Best Office Supplies: Finding the Perfect Office Supplies for You

Whether you’re a student, working professional, or simply trying to be more organized at home, having the best office supplies on hand is always a bonus.

This list of the best office supplies will highlight all of the essentials that no desk or office should be without. From pens and paper to staplers and scissors, this list will highlight the top office supplies and help you better fill out your office space.

The other great thing about these office supplies is that they will help you stay more organized and, ultimately, more efficient. With folders, post-it notes, etc., you can ensure that you have everything marked down, labeled, and stored correctly. This will save a ton of time when working and will allow you to stay in the groove.

Your office is also like your home, and decorating it the way you like. Some of these office supplies will also add to the aesthetics of your office and give it a warm and welcoming feel. And just because there are 25 items on this list, it doesn’t mean you need them all. Depending on your job, some will be much more important than others, so find the top office supplies for you and get ready to be more efficient with work than ever before.

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Top 25 Office Supplies:



1. Paper Mate Pens

Price: $19.59 (24 Counts)

Highlights: Each pen has a point guard, has quick-drying ink, and uses intense black ink.

About Office Supply: Each of the pens has Point Guard to prevent the tip from fraying, ensuring that you always produce neat lines, no matter how often you use them. The ink is quick-drying and resists smearing, making it easy to write without worrying about mistakes.

Plus, the intense black ink makes your words really stand out. Whether you’re using them for drawing, journaling, or taking notes, these pens are a great way to add some personality to your writing.



Price: $15.15

Highlights: Has 24 pockets, includes 12 color-coded dividers, and front and slash pockets.

About Office Supply: Finally, a way to organize and take your important project documents with you on the go. Smead’s Poly Project Organizer is perfect for keeping documents safe, organized, and within reach.

This spiral-bound notebook-style organizer has 24 pockets and 12 color-coded dividers to help you sort project components. The clear front pocket lets you customize your organizer, while the slash pockets keep papers in place in sequential and color-coded order.



3. Office Paper Shredder

Price: $58.96 (12 Paper)

Highlights: Quickly and easily shreds, meets p-3 security level standards, and features a credit card slot.

About Office Supply: This paper shredder is the perfect device for destroying sensitive information. It quickly and easily shreds 12 sheets of paper at a time into confetti-like pieces, meeting security level P-3 standards. Plus, it features a credit card slot to destroy your old cards, as well as a reverse and forward mode to clear any jams.



4. Amazon Basics Sheet Paper Pads

Price: $12.99 (12 Packs)

Highlights: 15 sheets of standard 15 lb paper, has a tear-top off, and includes a sturdy cardboard backing.

About Office Supply: Looking for a quality paper pad that will make taking notes and writing down ideas a breeze? Look no further than AmazonBasics’ wide-ruled, perforated notepads. Perfect for both the office and at home, these pads feature 50 sheets of standard 15 lb paper with 11/32 inch spacing between lines – making it easy to write large doses of information legibly.

The tear-off top allows you to easily remove a sheet when needed, while the sturdy cardboard backing provides support for your hand as you write. And at 8-1/2 x 11-3/4 inches, these letter-sized sheets are just right for all your note-taking needs.



5. SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer

Price: $28.87

Highlights: Sleek black finish, has a space-saving design, and is a great addition to any workspace.

About Office Supply: Keep your desk in order with this stylish mesh desk organizer. This desk storage solution is perfect for organizing your office supplies and file folders. The sleek black finish and space-saving design make this desk organizer a great addition to any workspace.


6. Swingline Stapler

Price: $20.10

Highlights: Long-lasting and reliable, has a full strip of 210 staples, features a low staple indicator, and has a functional design.

About Office Supply: The Optima 40 stapler is built to give you long-lasting, reliable stapling. This desktop stapler holds an entire strip of 210 staples and has a sturdy design that’s perfect for everyday use. The low-staple indicator lets you know when it’s time for a refill, and the Optima 40 design requires less force than traditional staplers, making it easier to staple your documents together.



