Best Wedding Planning Books: Finding the Perfect Wedding Planning Books for You

Are you planning a wedding and looking for the best way to organize everything? There are a lot of great wedding planning books out there that can help make your big day perfect. From books with checklists and timelines to ones with advice from top wedding planners, this list of the best wedding planning books has it all.

This list of the best wedding planning books will feature the top options and will help you find the perfect wedding planning books for your big day. With this list, you will be able to gain the knowledge and insight you need to plan your big day.  

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Top 20 Wedding Planning Books:



1. An Expert’s Guide to Planning Your Perfect Day Your Way

Price: $59.11

Highlights: An array of budgeting tools, includes fashion rundowns, and comes in 3 different formats: hardcover, paperback, and e-book.

About Wedding Planning Book: Finding the perfect plan for your big day can be a daunting task – if you don’t have the right resources. Among the best wedding planning books available is An Expert’s Guide to Planning Your Perfect Day Your Way from wedding planner extraordinaire Mindy Weiss.

This one-stop book has got it all; from an array of budgeting tools to timelines, fashion rundowns, and more, this book is a must-have for all those that are feel overwhelmed when it comes to making decisions about their big day. With its straightforward checklists and personalized planners, you’ll get the advice and guidance you need without fail every time.

Plus, this book comes in 3 different formats: hardcover, paperback, and e-book – so no matter what format fits your fancy – there’s something that works with everyone.



2. The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer

Price: $20.20

Highlights: Details when selecting vendors and signing contracts, includes detailed timetables, and digital tools like gift registries.

About Wedding Planning Book: Tie the knot with The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer is the perfect accompaniment for any soon-to-be bride or groom. With over 25 years of wedding expertise, this stylish binder is here to make sure you receive all the help you need in planning your dream wedding.

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer has absolutely everything you need to know when planning your big day. From where to start planning and how much to budget right through to selecting vendors and signing contracts, it has it all. And they don’t just stop at the basics – they will show you simple ways to add personal touches throughout your special occasion.

Plus, this book has detailed timetables and worksheets that help take the guesswork out of organizing your celebration—not to mention our digital tools like helpful wedding websites and gift registries on The Knot exclusively for couples.



3. Storied Weddings

Price: $27.59

Highlights: Created by seasoned industry professionals, includes pictures from real weddings, and helpful Q&As.

About Wedding Planning Book: You may have already fallen in love with your future spouse, but have you found the wedding of your dreams? With Storied Weddings, the answer is a resounding yes. This innovative wedding planner book guides couples through the entire process of planning their day, transforming it into an experience they’ll never forget.

Created by seasoned industry professionals Nick and Aleah Valley, this planner not only provides you with helpful guidance and logistical checklists but also gifts you with delightful inspiration to make your wedding wholly unique. With Storied Weddings, flip through pictures from real weddings to inform your own style decisions—so that no detail goes undreamt-of.

From cocktail recipes to invitation ideas and more, let this book help you solidify every aspect of your special day. And don’t worry if questions come up along the way; this comprehensive resource has thorough descriptions, helpful Q&As, and beautiful inspiration to make sure every element of your nuptials tells a story all its own.



4. Maid of Honor

Price: $12.00

Highlights: Includes 32 pages, easy to carry in a purse at only 5 by 8 inches, and a beautiful soft marble cover design.

About Wedding Planning Book: Be the bridechilla of your squad and give your Maid-of-Honor the perfect tool to stay organized and make your special day as smooth sailing as possible. With the Maid of Honor wedding planning book, you’ll be giving them 32 pages of checklists, ideas, and practical tasks spread out across 5 by 8 inches that can fit into any bag or purse.



5. Flower Color Guide

Price: $17.99

Highlights: Elegant rose gold border, color-coded flower information for each season, and helpful tips to make your flowers stay vibrant even after the wedding.

About Wedding Planning Book: Make your wedding plans come alive with the Flower Color Guide. At first glance, you’ll be struck by this book’s playful and sleek design – it’s bottomless powder pink shades and elegant rose gold border perfectly reflect how dreamy weddings can be.

