Best Longboards: Finding the Perfect Longboard for You

There is nothing quite like the feeling of cruising down a sidewalk or path on a longboard. The wing in your hair and plenty to see as you roll by. But it all starts with finding the right longboard, which is exactly what this list of the best longboards will help you do.

This list of the best longboards will highlight the top longboards and will allow you to be cruising around in no time. With this list, you can find the perfect longboard based on the style of the board, brand, color, or whatever else you are looking for.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, this list will have a longboard for you. Before you know it, you will be out there cruising on your new longboard.

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Top 15 Longboards:



1. Magneto Kicktail Cruiser Longboard

Price: $84.10

Highlights: Made of durable bamboo, has a hard maple deck with a sand-grit finish, and weighs only 8 pounds.

About Longboard: The Magneto Kicktail Cruiser Longboard is one of the best longboards on the market. It is made of durable bamboo and features a hard maple deck with a sand-grit finish. The board is extremely stable and easy to ride, making it a great option for beginners and pros alike.

The longboard weighs only 8 pounds and can support a load capacity of 275 pounds. It also comes equipped with high rebound bushings and gravity-cast aluminum trucks that make it perfect for cruising around town.



2. Landyachtz Drop Hammer Longboard

Price: $259.99

Highlights: Has large, soft wheels, premium trucks, and is designed for speed and easy control.

About Longboard: The Landyachtz Drop Hammer longboard is one of the best overall options on the market, perfect for riders of all skill levels. The large, soft wheels provide a smooth ride, while the premium trucks ensure maximum control and stability.

The board is designed for speed and easy control, making it perfect for commuting or bombing down hills. Plus, Landyachtz is committed to sustainability – for every board sold, they plant a tree.



3. APOLLO Longboard

Price: $154.97

Highlights: A 39-inch deck, a low center of gravity, and a handy T-tool.

About Longboard: It comes with a 39-inch deck made from three layers of bamboo for unbeatable strength and stability. With its low center of gravity, it’s great for both beginners and experienced users alike. Plus, it comes with a handy T-tool so you can adjust the truck stiffness on the go. Choose from a variety of colors, including Nauro, Molokai, Galoa, Nevada, and more.



4. Globe The All-Time Longboard

Price: $135.24

Highlights: Measures 35″ long, has quality trucks, wheels, and bearings, and features a kicktail design.

About Longboard: This board is one of the best value longboards thanks to its quality construction. Measuring 35″ long, this longboard is fast and responsive thanks to its quality trucks, wheels, and bearings – perfect for cruising around town or learning new tricks.

And with its kicktail design, this board is also great for performing stunts and tricks. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, the Globe The All Time Longboard is a great option for anyone looking for a high-quality longboard.



5. Amrgot Complete Longboard

Price: $74.99

Highlights: Made from 8-layer cold-pressed maple wood, is 42-inches long, and has seven-inch aluminum alloy trucks.

About Longboard: This 42-inch board is made from 8-layer cold-pressed maple wood, making it tough and able to support a lot of weight. The seven-inch aluminum alloy trucks provide good stability, while the PU wheels ensure smooth sailing at high speeds. But what really sets this longboard apart is its waterproof bottom printed pattern – no more worry about riding in wet conditions.



6. Arbor Fish Bamboo Longboard

Price: $134.95

Highlights: Wide trucks, soft wheels, and large size.

About Longboard: If you’re looking for a high-quality, durable longboard, look no further than the Arbor Fish Bamboo Longboard. Made with a layer of bamboo, this board is not only strong and flexible but also provides a unique riding experience. The wide trucks and soft wheels make it excellent for cruising over rough terrain, and the large size makes it great for commuting or cruising with friends.



7. Junli Freeride Longboard

Price: $65.99

Highlights: A weight capacity of 330 pounds, a wide turning radius, and responsive 7-inch aluminum alloy trucks.

About Longboard:  The Junli Freeride Longboard is just the board you need if you’re into downhill, freestyle, or speed riding. It’s made with 8-ply cold-press maple wood, making it durable enough to handle a maximum load of 330 pounds.

The wide turning radius is perfect for developing strength and balance, no matter your experience level or age. Plus, the responsive 7-inch aluminum alloy trucks provide great control and stability.



8. Sector 9 Longboard

Price: $219.95

Highlights: A 9-ply deck, drop-through truck mounting, and tight and efficient turning.

