About Us

About Us: ListsForAll.com

With so many different resources on the internet, it can be hard sometimes to find what you are looking for without spending hours and hours searching. This is where Lists For All comes in. We exist to help simplify your search process and to help you find quality resources in a fraction of the time. Whether it is finding the best fitness sitescake recipes, or anything in between, our lists are objective and aim only to provide the best resources for our readers.

We have a large variety of different types of lists as well, so there is a good chance that you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for on a number of different topics as well. And, if the topic you are looking for isn’t already on ListsForAll.com, please feel free to contact us, and our team of expert list curators will look into the topic and do our best to create one.



The first step in our list-making process is to find a topic that is going to benefit as many people as possible. We look for highly-searched topics to research and provide lists for. We want to be able to benefit as many people as possible.

Step two is where all of the research and information gathering comes into play. We do not get paid by any company or product for list placement: we simply research, research, research, and find the best resources for each list. With so many great companies and products out there, it is sometimes hard to determine what products or companies should make a list. So while we do our absolute best to provide 15-25 excellent resources for each list, just because someone is not on one of our lists, doesn’t mean that they don’t offer an excellent product or resource. However, we do believe that our lists are all filled with excellent, top-notch resources for our readers.

The third and final step of our list building process is expert content writing. Our authors sit down and provide a detailed description of each resource, and also a link to discover even more about each item on the list. We know that some readers prefer a summary version of a product, company, or resource, and some want an in-depth analysis. So while we provide a brief but detailed description, we also provide a link to a more in-depth description as well for those wanting further information.



Typically when you see a list of something, it is listed in a ranking order where #1 on the list is better than #10 on the list. When it comes to making our lists though, we do not place them in ranking order from best to worst. Any company or product that makes one of our lists is well-deserving of being on that list and is equal to the other resources on that list.

The other reason why we don’t rank in a specific order is because as a reader, you may have different priorities when it comes to what you are specifically looking for. Reader A may be looking for something different than reader B, so it doesn’t make sense to try and rank 1-25 on our lists. Each list is going to offer excellent resources and a range of resources; from here, it is up to the reader to determine what is going to fit their needs best.



Our biggest goal is simple; we want to help people better navigate the internet. We want to provide quality lists for all, and to help make your life easier when it comes to finding high-quality products, companies, and resources. So please feel free to use our site as much as possible, and don’t hesitate to share it with someone else that would be able to benefit from it as well.