Best Tool Boxes: Finding the Perfect Tool Box for You

Tool boxes come in all shapes and sizes, so it can be hard to figure out what the best one is for you. But with this list of the best tool boxes, you can look at a narrowed-down list and should be able to find a tool box that will fit your needs.

This list of the best tool boxes will highlight the top options and will help you find exactly what you are looking for. Whether you’re a professional contractor or just someone who likes to do DIY projects around the house, having a quality tool box is essential.

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Top 15 Tool Boxes:



1. DeWalt TSTAK Tool Box

Price: $38.92

Highlights: Rust-resistant, comes with heavy-duty latches, and extra organization from compartments inside the lid and an easily accessible tray.

About Tool Box: This robust plastic box is small and light in weight, making it ideal for carrying with ease. It’s also rust-resistant and comes complete with heavy-duty latches to keep your goodies safe.

But they haven’t even gotten to the best part yet; this tool box packs a lot organization-wise. From compartments inside the lid to an easily accessible tray, there’s ample room for all of your tools and accessories, giving you that neat and tidy storage goal you’ve always wanted. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a deep well below that can store even more of your items securely.



2. Akro-Mils ProBox Tool Box

Price: $19.90

Highlights: A metal lock-tight latch that doesn’t pop open, a comfortable handle, and great for first aid kits or classroom school supplies.

About Tool Box: This amazing tool box is perfect for anyone who needs to be able to take their supplies with them on the go. Its metal lock-tight latch won’t pop open no matter how much it’s jostled around, making it great for traveling. Plus, its comfortable handle makes it easy to transport wherever you need to go.

But that’s not all – the Akro-Mils ProBox Tool Box is ideal for a variety of projects and storage needs. Use the box to create a manicure supplies organizer box, organize toys, supplies, or snacks while you’re in the car, or even make it into a Grab-and-Go-Box with emergency essentials such as first aid kits.



3. Plano Grab-N-Go Tool Box

Price: $12.29

Highlights: Impact-resistant plastic, a lift-out tray, and a 12-compartment clear plastic organizer, and 7.5 inches high, 9.5 inches deep, and 16 inches long.

About Tool Box: Constructed from impact-resistant plastic, this box will endure regular use without cracking or denting. It boasts an efficient design with a lift-out tray and a 12-compartment clear plastic organizer. For easy access and transportation, it also features a sturdy handle, hinges, and latches.

Best of all, its generous 7.5-inch high, 9.5-inch deep, and 16-inch long dimensions provide plenty of space so you can store tools, tackle, and more. Whether you need to organize craft supplies or keep an emergency kit in your car, this tool box has you covered.



4. DEWALT One Touch Tool Box

Price: $26.97

Highlights: Rugged plastic construction, and ergonomic one-handed grip, and an integrated seal to keep out dirt and water.

About Tool Box: For all your tool storage needs, look no further than the DEWALT One Touch Tool Box. You’ll immediately appreciate the rugged plastic construction and ergonomic one-handed grip, which makes using it a breeze.

What’s more, the latching lid features an integrated seal to keep dirt and water away from your tools. Plus, the top has an integrated V-groove for those moments when you need to hold pipes or lumber while measuring or cutting. With a total size of 11.3″ x 23.8″ x 11.3″, this box won’t take up too much space in your toolkit either.



5. Craftsman 3-Drawer Tool Box

Price: $87.50

Highlights: A comfortable top handle, an interior layout with organized storage, and an automatic drawer lock when the lid closes.

About Tool Box: This tool box is heavy-duty storage all rolled into one; everything you need in an easy-to-carry design. The extra comfortable top handle adds convenience and comfort when lugging it from job to job, and the interior layout has been carefully crafted to provide an organized storage solution.

With full-extension compound-action drawer slides, this tool box opens and closes easily under heavy loads, and every feature enables a task to be carried out quickly and efficiently. Added to this, safety is paramount as Drawers lock automatically when the lid is closed, providing excellent security with a Hasp and Staple for padlocks included as well.



6. Gearwrench 3 Drawer Tool Box

Price: $72.56

Highlights: 20-inch steel, three drawers with ball-bearing slides, and a complete lock system to protect your equipment.

About Tool Box: This 20-inch steel tool box is not only sleek and modern-looking but also extremely functional. This box features three drawers with ball-bearing slides for an effortless open/close experience, plus a top compartment with enough room to store even more tools. Plus, this reliable storage solution comes complete with a lock system to protect your valuable equipment.

This amazing tool box is an excellent way to organize and store your gear, ensuring easy access whenever needed. It’s perfect for cars, workshops, garages, job sites, and more. And thanks to its top handle, you can take this convenient storage solution anywhere you need it – no heavy lift required. Get the security of knowing your precious tools are safe from theft or damage, and make sure everything is neatly organized wherever you go – all in one compact package.



7. Kennedy K20B Tool Box

Price: $222.95

Highlights: Heavy-duty latches and hardware, a stunning relatively wrinkle finish, and a solid 20-guage steel body construction.

About Tool Box: This incredibly robust and stylish tool box is guaranteed to make organization a breeze with its heavy-duty latches and hardware that give you easy access to your tools regardless of the situation.

Not only does this tool box have a stunning, relatively wrinkle finish, but you can be sure your expensive tools are safe and secure within the solid 20-gauge steel body construction. Made in the USA, you know you’re getting quality craftsmanship that’s built to last—and customers agree.



8. Stalwart Tool Box

Price: $47.93

Highlights: Unique cantilevered trays and a clear top lid, 15 removable and three permanent divided parts compartments, and a sturdy stainless steel handle.

About Tool Box: This heavy-duty box gives you great flexibility to store and organize all of your tools, small parts, and more. Thanks to the unique cantilevered trays and clear top lid, you get easy access and visibility that other boxes just can’t match.

