Best Speed Bag Platforms: Finding the Perfect Speed Bag Platform for You

Speed bag platforms are a must-have for any boxing or MMA gym. The right platform will allow you to mount your speed bag, which is what this list of the best speed bag platforms will allow you to do.

This list of the best speed bag platforms will feature the top choices and will allow you to find the perfect support platform for your speedbag. This will include adjustable platforms, wall-mounted options, and more.

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Top 10 Speed Bag Platforms:



1. Everlast Wooden Speed Bag Platform

Price: $123.18

Highlights: Two thick wood support braces, a 24-inch strike board, and adjustable in 8 different positions up or down.

About Speed Bag Platform: The Everlast Wooden Speed Bag Platform is an excellent way to bring the excitement and intensity of boxing into your home. If you’ve ever wanted to master the art (and fun) of speed bag training, this adjustable platform from Everlast is exactly what you need.

It features two thick wood support braces for securely affixing to any wall, plus a 24-inch strike board that’s one inch thick — so you can practice with all the power and precision you need. You’ll love that it’s adjustable in 8 different positions up or down, so you can always find your ideal height.



2. Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform

Price: $279.00

Highlights: An adjustable speed back, a professional-grade swivel, and yellow, black, or red color options.

About Speed Bag Platform: Developed with unparalleled expertise and precision, this platform is built to be the best of its kind. An adjustable speed back allows you to switch out different size bags while simultaneously adjusting the platform. Plus, an included professional-grade swivel means that you don’t need to purchase one separately.

Plus, the platform comes in three color options (yellow, black, and red), allowing you to match your home decor. The Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform features amazing craftsmanship and quality materials made for ultimate performance and stability – perfect for achieving incredible speed bag results.



3. XMark Speed Bag Platform

Price: $239.00

Highlights: A dual-mounted mainframe, a heavy gauge, and a stylish furniture finish of hardwood.

About Speed Bag Platform: This heavy gauge and dual-mounted mainframe will never disappoint, with its 1 ½″ platform helping minimize vibration for better bag rebounds. Not feeling the metal frame? No problem. The stylish furniture finish of hardwood looks great in any home gym and comes with a 24” diameter drum that can accommodate any size speed bag.



4. Valor Fitness Speed Bag Platform

Price: $359.98

Highlights: An oversized 2” thick strike board, dampened vibrations, and a heavy-duty steel frame.

About Speed Bag Platform: This heavy-duty steel frame and striking board can take on even the most intense athletes. With its sturdy construction, you can throw punch after punch without worrying about any swaying or bending – this platform was made to stand the test of time.

Another feature that sets the Valor Fitness Speed Bag Platform apart from the competition is its oversized 2” thick strike board – making it thicker than most of its counterparts. This added thickness won’t affect performance.; however, it actually dampens vibrations and reduces noise levels without sacrificing accuracy or stability.



5. TITLE Boxing Speed Bag Platform

Price: $179.99

Highlights: A sturdy and adjustable L-frame, customizable to different heights, and quick and easy assembly.

About Speed Bag Platform: Welcome to TITLE Boxing’s Speed Bag Platform – the no-fuss, ​high-performance​ solution for your boxing training. With a sturdy, adjustable L-frame, this speed bag platform is quick to assemble and customizable to different heights.

And while other platforms may offer cheaper alternatives, they certainly don’t skimp on quality. The TITLE Boxing Speed Bag Platform is built to last.



6. MaxxMMA Speed Bag Platform

Price: $199.99

Highlights: An adjustable height of up to 8” in 2” increments, a 24-inch diameter, and a 1.5-inch thickness to improve stability.

About Speed Bag Platform: Take your workouts to a whole new level with the MaxxMMA Speed Bag Platform. An essential tool for boxers and fitness enthusiasts, this professionally designed platform has an adjustable height up to 8” in 2” increments, so it can be customized to fit everyone’s individual workout needs.

