Best Protein Powders for Weight Loss: Finding the Perfect Weight-Loss Protein Powder for You

If you’re looking to drop a few pounds, adding protein to your diet is a great way to do it. But not all protein powders are created equal – some are better for weight loss than others. Here’s a breakdown of the best protein powders for weight loss, so you can find the one that fits your needs.

This list of the best protein powders for weight loss will highlight the top options and will help you find the perfect protein for your weight loss goals. From whey protein powders to plant-based proteins, each type has different benefits and is beneficial for weight loss. 

If you are looking for more weight loss-related lists, our lists of the best dairy-free protein powders, best organic protein powders, and best pea protein powders will have what you need.


Top 15 Protein Powders for Weight Loss:



1. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Protein Powder

Price: $83.55 (5 lb)

Highlights: 24g of protein in just 120-calorie servings, third-party tested by Informed Choice, and includes needed energy and vitamins.

About Protein Powder: This high-quality whey protein is the ideal choice among those looking to slim down while still gaining the energy and vitamins they need. Boasting 24g of protein in its head-turning slim 120-calorie servings, it’ll help you attain optimum health without increasing your calorie count — meaning you can still enjoy those healthy snacks without worrying about extra pounds creeping in.



2. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Protein Powder

Price: $51.00 (1.25 lb)

Highlights: 18 grams of protein per servings, 20 grams of collagen peptides, and promotes joint health and helps hydrate skin.

About Protein Powder: At Vital Proteins, they know how hard it can be to maintain a healthy lifestyle. That’s why they created the Collagen Peptides Protein Powder – an excellent addition to your day for an extra protein boost.

Each serving contains 18 grams of protein designed to stimulate lean muscle growth, as well as 20 grams of collagen peptides that promote joint health and help hydrate skin. Plus, you can be confident in your choice, knowing it is NSF-verified for quality ingredients.



3. Momentous Protein Powder

Price: $59.50 (1.4 lb)

Highlights: 20g of high-quality protein, grass-fed whey isolate that builds lean muscle, and an enzyme blend that supports the digested absorption of proteins.

About Protein Powder: Every scoop of this amazing blend contains 20g of high-quality protein—perfect for helping you reach your weight loss goals. This cold and grass-fed whey isolate helps build lean muscle, so you can experience increased strength and improved recovery with every workout.

Their unique blend includes PrHydrolase, an enzyme blend clinically proven to support the digested absorption of proteins. This means your body will absorb essential amino acids quickly for faster results. All their products are NSF and Informed Sport certified, so you can be sure that what you put into your body is of the highest standard.

They know taste is important too, which is why their formula comes in delicious flavors like Chocolate Brownie and Strawberries & Cream. And since it easily blends with water, almond milk, or smoothies—you can enjoy a nutritious drink on the go or after a tough workout session.



4. Muscle Milk Genuine Protein Powder

Price: $19.96 (1.93 lb)

Highlights: 32 grams of high-quality protein, an excellent source of magnesium, calcium, vitamins A, C, and D, and NSF Certified for Sport.

About Protein Powder: Reaching those ambitions has never been easier, with 32 grams of high-quality protein and 280 calories per serving working together to fuel your weight loss journey. But Muscle Milk Genuine Protein Powder is much more than just calories and protein; it’s also an excellent source of magnesium, calcium, and vitamins A, C, and D as well.

While on your quest for muscle power, you can have absolute confidence knowing that the product is NSF Certified for Sport, ensuring your strength increase and providing maximum performance.



5. Orgain Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder

Price: $29.99 (1.82 lb)

Highlights: No artificial sweeteners or chemicals, natural grass-fed whey protein, and all-natural ingredients.

About Protein Powder: Made with all-natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners or chemicals, this protein powder will leave your taste buds satisfied as well as your body feeling energized and full after each scoop. Packed with natural grass-fed whey protein, this product not only has a delicious taste, but it is also great for promoting weight loss when used the right way.

Get ready for a flavor explosion every time you use Orgain Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder. When engaging in new workout routines or starting on any dieting journey, there’s nothing quite like it to get you through the tough days.



