drink, and entertainment.

If you do have a big group over, have everyone bring their favorite dish or favorite beverage to share. Make sure that you visit our best appetizers list and best-mixed drinks list to really get the night going.



5. Save Money by Turning Off Lights

Saving Tips: A great way to make sure that lights are off is with a smart home system. And, while this will cost some money upfront, the long term savings will add up. Also, if you can do a great job of letting light in during the day, you may not even need to have a light on.

About: If you aren’t in the room, there is no need for the lights to be in use. It may seem like minimal savings, but these small savings add up over time. And it is as simple as remembering to hit a switch on the way out of a room. So do your best to make sure that you are turning lights off when you leave a room. Every bit of savings helps.



6. Save Money by Using Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Saving Tips: Along with saving on how much energy they use, they will also help to lower the heat that they put off, which will help with the A/C bill.

About: When you do have the lights on, try using energy-efficient light bulbs. A little bit more expensive to start with when buying the bulb, these energy-saving bulbs could save you, on average, $75 a year. To start, try switching out your most commonly used bulbs and start saving. For the best savings, make sure you purchase light bulbs that have the Energy Star.



7. Save Money With a Programmable Thermostat

Saving Tips: Make sure that you take the time to readjust the settings throughout the year as the seasons change. The better you are able to do this, the bigger your savings will be.

About: If you are like most people, you want to be comfortable in your home, and a bit portion of that comfort is the temperature in the house. Well, what about when you aren’t home? Do you still need that same cool in the summer and heat in the winter?

A programmable thermostat will help you save money by allowing you to turn the temperature up or down throughout the day even when you aren’t there. Your electric and gas bill will thank you big time with this one.



8. Save Money by Packing Your Lunch

Saving Tips: Typically, the bigger the bulk you cook with for meal prepping, the more savings you can take advantage of. For example, buying larger bags of rice, boxes of pasta, lunch meat (when on sale), etc., will all increase the savings.

About: Whether it is meal prep or packing a sandwich, bringing your lunch to work (doesn’t have to be in a brown bag) will save you a lot of money. It will take a little extra work to do this, but this is easily one of the highest potential saving tools on this list. Check out our list of the best lunch ideas for some great lunch options as well.



9. Save Money by Inflating Your Tires

Saving Tips: Make sure that you check the recommended PSI on the side of the tire before inflating.

About: With gas prices sometimes going through the roof, every mile per gallon matters. Inflating your tires to the correct PSI is going to help you with being able to maximize your gas. Most gas stations offer air for your tires at a small cost, and some even provide free air. So make sure that you are regularly inflating your tires to save while you drive.



10. Save Money by Not Speeding

Saving Tips: Make sure you are aware of driving spots where the speed limit drops off; this is a place where police like to wait.

About: We all have those days where we are running late and have somewhere important to be, and we are tempted to speed. Choosing to speed could cost you big, though. It could land you an expensive speeding ticket that you must pay a fine on, and even worse, that ticket could bump up your regular car insurance premiums. Along with not being very safe, speeding could end up hurting your bottom line as well.



11. Save Money by Buying in Bulk

Saving Tips: Don’t use deals to justify buys that you don’t need. Only use this money-saving tip on items that are essential to you and in your budget.

About: If there is a product that you regularly use and won’t spoil, buy it in bulk when there is a deal. Sometimes you can even find deals as good as buy one get one. So if you can buy in bulk different regularly used products, you may want to try this when looking to save money.



12. Save Money With Regular Home and Auto Maintenance

Saving Tips: Do your research on mechanic shops and find one that is a reasonable price, but also trustworthy and fair. Also, some mechanic shops will offer lifelong services for cars at a discounted price. So depending on the deal, this may be something that is worth signing up for.

About: This one sounds like it doesn’t make sense because it is asking you to spend money. I promise you, though, that spending a little money maintaining your home and vehicle will pay off in the long term. Get your oil changed, rotate your tires, replace your air conditioner filters, etc. You will get more out of your vehicle and home, and hopefully, this maintenance will help you avoid any major repairs down the road.