But don’t let its lavish cover fool you because under the surface lies a powerful planning tool that every bride needs. Written by Darroch and Michael Putnam, this comprehensive guide will help you plan the perfect botanic details for your wedding day.

With color-coded flower information for each season at your fingertips, bringing together those intricate details for bouquets and arrangements will no longer feel like a daunting task. Additionally, the Flower Color Guide offers helpful tips to make sure your blooms remain vibrant even after the “I do’s” have been said.



6. Stone Fox Bride

Price: $15.59

Highlights: Includes advice for married life, helpful for any member of the wedding party, and perfect for hippie chic or alternative-themed weddings.

About Wedding Planning Book: This one-of-a-kind wedding planner mixes raw storytelling with advice and stylish visuals to craft an entirely new vision of what a modern dream wedding should look like. Created by Molly Rosen Guy, who struggled to find wedding resources that matched her style, this cool girl guru will provide you with an authentic and modern look into what marriage and weddings truly mean.

From taking textured inspiration from Bianca Jagger on your special day to understanding how married life works, this book will make it easier for you to plan the perfect hippie chic or alternative-themed event. Stone Fox Bride provides refreshingly candid advice in an inspirational way, so aspiring brides can easily make their dream day a reality without having to subscribe to cookie-cutter traditions.




7. The Way We Wed

Price: $19.00

Highlights: Vintage gowns and Hollywood glamour, inspiration from icons like Princess Diana, and real-life dressing stories.

About Wedding Planning Book: This incredible wedding planning book features stunning styles and stories from the Renaissance to the present day, featuring vintage gowns, Hollywood glamour, groom inspiration, and modern outfits.

Get bridal inspiration from timeless icons like Princess Diana, Frida Kahlo, Elizabeth Taylor, and more – you’ll soon be joining them on this list when choosing your own wedding dress. If you’re drawn to fashion that matches your energy, then The Way We Wed is a must-have for your wedding planning. Each gown has a story to tell – so let this book help you write yours.

With breathtaking detail and real-life dressing stories, get ready to take your breath away with an amazing array of wedding looks.



8. The Knot Yours Truly

Price: $18.60

Highlights: Real pictures from recent weddings, detailed advice for a range of themes and styles, and craft projects to personalize your special day.

About Wedding Planning Book: Planning your wedding day should be as stress-free and enjoyable as your magical event. And with The Knot Yours Truly, you can have all the inspiration, creativity, and help you need right at your fingertips. This comprehensive wedding planning book has everything the happy couple needs to create a really unique big day.

It’s filled with real pictures from recent weddings for tons of inspiration, detailed advice for an amazing range of themes and styles, plus loads of craft projects to personalize every part of your special day – including leashes for any furry members of the bridal party.

The Knot Yours Truly is your ultimate guide to making sure that your wedding follows all your dreams. With this fantastic planner book, planning will become an exciting adventure – full of possibility and tailored just for you. Fill it with wonderful ideas, then use it on the day itself as a reminder to enjoy every moment.



9. Destination Wedding Planner

Price: $8.99

Highlights: How to find resorts within your budget, tips on completing legal paperwork abroad, and will help find unique features.

About Wedding Planning Book: With Destination Wedding Planner, you can plan your dream destination wedding without all the hassle. Featuring the best advice on how to plan the perfect destination celebration, this planner includes everything from finding the best resort within your budget to traveling with your dress and completing any legal paperwork abroad.

Whether you’re planning a no-frills ceremony or an extravagant affair, Destination Wedding Planner will ensure you cover all your bases. Step-by-step guides make it easy to select packages, manage your budget and find unique features—organizing them in a way that won’t be overwhelming or stressful either.



10. The Essential Wedding Planner

Price: $9.99

Highlights: Checklists and worksheets, guides on selecting a venue, and how to create shot lists for your photographer.

