Best Weighted Blankets for Hot Sleepers: Finding the Perfect Weighted Blanket for You

Are you a hot sleeper who needs the extra comfort of a weighted blanket but don’t want to deal with the associated heat? Don’t worry, there are weighted blankets designed specifically for those who struggle with being too warm during the night. Here, we’ll review some of the best weighted blankets for hot sleepers so you can get a good night’s rest without worrying about waking up in a sweat.

This list of the best weighted blankets for hot sleepers will highlight the top options and will help you find the perfect weighted blanket for you. With this list, you can find the best weighted blankets for hot sleepers in terms of cooling, breathability, and comfort.  

Enjoy this list of the best weighted blankets for hot sleepers!


Top 12 Weighted Blankets for Hot Sleepers:



1. LUXOME Weighted Blanket

Price: $130.00

Highlights: A 400-thread count fabric, a blend of Lyocell bamboo and cozy percale cotton, and choose between a cooling and moisture-wicking fabric on one side or a plush mink feel on the other.

About Weighted Blanket: The LUXOME Weighted Blanket is not only soft but engineered to be “bunch-free,” so no matter how much you toss and turn while sleeping, it won’t bunch up like some other weighted blankets. Plus, you can get your blanket in sizes up to 100 by 85 inches, making sure it fits the whole family.

When it gets dirty, just toss it in your washing machine for easy cleanup. And if you don’t think this blanket will suit your needs? No problem. They offer a 30-day return policy so you can try out this perfect hot sleeper’s solution with confidence.



2. Yaasa Weighted Blanket

Price: $199.00

Highlights: Breathable, handknitted fabric, four stunning colors and two weights available, and evenly distributed weight.

About Weighted Blanket: The Yaasa Weighted Blanket is specifically designed with breathable handknitted fabric to ensure a comfortable night’s rest. With four stunning colors and two amazing weights available, there is something for everyone. No more compromising on warmth and coziness – now you can have both in one cozy blanket.

For multiple health benefits, try sleeping under an evenly distributed weight that soothes anxiety and stress with the calming effect of being hugged. With this lovely weighted blanket, not only will your body receive the support it needs for a dreamy good night’s sleep, but you will also be increasing serotonin, which makes you feel positively happy with its natural sleep cycle-inducing effects.



3. Saatva Weighted Blanket

Price: $345.00

Highlights: A luxurious diamond quilted cotton velvet, all-natural glass beads, and cotton that is ethically sourced from India.

About Weighted Blanket: Crafted with luxurious diamond quilted cotton velvet, this exceptional weighted blanket keeps you cozy, breathable, and relieved of stress all night through. The weight-distributed, all-natural glass beads ensure that you feel comfortable and secure and enjoy the sensation of having someone give you a gentle hug – also known as “deep pressure stimulation.”

And because they ethically source their cotton in India and craft their products to the highest standards, you can rest assured that your quality Saatva Weighted Blanket will provide both comfort and value. Enjoy gradual, consistent pressure from your blanket to sleep better than ever before.



4. Gravity Weighted Blanket

Price: $249.00

Highlights: A uniquely breathable cover, an inner blanket with glass microbeads, and designed to wick away moisture to keep you cool.

About Weighted Blanket: Sleep soundly, year-round, with the Gravity Cooling Weighted Blanket. Composed of a uniquely breathable cover and an inner blanket with glass microbeads, your sleep will be peaceful and comfortable with an excellent amount of weight.

Don’t worry about excessive heat or uncomfortable shifting – this premium quality weighted blanket is designed to wick away moisture to keep you cool and prevent the fill from lumping together. With three weight options available, you can rest assured that you’ll find one that works for you.



5. Sleepgram Weighted Blanket

Price: $200.00

Highlights: A revolutionary 7-layer construction with an anti-sweat 100% bamboo side, high-density glass nano beads, and anti-anxiety pressure dots.

About Weighted Blanket: This revolutionary 7-layer construction features high-density glass nano beads, anti-anxiety pressure dots, and an anti-sweat 100% bamboo side that stays 8 degrees cooler than cotton – perfect for hot sleepers. Plus, you can choose between 15 lb. and 20 lb. options in order to find your ideal level of comfort.

The best part is that the outer cover is machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about lengthy cleaning processes every time you need to freshen up the blanket. Try out Sleepgram’s Weighted Blanket for yourself and feel the difference – goodbye sleeplessness and hello sweet, sweet dreams.



6. Chilisleep Weighted Blanket

Price: $230.00

Highlights: 15 pounds of calming weight, hydro-powered temperature regulation, and a customizable sleeping experience.

About Weighted Blanket: An innovative combination of science and quality materials, this weighted blanket offers soothing relief designed especially for hot sleepers. The 15 lbs of calming weight provides profound relaxation while the hydro-powered temperature regulation takes away the heat your body could be wasting on sweat during the night.

Its thermal range operates between 55-115°F / 13-46°C, so you can customize your sleeping experience to match exactly what your body needs. Comfortably settle into deep sleep, knowing that it won’t trap your body heat like many other regular blankets do.

And, if paired with an OOLER or Cube control unit, chill out and enjoy a night of comfort surrounded by an excellent temperature and calming pressure that relieves stress and anxiety.