7. Browill Magnetic Dry Erase Markers

Price: $7.99 (8 Counts)

Highlights: Has fine point tips, quick-drying ink, is xylene and toluene-free, and has magnetic caps.

About Office Supply: If you’re looking for an easy and convenient way to take your office supplies up a notch, look no further than these amazing Browill Magnetic Dry Erase Markers.

These markers feature fine point tips that make for vivid and impressive impressions on any surface. Also, the ink dries quickly, so there’s no need to worry about smudging or smearing. Plus, the ink is also xylene and toluene-free, meaning it’s safe for everyone to use.

Best of all, the marker caps are magnetic, so they can easily be attached to whiteboards, fridge doors, or any other metal surface. This makes for quick and easy access whenever you need them. With eight brilliant colors to choose from, these markers are sure to be an excellent addition to any office with a whiteboard.



8. Mr. Pen- Sticky Notes Set

Price: $7.95 (410 Packs)

Highlights: Comes with 410 neon sticky notes, includes 150 neon color index tabs, and has a strong adhesive.

About Office Supply: This sticky note set comes with 410 neon sticky notes in 60 ruled, 40 dotted, and 60 blank variants, as well as 150 neon color index tabs. The high-quality paper these notes are printed on is 20lb weight, ensuring that they’ll stick to most surfaces without difficulty.

The adhesive is also incredibly strong, so you won’t have to worry about your notes falling off when you need them most. Plus, the beautiful notebook cover makes it easy to transport and store your notes when you’re not using them.



9. YSAGi Multifunctional Office Desk Pad

Price: $14.99

Highlights: It can be used as a dual-sided mat, made of heavy duty-PU leather, and has a wide surface area.

About Office Supply: Looking for the perfect addition to your office supplies? Check out YSAGi’s multifunctional desk pad. This amazing accessory can be used as a dual-sided mat, with each side sporting a different color.

The heavy-duty PU leather is easy to clean and will protect your office desk from scratches, stains, and spills. And if you don’t need a mouse pad, no problem – the wide surface area of this mat can accommodate your laptop, mouse, and keyboard.



10. Arteza Rollerball Pens

Price: $12.89 (20 Counts)

Highlights: Comes in 20-pack, smooth ink, and offers an ergonomic grip.

About Office Supply: These Arteza rollerball pens are a must-have for anyone who loves taking notes, writing stories, or doodling in their journal. The pens come in a convenient bulk pack of 20, so you always have one on hand when you need it. The ink is smooth and flows beautifully on the page, making these pens perfect for any task. Plus, the comfortable ergonomic grip makes them easy and fun to use.



11. Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard

Price: $59.90

Highlights: Smooth and durable magnetic writing surface, feature a silver aluminum frame, and installation is a breeze.

About Office Supply: Looking for an easy way to keep your office organized and tidy? Check out this amazing Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard. Perfect for any space, this whiteboard is made with a smooth and durable magnetic writing surface that can be easily dry-wiped with all dry-erase markers.

The silver-finished aluminum frame and ABS corner give it a sleek and professional look that will complement any office decor. Plus, the included fixing kits make installation a breeze – you can even mount it vertically or horizontally to fit your needs. Make your office workflow smoother with this Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard.



12. Power Strip Surge Protector

Price: $21.24

Highlights: Has 12 AC outlets, includes 4 USB ports, and features built-in smart IC technology.

About Office Supply: Introducing the Power Strip Surge Protector – the best way to keep your office devices powered and connected. This top surge protector features 12 AC outlets and 4 USB ports, so you can plug in multiple devices and charge them all at once.

The built-in Smart IC technology ensures that each device receives the appropriate amount of current, up to 5V/2.4A max. The compact design of this power strip saves space on your desk or work surface, and the widely spaced outlets accommodate larger adapters without blocking each other. Keep your office powered and organized with the Power Strip Surge Protector.



13. Bliss Collections Daily Planner

Price: $10.99 (50 Sheets)

Highlights: Features 50 uncoated white sheets, has a unique design, and is high-quality.