13. Save Money by Cooking With a Crockpot

Saving Tips: Look up different recipes to keep dishes exciting and tasty. Also, a lot of these dishes will reheat well and be just as good the second time around. Lunch for the next day, anyone?

About: If you work all day, one of the last things you want to do is come home and make dinner. This leads to spending money on takeout or eating out. With a crockpot, though, you can throw in a bunch of ingredients in the morning and then come back to it at night, ready to eat. The food tastes great, takes minimal time to prepare, and best of all, saves you money. Check out our list of the best crockpot recipes to find your new favorite recipes.



14. Save Money by Bundling Your Insurance

Saving Tips: Make sure to do your research on not only the savings but also what the coverage entails as well. You want to find a plan that saves you money, but is also going to be there for you if you ever do need to use it.

About: Sometimes, adding an insurance policy can save you money overall. Adding an inexpensive policy like renter’s insurance almost always lowers your existing coverage and is a great way to save a few dollars. Call your insurance company to see what kind of savings they can offer you when you bundle your insurance.



15. Save Money by Utilizing the Library

Saving Tips: Get online before you go and reserve the different items that you want to check out. This will not only reserve your choices, but it will also allow you to get items from various libraries that may not be as close to you.

About: Highly undervalued and underused, your local library has a plethora of free resources. Of course, there are the obvious – books –but libraries also often have free language learning programs, movies, magazines, and newspapers. Before you buy print or media, be sure to check out the library first.



16. Save Money by Shopping After the Season

Saving Tips: Right after the holidays is the perfect time to take advantage of this saving tip. Make sure, though, that you are only buying items that are really needed and not just because they are on sale.

About: Shopping out of season can save you big bucks on clothes and decorations. Instead of waiting to buy something when the season hits, plan ahead and shop discounted out-of-season pieces to jump-start the savings. This idea works exceptionally well when purchasing gifts.



17. Save Money With Credit Card Rewards Programs

Saving Tips: Do your research and find the credit cards that best fit the rewards that you are looking for. Also, opening up a new credit card account could help you with your credit score as well.

About: With everything from free hotel stays to cashback, utilizing your credit card’s rewards program is a great way to save money. So if you have regular expenses each month, pay them with your credit card and start earning these perks. Just be sure to pay off your credit card balance every month!



18. Save Money With Airline Miles

Saving Tips: Airlines from time to time will offer better deals on earning miles. So be on the lookout for opportunities like this, and you will be able to capitalize on the miles that you have earned.

About: If you take the time to create an account with the airlines you fly with and then request your flying miles, you can usually rack up enough miles to fly you somewhere for free. While this is such an easy way to save on future trips, many people neglect to take the time to set up an account – don’t be like them! After all, who doesn’t like free trips? Check out our Best Travel Sites list for more ways to save as well.



19. Save Money by Weatherproofing Your Home

Saving Tips: If you are unsure of how to do this yourself, get on YouTube and watch a tutorial, it will teach you everything that you need to know.

About: Weatherproofing your home can save you big bucks on heating and cooling costs. Consider caulking the drafty areas around your home and using window shades to help regulate the temperature. When you get your utility bills, you will notice a difference and be glad that you took the time to weatherproof your home.



20. Save Money by Giving Homemade Gifts

Saving Tips: If you need gifts for a large number of people, consider buying in bulk and then assembling. This will allow you extra savings and will allow for more substance in each gift.

About: Homemade gifts have come a long way from the knitted sweaters of yesteryear. Giving homemade gifts can not only save you money but homemade gifts also show people how much you care. They are also entertaining to make. So show someone that you care by making a homemade gift with your unique twist on it.


Best Ways to Save Money Conclusion

We figured that you wouldn’t mind keeping as much money in your pockets as you could, so we decided to figure out some great ways that will help you save. As the saying goes, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

And the great thing about these saving tips is that most of them aren’t difficult to do. It merely takes a little bit of thought, and you will be steadily racking in the savings every month.

If you have a family, especially of younger kids, you are going to need to make sure to educate them on these different money-saving habits. So maybe make a game out of it or leave notes as reminders for the first while. The more people that are helping with savings, the more you are going to be able to take advantage.

Have you tried any of these ways to save money? We would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.