6. Peak Performance Protein Powder

Price: $45.95 (1.25 lb)

Highlights: A unique blend of plant proteins, enriched with antioxidants, fibers, and omega-3 fatty acids, and vegan-friendly.

About Protein Powder: Meticulously crafted with a unique blend of plant proteins and enriched with antioxidants, fibers, and valuable omega-3 fatty acids, this vegan-friendly protein powder provides all your gut health and lean muscle growth needs in one delicious formula.

Not only will Peak Performance Complete Organic Plant Protein help you build more muscle tone than any other plant-based protein on the market today, it’s also easy to digest and tastes great. Plus, it’s grain-free, which makes an excellent addition to your weight loss regime without compromising on essential vitamins and minerals.



7. Quest Nutrition Protein Powder

Price: $32.68 (1.6 lb)

Highlights: Less than 1g of net carbs and 0g of sugar per serving, can be baked into bars, and 40% slow absorbing Micellar Casein.

About Protein Powder: Get your protein on with Quest Nutrition’s Multi-Purpose Mix Protein Powder – an excellent addition to any healthy lifestyle. This versatile powder is designed for athletes, weekend warriors, and health nuts alike.

With 23g of protein, less than 1g of net carbs, and 0g of sugar per serving, you can rest assured that you’re getting the highest quality nutritional value from this power-packed powder. Whether you’re looking to boost your workouts or just a daily dose of nutritious fuel for your body, this Multi-Purpose Mix Protein Powder has you totally covered.




8. Naked Vanilla Protein Powder

Price: $23.99

Highlights: All-natural and minimal ingredients, certified Informed Choice Trusted for Sport, and a classic vanilla flavor.

About Protein Powder: For the health-conscious woman looking to lose weight, Naked Vanilla Protein Powder is an excellent option. This delicious powder is made up of all-natural and minimal ingredients, making it a nutritious source of protein. Plus, it’s certified Informed Choice Trusted for Sport, so you can rest assured that it is 100% safe for consumption.

Unlike other high-calorie protein powders on the market, Naked Whey is specially designed with fewer calories, allowing you to easily reach your weight loss goals without compromising on taste or quality.

You won’t be disappointed with the classic vanilla flavor – its full-bodied and creamy texture is sure to bring satisfaction to your taste buds in every sip. They even have an unflavored version, so you can throw a scoop into soups or oatmeal for added nutrition without influencing the flavor.



9. TRU Protein Powder

Price: $49.99 (1.71 lb)

Highlights: Essential amino acids, no artificial flavors or sweeteners, and an all-natural Peanut Butter Banana Cupcake flavor.

About Protein Powder: This vegan-friendly protein powder is perfect for those looking to lose weight. Packed with essential amino acids and plant-based proteins, you can trust that your body will be well taken care of when you use this product. And its easy digestion means it will get to work immediately.

No need to worry about any artificial flavors or sweeteners – TRU Protein Powder has an all-natural Peanut Butter Banana Cupcake flavor that rates high for its taste among consumers. Not to mention, with 25 servings in each package and only 100 calories per serving, it’s not only good for you but won’t take a toll on your diet either.



10. Garden of Life Protein Powder

Price: $47.99 (2 lb)

Highlights: A blend of pea and brown rice proteins, a combination of whole grains, and a lot of flavor options like Vanilla and Chocolate.

About Protein Powder:  If you are looking to lose weight without sacrificing quality nutrition, look no further than Garden of Life Protein Powder. This vegan protein powder offers a blend of pea protein, brown rice proteins, and a combination of whole grains, including millet, quinoa, amaranth, as well as chia, flax, and lentil seed.

The diverse protein blend makes this power-packed product both satisfying and filling – perfect for anyone trying to maintain or lose weight without giving up great nutrition. Plus, with lots of flavor options like Vanilla and Chocolate to choose from, you can find something that works for your taste buds, too.



11. GNC Protein Powder

Price: $39.99

Highlights: 8g of fiber per serving, 23 essential vitamins and minerals, and rigorous third-party testing for each product.

About Protein Powder: GNC Protein Powder is an excellent companion for your healthy lifestyle. Packed with 25g of protein and 8g of fiber, GNC Protein Powder can help you reach your goals that much faster.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or improve muscle mass, GNC Protein Powder can provide the nutritional boost you need. Plus, with its delicious flavor and low-calorie count, it makes an ideal meal replacement with ample nutrients.