About Longboard: The Sector 9 Monkey King Paradiso is great for anyone looking to bomb a hill or lay down some smooth slides. With a 9-ply deck and drop-through truck mounting, the board is designed for downhill riding and provides users with tight and efficient turning. The large and soft wheels provide enough grip to stay in control while still permitting high-velocity sliding.



9. Retrospec Zed Longboard

Price: $79.99

Highlights: A 9-ply deck, reverse kingpin trucks, and large, soft wheels.

About Longboard: The Sector 9 Monkey King Paradiso is a great board for anyone looking to get the most out of their downhill longboarding experience. With a 9-ply deck and reverse kingpin trucks, it’s built for speed and control.

The large, soft wheels provide the perfect grip and cushioning for a smooth ride. Whether you’re bombing a hill or just cruising around town, the Monkey King Paradiso is a great board for an unparalleled longboarding experience.



10. Landyachtz ATV Longboard

Price: $145.66

Highlights: 31 inches long, features a kicktail, and is easy to control and maneuver.

About Longboard: The Landyachtz ATV longboard is designed for riders who want to perform tricks and shred the pavement with style. This board is 31 inches long and features a kicktail, making it perfect for performing all kinds of tricks. With its smaller size, the Landyachtz ATV is maneuverable and easy to control, allowing riders to express their creativity and style on the road.



11. FISH Longboard

Price: $49.99

Highlights: 8-ply Canadian maple deck, a maximum load capacity of 250 pounds, and a supporting capacity of up to 330 pounds.

About Longboard: This 8-ply Canadian maple deck is great for downhill, freestyle, and cruising – and can accommodate skaters of all skill levels. With a maximum load capacity of 250 pounds and a supporting capacity of up to 330 pounds, this longboard is great for riders of all ages and sizes. Plus, its unique shape ensures improved balance and push power, while the high-friction, anti-slip grip provides added safety.



12. Arbor Mission Longboard

Price: $169.51

Highlights: Top ply made from durable walnut, sanded wheel wells, and soft and smooth-riding wheels.

About Longboard: The Arbor Mission Longboard is an outstanding board for beginners who want to get into the exciting world of longboarding. The medium-length deck with a kicktail is perfect for learning tricks, and the top ply made from durable walnut ensures that your board will last for years to come.

The sanded wheel wells make for hard turning without worrying about wheel bite, and the soft and smooth-riding wheels provide a comfortable ride. The trucks are not extremely wide, making this board easy to maneuver.



13. PINESKY Longboard

Price: $59.99

Highlights: Available in 12 different designs, has high-speed stainless steel bearings, and features 8-inch aluminum trucks

About Longboard: Available in 12 different designs, this board is perfect for cruising, downhill, freestyle, and carving. It’s also built to last with high-speed stainless steel bearings and 8-inch aluminum trucks. Plus, it has a good shock absorption system to ensure a smooth ride.



14. Landyachtz Evo Longboard

Price: $269.95

Highlights: 40 inches long and wide, made of 10-ply decking, and features drop-through trucks.

About Longboard: This impressive board is 40″ long and wide and made of 10-ply decking for a sturdy yet flexible ride. It also features drop-through trucks for extra stability and control when bombing hills or racing others. Plus, it comes assembled and ready to ride with quality Landyachtz components – so you can hit the ground running (or skating).



15. Volador Maple Longboard

Price: $55.89

Highlights: Beginner-friendly, made with 8-ply Hardrock maple and epoxy glue, and has adjustable 7-inch aluminum trucks.

About Longboard: If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly longboard that’s easy to carry around, the Volador Maple Longboard is a great option. This drop-through cruiser is made with 8-ply hard rock maple and epoxy glue, making it sturdy and durable.

It also has 7-inch aluminum trucks that are adjustable to 50 or 45 degrees, giving you great maneuverability. Plus, at 6.5 pounds, it’s one of the lightest longboards on the market.


Best Longboards Conclusion

So there you have it. Our list of the best longboards. No matter what level of longboarder you are, this list will have something for you.

And with all of the variety featured above, you can select a longboard based on size, design, looks, etc. All of this will allow you to lock in on the perfect board for you.

Also, these longboards make excellent gifts as well. And it is always more fun to enjoy a longboarding adventure with a partner. So maybe consider getting one of these longboards as a gift for a family member or friend.

Have you used any of these longboards before? If so, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.