About Wedding Planning Book: Planning the biggest day of your life should be seamless — and it can be with The Essential Wedding Planner by your side. This affordable yet essential guide is filled with checklists, timelines, and worksheets to simplify every step of the planning process. Now you won’t have to worry about forgetting a single detail ever again.

Plus, you and your fiancé can fill out these worksheets together — making the whole experience enjoyable and stress-free. In addition to guides on selecting a venue and creating shot lists for your photographer, you’ll also find all the other areas that often get overlooked, such as renting equipment and setting aside a budget for each event within your wedding weekend.


11. The Knot Honeymoon Journal

Price: $18.99

Highlights: Compact journal, prompts, tips, and checklists, and a memory keepsake after the honeymoon.

About Wedding Planning Book: When you get ready for one of the biggest and most important days of your life, it’s easy to overlook the post-wedding bliss – the honeymoon. The Knot Honeymoon Journal helps make sure that doesn’t happen.

This luxe traveling organizer is a must-have for all engaged couples. While planning the wedding day itself can be a stress, the Honeymoon Journal will take some of that away by helping plan – and later remember – beautiful memories that last a lifetime together.

It’s more than just a journal; it is equipped with prompts, tips, and checklists to help you along the way. Create something powerful together – all it takes is this compact journal, perfect for taking on any adventure. This would also make an excellent gift when it comes to gifts for bride from groom and finding the right gift for your future wife.



12. The Everything Guide to Micro Weddings

Price: $13.69

Highlights: Clever decor hacks, tips for styling a 50-person or less guest list, and advice on how to choose who to invite.

About Wedding Planning Book: Written by the talented wedding planner Katie Martin, this one-of-a-kind book takes you on a journey into creating an intimate celebration that is meaningful and special—and doesn’t have to break the bank.

Featuring clever décor hacks, tips and tricks for styling a 50-person or less guest list, and advice on how to delicately handle those tricky issues of who to invite (or not), Katie offers some incredible insight into finding the perfect balance between budgeting and romance.



13. All the Essentials Wedding Planner

Price: $31.49

Highlights: 176-page guide, color-tabbed charts and timelines, and a gorgeous three-ring binder for easy access.

About Wedding Planning Book: This amazing 176-page guide contains everything you need to stay organized, including color-tabbed charts, timelines, templates, and more. All of this comes in a gorgeous three-ring binder so that everything you jot down stays easily accessible. You won’t feel reluctant to lug around a large planner either; its cute design is always a plus.



14. Lucky in Love

Price: $16.99

Highlights: Helps work within your culture guidelines, features rituals and resources from around the world, and centuries of folklore and culture.

About Wedding Planning Book: You no longer have to feel lost in a sea of wedding-planning conundrums because Eleni N. Gage has created Lucky in Love — one of the best wedding planner books that helps you celebrate your unique backgrounds, work within your culture guidelines, and make your special day memorable.

Featuring rituals and resources from all around the world passed down through generations. This book provides couples with the wisdom collected from centuries of folklore and culture. Be lovingly guided through every step: pre-marital customs, ceremony ideas, vows, and readings; reception rituals; honeymoon suggestions; anniversary celebrations; and more.

Whether you’re blending two cultures together for a modern ceremony or exchanging vows in a traditional setting, this book is designed to help ensure a lifetime of luck, love, and happiness for years to come.



15. The Little Book of Wedding Planner Checklists

Price: $7.65

Highlights: Comparison charts and photos, includes budget planning, and a convenient size that makes it easy to carry with you.

About Wedding Planning Book: This best-selling guide is specifically designed to help you stay organized and on track as you plan your perfect day. This little book packs a powerful punch with checklists, advice, comparison charts, and photos for every detail of your wedding day, including budget planning, ceremony prep, invitation coordination, and more.

It’s easy to navigate and comes in a convenient size, making it available when you need it most – kick off those plans while shopping around for your dress or invite suppliers to your appointments.

Take some of the stress out of wedding planning by having this book by your side. The Little Book of Wedding Planner Checklists will make sure no detail is too small for you to consider – giving you complete control over all aspects of one of the most important days in your life.