About Office Supply: If you’re looking for a high-quality daily planner, look no further than Bliss Collections. Their 50 uncoated white sheets are easy to write on and perfect for organizing your week. They will allow you to stay on task and prepared for anything that your day throws at you. Their unique designs are manufactured in the USA and make an excellent addition to any office space.



14. Marbrasse Mesh Desk Organizer

Price: $18.69

Highlights: Nine compartments, feature a stylish and functional mesh design, and has a rack and a drawer.

About Office Supply: If you’re looking for a desk organizer that can accommodate all of your office supplies, the Marbrasse Mesh Desk Organizer is perfect for you. This set includes nine compartments, a rack, and a drawer, providing ample storage space for everything from pencils and markers to glasses to post-it notes and other small items.

The sleek mesh design is both stylish and functional, and it’s sure to keep your desk looking neat and tidy. Whether you’re working from home or in a traditional office setting, the Marbrasse Mesh Desk Organizer is a versatile solution for all of your storage needs.



15. Soundance Laptop Stand

Price: $26.99

Highlights: Made from thickened aluminum alloy, features rubberized pads, and has a detachable design.

About Office Supply: This top laptop stand is the perfect way to keep your laptop elevated and supported while you work. This sturdy stand is made from thickened aluminum alloy for lasting durability and features rubberized pads on both the top and bottom to keep your laptop in place and prevent slipping.

The detachable design makes it easy to take with you on the go, and the compact size means it won’t take up a lot of space on your desk. Whether you’re working from home or at the office, the Soundance Laptop Stand is the perfect way to keep your laptop supported and at just the right angle for optimal use. Pair it with the perfect office chair, and you will create an amazing work experience for yourself.



16. Colored Folders

Price: $9.49

Highlights: Comes in a variety of bright colors, 36-pack of assorted folders, and allows for easier color coding.

About Office Supply: These folders come in a variety of bright colors with lighter interiors, so you can easily color-code by project, vendor, department, etc. Not only will this help you stay more organized, but it will also help you retrieve files more quickly and efficiently from your filing cabinet.

This 36-pack of assorted folders is a great way to manage multiple categories at a glance. So brighten up your office space and increase your productivity with these Pendaflex file folders.



17. Desk Pen Holder and Sorter

Price: $10.98

Highlights: Modern black mesh design, has six compartments, and features rotating trays.

About Office Supply: Keep your desk supplies organized and at the ready with this stylish Desk Pen Holder and Sorter. The black mesh design is both modern and industrial, while the rotating trays make accessing your supplies easy. With six compartments in all, this desk accessory can store everything from pens to clips to rulers.



18. Scotch Magic Tape

Price: $13.99

Highlights: Virtually invisible, has a matte finish, and the included black dispenser holds up to 1,500″ of tape.

About Office Supply: Looking for an invisible tape that can be used with a ballpoint pen, pencil, or marker? Look no further than Scotch Magic Tape. This tape has a matte finish that makes it virtually invisible when applied to a surface, making it perfect for labeling or mending documents.

Plus, the included black dispenser can hold up to 1,500″ of tape, making it a great value for your office supplies needs.



19. Cell Phone Stand Holder

Price: $10.98

Highlights: Made of sturdy aluminum, comes with silicon rubber padding, is compatible with most smartphones, and has a simple design.

About Office Supply: If you’re looking for a phone stand that is both stylish and functional, look no further than our cell phone stand holder. Made of sturdy aluminum, this cell phone stand is thicker than most on the market and features smooth edges and a simple design.

And to protect your device from scratches or other damage, the stand for your cell phone with silicone rubber padding on the hooks and bottom.



20. All-Purpose Titanium Non-Stick Scissors

Price: $13.49 (3 Pack)

Highlights: Titanium bonded blades, corrosion and adhesive resistant, have a soft grip, and feature an ergonomic design.

About Office Supply: Ideal for cutting paper, cardboard, plastic, fabric, and more, these scissors are perfect for all your needs. The titanium-bonded blades are corrosion and adhesive-resistant, meaning they will stay sharper for longer.