The top tier features 15 removable and three permanent divided parts compartments, so you know where everything is located. And the sturdy stainless steel handle makes transporting this tool box a breeze.



9. Milwaukee Rolling Tool Box

Price: $139.00

Highlights: 22.1 inches wide by 18.6 inches deep by 25.6 inches high, heavy-duty red impact-resistant plastic, and metal-reinforced corners.

About Tool Box: Thanks to its immense size – measuring an impressive 22.1 inches wide by 18.6 inches deep by 25.6 inches high – and hefty weight capacity of 250 lbs, rest assured that this rolling behemoth of a box won’t let you down.

This top tool box is made with heavy-duty red impact-resistant plastic, featuring metal-reinforced corners for extra support and a weather seal ensuring that all your tools stay safe even in the elements. To make transportation even easier, two 9-inch all-terrain wheels and an industrial-strength extension handle are included so you can wheel your box wherever you need it.



10. Homak Industrial Tool Box

Price: $186.82

Highlights: An industrial-grade construction, a triple-clasp lid with padlock capabilities, and integrated shelves inside.

About Tool Box: The Homak Industrial Tool Box is a powerful piece of engineering, blending old-school looks with plenty of modern usability. Get reliable organization and secure storage in one box that’s ready to tackle any project. Built tough, it features industrial-grade construction, so it will last for generations to come.

A triple-clasp lid along with padlock capabilities add extra security. Enjoy the convenience of integrated shelves inside with plenty of room for your small items, plus enough space to store larger tools like hammers or even hammer drills in the main compartment.



11. Anyyion Tool Box

Price: $28.99

Highlights: High-quality PP plastic, protects tools in as low as -22°F temperatures, and steel latches that come with padlock eyes.

About Tool Box: Meet the Anyyion Tool Box, your ultimate companion for all DIY or pro-level projects. This reliable and strong box is made of high-quality PP plastic and has passed extreme freezing tests at temperatures of -22°F, making it the ultimate in protection for your tools. No more worrying about cracked lids or snapped boxes due to falls or extreme weather. Just grab this tough tool box and get to work.

On top of a sturdy construction, the Anyyion Tool Box also offers plenty of storage options. An interior organizer tray allows you to store various sizes of items in a fashion that keeps them safe and organized.

A storage box on top makes a perfect storage spot for items like small screws while the bottom compartment is wide enough to accommodate larger heavy items – no need to worry about where to store those bulky power tools anymore. And if you’re still worried about security – no problem. The steel latches come with a padlock eye, so you can rest easy knowing that your equipment is perfectly safe.



12. Trusco Tool Box

Price: $56.00

Highlights: Superior blue steel, a large inner compartment with two separate upper sections, and compartments that can be reconfigured for larger sections.

About Tool Box: This top-of-the-line product from Japan is made with superior blue steel – no plastic parts whatsoever – and opens in the middle, revealing a large inner compartment with two separate upper sections that glide outwards effortlessly via sturdy handles. Each upper level contains five compartments but can be reconfigured to create larger sections if desired.

Additionally, small holes drilled into the upper edges of the closed box facilitate attaching locks to keep your tools away from prying eyes. The guaranteed rustproof finish ensures your storage needs will be handled for years to come, and its sleek design will fit perfectly in any shop or garage.



13. STANLEY Tool Box

Price: $75.48

Highlights: A 50-gallon capacity box that provides ample space, an extendable handle and wheels for easy transportation, and extremely durable and strong.

About Tool Box: This chunky boi is strong, durable, and practical, making it an excellent tool box to get all your gear organized. Get ready to make all your DIY tasks easier — from packing garages full of fixing materials to transporting camping essentials; this 50-gallon capacity box provides ample space for whatever project you’re working on.

The Stanley 037025H also comes with handy amenities like an extendable handle and wheels, so you can move it around with ease. With a fully assembled length of 34.3 inches, 20.5 inches wide, and 18.9 inches tall, you’ll be sure to have plenty of room for everything in your box.



14. Apollo Tool Box

Price: $49.99

Highlights:  Heavy-duty steel, a sleek and stylish design, and great for organizing, storing, and transporting tools.

About Tool Box: Introducing the Apollo Tool Box: an excellent choice for organizing, storing, and transporting tools with ease. This heavy-duty steel tool box has been getting rave reviews since it premiered at the 2019 National Hardware Show – and it’s easy to see why. With a sleek, stylish design that fits in just about anywhere, you’re sure to find a spot for this versatile tool box.



15. Big Red TB101 Tool Box

Price: $22.92

Highlights: Steel with a bright red powder coating that resists corrosion, a 6.5-inch height and 19-inch length, and a plastic lift-out tray.

About Tool Box: Constructed with the best of materials, it’s sure to become your go-to storage solution for all your tools and worksites. This heavy-duty tool box is made from steel with a bright red powder coating that can resist corrosion, making it durable enough for all your projects. Plus, with its 6.5-inch height and 19-inch length, you’ll find organizing everything inside easy and effortless.

One of the coolest features this tool box has is its roof-like design; it adds extra storage room for whatever bulky power drills or drivers you may have at the ready. There’s also a plastic lift-out tray so smaller parts are never forgotten in the shuffle. And if safety is a priority, then you always have the option to add a lock to secure this tool box securely when what’s inside needs protection.


Best Tool Boxes Conclusion

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a tool box. First, you need to decide on the size and material of the tool box. Second, you need to decide what type of tools you’ll be storing in it. And finally, you need to consider how much money you’re willing to spend on your tool box.

With these factors in mind and this list of the best tool boxes, you should be able to find the perfect tool box for your needs.

Please make sure to comment below if you have feedback on any of these tool boxes. We know that all of our readers would appreciate your comments.