The 24-inch diameter and 1.5-inch thickness improve stabilization, while the kit includes everything needed to get started—including a 10″ x 7″ speed bag, speed bag swivel, hand pump with needle, and one-year free replacement on the speed bag.



7. Century Wall Mount Speed Bag Platform

Price: $99.99

Highlights: Comes with a speed bag, six adjustable height levels, and the hardware required for wall mounting included.

About Speed Bag Platform: The ultimate space-saving solution for anyone serious about their workouts or practicing martial arts. Not only does it save you valuable floor space, but it also comes with the speed bag already included, so you don’t have to go out and buy one separately.

With six adjustable height levels, you can use it regardless of your size or skill level – perfect for both experts and beginners alike. Additionally, all the hardware required for wall mounting is already included in the package, so you won’t have to worry about doing any extra work to get it set up.

It’s perfect for home gyms because when not in use, the platform folds back against the wall, lying practically flush with it.



8. WYGVNR Speed Bag Platform

Price: $129.99

Highlights: An adjustable height mechanism, a steel bracket that prevents shaking, and a wide 19.7-inch diameter platform.

About Speed Bag Platform: This top speed bag platform has a durable and stable frame, an adjustable height mechanism, and a rotating swivel to provide you with an unparalleled training experience. No other speed bag on the market offers these features.

The steel bracket used by our platform ensures stability, ensuring that it won’t shake even with intense punches. The wide 19.7-inch diameter platform, along with its 1-inch thick PE board, provides superior stabilization as you train. Plus, through the adjustable-height screws, you can customize its heights from 9 inches to perfectly match your individual needs.

This platform also uses a professional-grade ball-bearing swivel, providing 360-degree flexible rotation action so that the ball bounces back faster, allowing you to punch effectively in high speeds. And lastly, they use more durable and sturdy materials to construct our speed bags so that they are comfortable and won’t harm your hands during practice or sparring.



9. XMark Hi-Impact Speed Bag Platform

Price: $262.00

Highlights: A rock-solid 11-gauge steel mainframe construction, a furniture finish 24-inch drum platform, and a professional-grade ball bearing swivel.

About Speed Bag Platform: The XMark Hi-Impact Speed Bag Platform allows for a whole new workout experience to increase your hand-eye coordination and boxing training. Its heavy-duty rock solid 11-gauge steel mainframe construction minimizes unwanted vibrations and noise, making it an ideal addition to any home gym.

This dual mount platform features 16 inches corner-to-corner on its mounting frame, so you can be sure of optimum stability while working the bag. What’s more, this product also hails with a furniture finish 24-inch drum platform made with 1 1/2 inch hardwood plus a professional grade ball bearing swivel.



10. Forza Sports Speed Bag Platform

Price: $399.95

Highlights: A heavy-duty V-frame bracket, 11 gauge steel tubing, and an adjustable height from 12” and higher.

About Speed Bag Platform: Forza Sports redefines speed bag workout sessions with the Adjustable Speed Bag Platform with Hypersonic Swivel. Its unique features make it one of the best speed bag platforms a serious athlete can purchase.

With a heavy-duty V-frame bracket made out of 11 gauge steel tubing and a robust 1-1/4″ thick manufactured wood drum, athletes will experience an intensely solid rebound when every punch or kick is thrown. The ergonomic knobs lock tight against the rails for a secure hold to enable gravity-defying maneuvers that would even impress veteran trainers.

Furthermore, the height of the platform is adjustable from 12″ and higher so everyone in the family can join in on this next-level workout session. Top it all off with a clear coated 1-1/4″ diameter manufactured wood drum, perfectly polished for an even sleeker look than before.


Best Speed Bag Platforms Conclusion

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a speed bag platform. The size, material, and weight capacity are all important factors to consider. With so many options on the market, it is important to do your research before making a purchase.

We hope that this list has helped you narrow down your choices and helped you choose the best speed bag platform for your needs.

Please make sure to comment below if you have feedback on any of these speed bag platforms. We know that all of our readers would appreciate your comments.