Enjoy a refreshing shake made with GNC Protein Powder as part of your daily routine, and feel confident knowing that each serving includes 23 essential vitamins and minerals. GNC Nutrition stands behind its commitment to safety and quality; it goes the extra mile to ensure each product has passed rigorous third-party testing.



12. Vega Premium Vegan Protein Powder

Price: $89.99 (4 lb)

Highlights: All nine essential amino acids, up to 30g of vegan protein per serving, and Non-GMO certified, NSF Certified for Sport and B Corp Certified.

About Protein Powder: Vega Sport Premium Protein Powder is an excellent choice if you’re an active person looking to shed some pounds or build muscle. Unlike most protein powders on the market, Vega’s Plant-Based Protein Powder is packed with all nine essential amino acids and digests and absorbs quickly for maximum efficiency.

Plus, a single serving offers up 30g of vegan protein, 5g of BCAAs, probiotics, and tart cherry extract for peak performance. And not only that – it’s Non-GMO certified, NSF Certified for Sport, B Corp Certified, Vegan, and oh so delicious in each of their five flavors, including Chocolate, Vanilla, Berry, Peanut Butter, and Mocha.



13. Ancient Nutrition Protein Powder

Price: $69.00 (2.2 lb)

Highlights: 20g of protein per serving, hydrolyzed collagen that boosts your skin and gut, and zero added sugars.

About Protein Powder: With 20 grams of pure muscle-building protein per serving, plus skin and gut-boosting hydrolyzed collagen, this bone broth power blend is an excellent all-in-one fitness solution. Natural, gluten-free, with zero added sugars – it doesn’t get any better than this.

You deserve the best when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. And more importantly, you want exercise results you can trust in. That’s why Ancient Nutrition Protein Powder was formulated to give users exactly what they need: a clean performance that delivers tangible rewards. The hydrolyzed collagen helps build a strong foundation from within so you can experience total body transformation from the inside out.

Plus, each serving contains powerful nutrients that keep your gut and skin glowing with health.



14. Dymatize Elite Protein Powder

Price: $65.94 (5 lb)

Highlights: Stringent quality standards, 5.5g of branched-chain amino acids per serving, and dessert-inspired flavors.

About Protein Powder: With 25 grams of protein from whey in each serving, this quality powder is an easy and affordable way to reach your goals. As an added bonus, Informed Choice Trusted for Sport Certification ensures that every batch meets stringent quality standards.

Elite Whey packs a punch with 5.5 grams of branched-chain amino acids per serving, which quickly absorb into the body to build muscle and recover faster after intense workouts. Not to mention its unbeatable Biological Value (BV), Amino Acid Profile, and indulgent dessert-inspired flavors are sure to please even the pickiest of palates.



15. Isopure Protein Powder

Price: $67.94 (3 lb)

Highlights: 25 grams of protein per scoop, an exclusive microfiltration process, and comes in delicious flavors for a satisfying treat.

About Protein Powder: This 100% whey protein isolate powder contains 25 grams of protein per scoop, with zero or low-carb options available depending on your needs. You can trust Isopure Protein Powder to be pure, as it’s made with an exclusive microfiltration process, making it the only completely clear milk protein when dissolved in water. And best of all, it comes in delicious flavors so you can enjoy a satisfying and flavorful treat.

Whether you’re heading to the gym for an intense workout or just looking for a nutrition boost throughout the day, this Isopure Protein Powder is an excellent choice. Its rich profile of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients fuels your body so you can stay energized and strong.

And because it’s free from gluten, lactose, and any other impurities, you can trust that what you’re getting is pure power packed into every scoop.


Best Protein Powders for Weight Loss Conclusion

Protein powder can be a great addition to your diet if you’re looking to lose weight. It starts with finding the right protein powder for your specific goals, though.

With this list of the best protein powders for weight loss and the above choices, you are sure to find a protein powder that fits your needs in order to compliment your weight-loss program and will help you meet all of your fitness goals.

Please make sure to comment below if you have feedback on any of these protein powders for weight loss. We know that all of our readers would appreciate your comments.