16. A Great Party

Price: $47.99

Highlights: Explains seven crucial principles, helps understand surfaces in the room you are hosting in, and takes inspiration from some of his most cherished memories.

About Wedding Planning Book: Organizing the perfect event can be daunting and overwhelming, but with Bryan Rafanelli’s expert wedding planner book, A Great Party, creating a magical, unforgettable experience is a breeze. From Chelsea Clinton’s wedding to events for President Obama, Rafanelli has perfected the formula for planning and hosting a great party.

He explains seven crucial principles that will maximize the beauty and wow factor of your celebration. These include understanding surfaces in the room you are hosting in, creating stories around the space or concept, and taking inspiration from some of his most cherished memories that he’s shared with Vogue magazine. If it’s good enough for POTUS, then it’s definitely good enough for us.



17. The Backyard Wedding Planner

Price: $8.99

Highlights: A property walkthrough worksheet, checklists to plan for inclement weather, and serves as a charming keepsake after the special day.

About Wedding Planning Book: This exquisite paperback book offers a property walkthrough worksheet, checklists for weather planning, and plenty of tips for renting equipment like chairs and dishes. With this planner, nothing can stand between you and giving yourself the beautiful backyard wedding you’ve always wanted.

This one-of-a-kind planner will not only make it easy to plan your backyard wedding with style and ease – it’ll also serve as a charming keepsake to remind you of such a special day. Featuring an adorable illustrated cover, The Backyard Wedding Planner is an excellent tool for anyone looking to plan their big day with organization and grace.



18. An Entertaining Story

Price: $28.99

Highlights: Written by the goddaughter of Prince Charles, learn about homemade flower arrangements, and guides couples through their dream day from cocktail hour to breakfast.

About Wedding Planning Book: It’s your special day, and you want it to be perfect. An Entertaining Story has all the tips, ideas, and inspiration you need to host an unforgettable wedding. Written by India Hicks — the goddaughter of Prince Charles — this best-selling book guides couples through hosting their dream day, starting at cocktail hour and ending with breakfast.

Gone are the days of spending thousands on a wedding; An Entertaining Story teaches couples how to plan their own wedding using items that are already available. Hosts will love reading about India’s homemade flower arrangements and unique table designs for any occasion — plus find creative recipes from the pages of this stylish book.



19. The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer

Price: $9.69

Highlights: Insider tips and tricks, covers cost breakdowns, and worksheets to DIY guidance and style alternatives.

About Wedding Planning Book: With The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer, your dream wedding doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Jessica Bishop, the founder of The Budget Savvy Bride, knows all the insider tips and tricks for creating the perfect special day – without breaking your budget.

This paperback has every answer for planning an affordable yet stunning wedding. It covers everything from cost breakdowns and helpful worksheets to DIY guidance and style alternatives. Whatever you envision your wedding to be, this planner will help you get there in a cost-effective way that won’t overburden your wallet.



20. The Art of Gathering

Price: $9.19

Highlights: Focuses on the human element behind gatherings, creative ideas, and ranges from classic affairs to destination weddings.

About Wedding Planning Book: Written by Priya Parker, host of the New York Times podcast Together Apart, this wedding planner book argues that events don’t have to be lackluster; in fact, with a little thought and attention, they can become unforgettable moments full of joy.

By focusing on the human element behind gatherings, Parker shows us how to use creative ideas in order to invigorate our weddings beyond our wildest dreams. Whether you’re going for a classic affair or something more unique such as a destination wedding, The Art of Gathering will provide all of the necessary knowledge so that you don’t get caught up in all of life’s minutia and distractions.


Best Wedding Planning Books Conclusion

With the above wedding planning books, you will be a wedding expert before you know it. These books will also provide a ton of inspiration and new ideas for what you might want on your big day.

This will allow you to build out your original wedding plans or maybe even come up with some new ideas. Either way, these top wedding planning books are a must for anyone that is looking to plan their dream wedding.

Please make sure to comment below if you have feedback on any of these wedding planning books. We know that all of our readers would appreciate your comments.