Best Home Warranty Companies: Finding the Perfect Home Warranty Company for You

Having a home warranty plan in place can give you the confidence and protection you need to ensure that your home is adequately covered in the event something goes wrong. But it all starts with finding the right plan, which is where this list of the best home warranty companies can help you out.

This list of the best home warranty companies will feature the top options and will help you find the perfect choice for you. With this list, you’ll be able to compare the different features and services each company offers and then find the right plan for you. 

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Top 12 Home Warranty Companies:



1. First Premier Home Warranty

Highlights: Protection against unexpected repairs or replacement of your appliances, offers a variety of plans, and a knowledgeable support staff.

About Home Warranty CompanyFirst Premier Home Warranty offers protection against unexpected repairs or replacement of your appliances. Their team knows how much hard work goes into owning property, and they’re committed to helping you keep it in top working condition.

They understand that the quality of today’s appliances often doesn’t last as long as those from years past. That’s why they provide superior coverage for all types of major household systems and appliances, including refrigerators, stoves, heating systems, water heaters, and more.

They are proud to offer a variety of plans tailored exactly to fit your needs. They have service fee plans at competitive prices with extremely low deductibles that guarantee tons of savings for customers. The support staff is dedicated and knowledgeable and will guide you through each step until the problem can be resolved swiftly and efficiently.



2. Select Home Warranty

Highlights: A reliable and flexible service, can create tailored plans based on customers’ needs, and covers a wide range of appliances.

About Home Warranty CompanyAs one of the best home warranty companies, Select Home understands that your home is more than just a place to live—it’s where your most precious memories are made. That’s why this reliable and flexible service ensures that all of those memories won’t be lost when your beloved appliances break down.

At Select Home Warranty, they don’t believe in offering generic packages; instead, they create tailored plans based on customers’ unique needs and budget. Their services cover a wide range of appliances, from water heaters to dishwashers, so you can rest assured knowing you are covered no matter what kind of repair is needed.

Plus, the pricing options make it easier for everyone to access the peace of mind they need at an affordable cost. No one should have to worry about unexpected repairs or out-of-pocket costs when it comes to their homes. With Select Home Warranty by their side, homeowners don’t have to go into panic mode when something stops working—they’ve got them covered.



3. Choice Home Warranty

Highlights: Two plans offered – the Basic or Total, longer-than-average service guarantees, and a lower-than-average service call fee.

About Home Warranty CompanyTake the worry out of home ownership when you choose Choice Home Warranty. Their plans are designed to give you that extra layer of protection and peace of mind, no matter what kind of repairs your appliances and systems need.

They offer two plans – the Basic Plan, which offers coverage for your essential home systems and appliances, or the Total Plan. The Total plan covers your air conditioning system, refrigerator, washer, and dryer.


4. Cinch Home Warranty

Highlights: 180 days of labor guarantees, three coverage options, and covers pre-existing conditions on items, even if they weren’t revealed during a home inspection.

About Home Warranty CompanyAs one of the best home warranty companies, Cinch provides the coverage and assurance you need to protect your home and major appliances. Their plans provide 180 days of labor guarantees.

With Cinch, you have three options for your coverage needs: Built-in Systems, Appliances, and Complete Home Protection. No matter what coverage option you choose, you can trust that your appliances and systems will be secure with us.

Plus, unlike other providers, they cover pre-existing conditions on items – even if they weren’t revealed during a home inspection. With Cinch Home Warranty as your ally, you can rest easy knowing that repairs won’t break the bank.



5. Home Service Club

Highlights: Covers even small upgrades, dispatches expert technicians right away when called, and covers 25+ systems.

About Home Warranty CompanyHome Service Club provides a Nationwide network of trusted technicians. Everything from your AC and heating units to plumbing and electrical systems — even small upgrades that are often overlooked receive full attention. So when it comes time for updates or repairs, you know help is only a phone call away.

What sets HSC apart from other home service providers is their dedication to making sure you feel safe and sound in your space no matter the hour or day of the week. They want customers to know that when it’s time for repair or maintenance, they don’t have to wait days or weeks for help.



6. Liberty Home Guard

Highlights: Three comprehensive plan choices, no age limits imposed on covered appliances, and no maintenance record or home inspection required for coverage.

About Home Warranty CompanyWhen it comes to protecting your home, you deserve the best, and that is where Liberty Home Guard can help. They offer three comprehensive plans to choose from that can be tailored to fit homes of any size and budget. Whether you’re looking for a systems-only plan, an appliance-only plan, or one that covers both, they have the coverage you need.