7. Nuzzie Weighted Blanket

Price: $169.00

Highlights: A breathable woven design, no fillers or beads, and 100% brushed jersey-knit polyester outer fabric that withstands fading.

About Weighted Blanket: The breathable woven design will ensure you stay cool and comfortable all night long. No fillers or beads, just premium fabric filling creates an even weight distribution across all sizes for an ultra-tactile feel. It’s all wrapped up in a 100% brushed jersey-knit polyester outer fabric that’s softer than your favorite T-shirt and withstands fading with each wash.

When you purchase a Nuzzie Weighted Blanket, not only are you getting superior comfort and convenience, but you’re also helping to reduce plastic waste. Each blanket is sustainably created from 500+ recycled plastic bottles.

With unparalleled craftsmanship and incredible green benefits at an unbeatable value, it’s no wonder why Nuzzie has quickly become the go-to choice in weighted blankets for hot sleepers everywhere.



8. Hush Weighted Blanket

Price: $229.00

Highlights: A lightweight construction, temperature-regulating fabric, and a bamboo viscose cooling layer on one side with a plush microfiber inner layer on the other side.

About Weighted Blanket: Whether you struggle with hot flashes or just want a bit of extra weight and comfort, this blanket has you covered – literally. With its lightweight construction and temperature-regulating fabric, it offers an unparalleled level of comfort that will keep even the hottest sleeper happy all night long.

This advanced blanket is crafted with two distinct layers – a bamboo viscose cooling cover on one side and a plush microfiber inner layer filled with glass beads that add just the right amount of heft for tranquil relief.

The soft bamboo material is cool to the touch and helps prevent overheating during warmer months or in hotter climates, keeping you cool and comfortable hour after hour. Available in four sizes and weight options for different bodies and ages, your search for a restful night’s sleep ends here.



9. Nectar Weighted Blanket

Price: $64.00

Highlights: A dual-temperature blanket, a cooling upper fabric, and special internal compartments filled with nontoxic microglass beads.

About Weighted Blanket: This dual-temperature blanket has been designed with your comfort in mind, utilizing a cooling upper fabric as well as a cozy lower fabric to help keep your body temperature regulated. It features special internal compartments filled with nontoxic microglass beads that are evenly distributed for even weight distribution across the blanket.

The Serenity Weighted Blanket provides an amazing 8-15% of your body weight’s worth of relaxation, making it one of the best weighted blankets available. Take advantage of its unique design to ease tension and enjoy unrestricted comfort while sleeping or simply lounging around at home.



10. Syrinx Cooling Weighted Blanket

Price: $59.98

Highlights: Advanced cooling technology that keeps you up to 6°F cooler than regular blankets, designed with 15-20% of your bodyweight, and multiple sizes available.

About Weighted Blanket: With its advanced cooling technology, it can keep you up to 6°F cooler than regular blankets without sacrificing any weight. This blanket is designed with 15-20% of your body weight, so you’ll never struggle to find a comfortable fit. And with multiple sizes available, there’s something for everyone.

With its luxuriously soft fabric, this blanket will also envelop you in warmth as well as comfort while helping you sleep all night long. And because this blanket is spot or dry clean only and air drying is recommended, the fabric stays fresh longer – ideal for those warm nights. To further protect your investment, they suggest pairing it with a duvet cover so that you can machine wash it instead.

The Syrinx Cooling Weighted Blanket is perfect to keep hot sleepers cool during the summer months but is equally as effective at keeping them warm in chillier weather. It has been designed with both luxury and practicality in mind, and they know it’ll be just what you need for those cozy nights in bed.



11. Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket

Price: $65.49

Highlights: A plush cover for cold months, a cooling cover for warmer weather, and ceramic beads designed to evenly distribute weight over your entire body.

About Weighted Blanket: This high-quality blanket comes with two distinct covers – one plush to keep you cozy during cold months and a cooling cover to help you stay cool in warmer weather. Plus, ceramic beads are designed to evenly distribute weight over your entire body, promoting better sleep quality and comfort.

Thousands of satisfied shoppers swear by this product, raving about its superior comfort. One happy customer even said it improved their sleep significantly.



12. CuteKing Weighted Blanket

Price: $37.99

Highlights: 100 percent high-density cotton, superior breathability, and an even spread of glass beads that prevent added discomfort.

About Weighted Blanket: Suffer no more from tossing and turning, or sweaty nights. The CuteKing Weighted Blanket is perfect for those who want the ultimate sleep experience—cooler temperatures and even weight distribution to keep you comfy all through the night.

Made with 100 percent high-density cotton, this blanket gives you superior breathability while delivering an even spread of glass beads to make sure your body feels cozy weighed down without any added discomfort.


Best Weighted Blankets for Hot Sleepers Conclusion

In conclusion, the right weighted-blanket can give you a good night’s sleep without feeling overheated. Finding the best one for hot sleepers requires you to consider factors such as cooling, breathability, and comfort. We’ve compiled a list of the top weighted blankets specifically designed for hot sleepers so that you can find the perfect one for you. With the right weighted-blanket, you can have a cool, comfortable sleep without any of the usual night-time sweat and heat. So take your time to research these blankets and make sure you find the one that suits your needs best!

Have you used any of these weighted-blankets? If so, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.