The comfortable soft-grip handles provide precision control and superior comfort, while the ergonomic design is perfect for both right and left-handed users. The scissors also come in a handy 3-pack, with each pack containing one black, one red, and one blue pair of scissors.



21. Mesh Rolling File

Price: $66.26

Highlights: Has a perforated steel rollaway design, offers built-in 22-3/4″ hangrails, and has a bottom shelf.

About Office Supply: Keep your office organized and tidy with this Mesh Rolling File. This handy file features a perforated steel rollaway design that holds letter-size hanging folders and offers built-in 22-3/4″ hangrails. The bottom shelf provides extra storage space, and the four casters make it easy to move around your office.



22. NonSkid Paper Clips

Price: $12.98

Highlights: Provides a very tight grip, comes in two different sizes, and are rust-resistant and durable.

About Office Supply: Looking for a reliable way to keep your papers together? Look no further than our non-skid paper clips. These handy clips grip onto your papers tightly, preventing them from slipping off and becoming scattered. Plus, they come in two sizes to accommodate different types of papers. And best of all, they’re rust-resistant and durable so they’ll last long-term.



23. Wire Mesh Waste Basket

Price: $18.99

Highlights: It has a ventilated mesh construction, includes a non-slip base, and features an attractive and lightweight design.

About Office Supply: If you’re looking for a wire mesh wastebasket that is both stylish and functional, look no further than the Zuvo circular waste bin. Ventilated mesh construction prevents the build-up of odors, and the non-slip base ensures stability. With its attractive finish and lightweight design, this garbage basket is sure to make a great addition to any room.



24. Desk-Style Highlighters

Price: $6.68

Highlights: Feature a molded chisel tip, has an improved ink formula, and uses eye-catching fluorescent ink.

About Office Supply: Make sure your documents are easy to read with AVERY Desk-Style Highlighters. The molded chisel tip gives you the precision to highlight or underline text in eye-catching fluorescent inks. The improved ink formula ensures that highlights don’t bleed through most paper and won’t smudge pen, marker, or inkjet inks.



25. Identity Theft Protection Roller Stamp

Price: $15.99

Highlights: Wide coverage of 1.5 inches, paper can be recycled after, and is ideal for hiding large amounts of information quickly.

About Office Supply: The Miseyo Identity Theft Protection Roller Stamp is the perfect way to keep your private information safe. With a wide coverage of 1.5 inches, this stamp is perfect for quickly and easily hiding large amounts of information on documents, contracts, labels, and more.

Simply roll the stamp over the information you want to keep confidential and it will be securely covered. The roller stamp is also a great alternative to a shredder – paper can be recycled after using the stamp, so there’s no need for a shredder. Protect your privacy and identity with the Miseyo Identity Theft Protection Roller Stamp.



26. Bonus: Batteries (link)

Price: $27.24 (24 – AA and 24 – AAA)

Highlights: Allows you to always have fresh batteries ready to go, no need to search for batteries, and helps with productivity.

About Office Supply: Extra batteries are a must for any office. They will make sure that when one pair of batteries dies, you can quickly plug in a new set and continue on whatever project you are working on. This will allow you to stay on task and continue being productive, rather than searching for new batteries or having to go out and get new ones.


Best Office Supplies Conclusion

There are many different types of office supplies that can make your work life easier. Whether you need a new printer or just some pens and paper, it’s important to find the best office supplies for your needs. So, hopefully, this list will have just made your life a lot easier with all of these awesome office supplies.

Because the more you can stay organized and on task, the easier it will be for you to get things done. With a small investment of a few of these different office supplies, you could be more productive than ever. This could mean promotions, awards, and, ultimately, a raise.

The other great thing about this list is that it is also a list of the best home office supplies. So, if you are working from home, you can make sure to deck out your home office with some of these great items as well. And while some of these office supplies will need to be re-stocked from time to time, many of them are also one-time investments that will benefit you over time.

Have you used any of these office supplies before? If you have, please make sure to share your feedback in the comments below.