What sets them apart from some other home warranty companies is that they don’t impose any age limits on covered appliances. They also don’t require a maintenance record or home inspection in order to obtain coverage from us.

Best of all, you get to choose who will perform necessary repairs—they don’t assign specific contractors like some other companies do. And all services come with a 60-day workmanship guarantee for extra peace of mind.



7. Landmark Home Warranty

Highlights: Two coverage plans, available in six western states, and the ability to add on extra coverage with the least expensive plan.

About Home Warranty CompanyWhether you’re a homeowner looking for protection and peace of mind or simply want the assurance that comes with one of the best home warranty companies—Landmark Home Warranty has a solution. They offer two coverage plans, the Home Systems Plan and Total Plan, available in six western states.

Both plans cover essential household appliances like HVAC systems, pest control services, etc. With their least expensive plan, you can also add on extra coverage for those big-ticket home items such as washers, dryers, and fridges, along with adding coverage so your garden oasis – or even just a roof over your head – is taken care of too.



8. American Home Shield

Highlights: Three different plans available, flexible service fee options, and can include guest houses up to 750 square feet for no extra cost.

About Home Warranty CompanyAmerican Home Shield is the premier home warranty company for your comfort, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. These comprehensive plans provide ultimate protection from the unexpected, both large and small. Whether your HVAC needs repairs or you are worried about heavy snowfall or a hurricane damaging your roof – they have got you covered.

You can choose from their three different plans depending on which appliances you want to be covered: ShieldSilver, ShieldGold, and Shield Platinum. With these flexible service fee options, you can be sure to find the right plan for your budget.

In addition to the regular coverage, American Home Shields offers extra coverage on items like pool spa systems, electronics, and roof leak coverage, not leaving any major part of your home exposed to risk. More importantly, you can even get a Guest House up to 750 sq Ft covered under a standard warranty plan at no extra cost.



9. AFC Home Club

Highlights: A labor and parts guarantee across plans, the option for a three-year contract for extra savings, and the ability to choose your own contractor or technician.

About Home Warranty CompanyThe AFC Home Club is one of the best home warranty companies, with four plans that provide the ultimate in flexibility. Choose between systems-only and appliance-only plans, or opt for one of the combination plans.

Prices are competitive, and you can save even more with a three-year contract. Plus, you’ll have the unique service offering of being able to choose your own contractor or technician – something not found with many other home warranty companies. And to offer complete coverage, AFC provides a labor and parts guarantee across all its plans.



10. First American Home Warranty

Highlights: Generous caps per appliance, an extremely fast response time, and covers 35 states along the entire eastern seaboard.

About Home Warranty CompanyEnjoy generous caps per appliance while knowing that their response time is among the swiftest in the industry. They cover both Premier and Basic plan customers with emergency repair services in 35 states right along the entire eastern seaboard.

And don’t forget items such as pools and spas, sump pumps, pre-season HVAC tuneups, and more – all just part of your home warranty plan when you choose First American Home Warranty.



11. Old Republic Home Protection

Highlights: Five plan options, the ability to select your own contractors, and offers coverage on all kinds of appliances and systems.

About Home Warranty CompanyThey have five plans that cover all of your appliances and systems in your home, so you can stay rest assured knowing that Old Republic has got you covered.

Unlike some other home warranty companies, they allow you to select the contractors yourself – giving you the freedom to use a trusted technician if you already have one or the option to use one of their technicians if you don’t.

And if that wasn’t enough, Old Republic is also incredibly versatile – offering coverage on all kinds of appliances and systems – plus being the only care provider that doesn’t accept monthly payments.



12. ServicePlus Home Warranty

Highlights: Gold and Platinum plans available, an extremely low flat service call fee, a 30-day labor guarantee, and a 90-day parts guarantee.

About Home Warranty CompanyWith both Gold and Platinum plans available, ServicePlus provides some of the best home warranty coverage for whatever kind of property you own. Imagine never having to worry about an appliance breaking down or a system malfunctioning – ServicePlus has your back.

Financial security comes with every plan they offer. Plus, each plan comes with a 30-day labor guarantee and a 90-day parts guarantee – ensuring that even if something does go wrong, ServicePlus will be there to take care of it. Finding quality home warranty coverage doesn’t have to involve a lot of stress and hassle anymore.


Best Home Warranty Companies Conclusion

Ultimately, selecting the best home warranty company for your particular needs is key to getting the most out of your policy. Having a list of the top-rated companies can help you get a head start in making the right decision by comparing plans and services offered.

Armed with this information and this list of the best home warranty companies, you can shop confidently, knowing that you’re covered when the unexpected strikes.

Have you used any of these home warranty companies? If so, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.