Best Supplements for Women: The Top 20 List

Best Supplements for Women


Supplements for Women: What you Should be Taking

Even if you have a perfect diet, and let’s face it – not many do, there are still some essential nutrients that are best gained through supplements. This list of the best supplements for women is going to provide you with 20 supplements that you should consider adding to your regular diet. This list will go a long way in making you feel and look better.

Whether you are looking for something to help supplement your workouts, or just want to be healthy, this list of the best supplements for women is a definite must.



Top 20 Supplements for Women:





Probiotic (link)

While yogurt, kefir, and other dairy products contain helpful probiotics, most women do not consume enough probiotics in their diet. Benefits of probiotics include digestion help, intestinal problem relief, and the prevention of a number of gut related issues.




Vitamin A (link)

Vitamin A has a big part to do with helping your eyes, skin, and immune system. If you think that you may not be getting enough naturally from your diet you should add in this supplement.





Whey Protein (link)

Forget the idea that protein powder is just for Arnold Schwarzenegger – any woman that works out can greatly benefit from protein since protein helps build muscle. Whey protein in particular is one of the best forms of protein because it is able to easily absorb into the body. Checkout our list of the Best Protein Powders has even more protein options for you to choose from.





Flaxseed (link)

Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, flaxseed is great as both a laxative and a cholesterol reducer. Flaxseed also helps improve the immune system and protects against various types of cancer.



Magnesium Glycinate


Magnesium Glycinate (link)

Many women are low in magnesium, so a magnesium supplement is definitely a good choice for most women. Benefits of magnesium glycinate include bone and muscle health, as well as mood stabilization and sleep support.



Green Tea


Green Tea (link)

Great for both cell protection and weight loss, Green Tea also helps reduce the risk of heart disease. If you don’t enjoy drinking tea, Green Tea extract is supplement form will do the trick.




Omega-3 (link)

If you are struggling with memory and mental performance you may be deficient in Omega-3. You can find it naturally in fish, plants, and nuts, but if you are still not getting enough from those foods, a supplement will really help.




Vitamin C (link)

The primary source of Vitamin C is citrus fruits, red peppers, and broccoli. If you are not getting enough of those foods you may be deficient and need to take a supplement. Because vitamin C impacts so much of your body’s health this is an important one.




Vitamin D (link)

Vitamin D is essential in the calcium absorption necessary for both growth, modulation of cell growth, reduction of inflammation and immune function. Adding a Vitamin D supplement will really help with improving all of these areas.





BCAA (link)

BCAA, or the aminos isoleucine, leucine, and valine, work to support muscle development and energy production. BCAA is particularly helpful for women who work out as it helps with strength and recovery time.




Folate (link)

Folate is essential to any pregnancy, but pregnant or not it is a good idea to make sure that your diet is getting enough Folate. This supplement will help with producing and maintaining new cells that will help with brain function and emotional health.




Biotin (link)

Biotin helps your body with the process of producing energy. It helps to breakdown amino acids and carbohydrates. Biotin can also help with neurological symptoms in adults such as mild depression.





Calcium (link)

As an essential mineral, calcium is crucial for bone health, but it also helps support muscle contraction and fat loss. If you do not consume enough calcium in your diet, a calcium supplement is a must.




Iron (link)

Iron helps carry oxygen within the body and helps produce red blood cells among other things. You can get Iron naturally from lean red meat, chicken, turkey, fish, some cereals, beans, whole grains, and dark-green leafy vegetables. If you are not eating enough of these foods though you should supplement some Iron into your diet.



B Complex Vitamins


B Complex Vitamins (link)

Eight different B vitamins in one, the B Complex Vitamins provide energy and helps oxygenate muscle tissue. Some of the B vitamins also help the body digest protein and are great for women who work out on a regular basis.




Melatonin (link)

You may have heard Melatonin mentioned as the, “sleep medicine” but it is more than that. It helps to regulate hormones and more than just helping you fall asleep it, helps to maintain the body’s circadian rhythm which helps your body know when it is time to sleep.



Folic Acid


Folic Acid (link)

Folic Acid, or B9, is one of the B Complex Vitamins, but a concentrated, stand-alone form of B9 is great for women who are pregnant as it helps prevent birth defects. Folic Acid also helps support heart health and is an important component in building new cells.





Grape Seed Extract (link)

This supplement is going to help fight against heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Studies have even shown that it may also help to protect from future age related dementia.



Coenzyme Q-10


Coenzyme Q-10 (link)

Coenzyme Q-10 is a powerful antioxidant that works to boost the immune system and improve the energy efficiency of cells. Coenzyme Q-10 may also help lower blood pressure as well.





Resveratrol (link)

Resveratrol is going to work towards protecting your blood vessels and will also help lower bad cholesterol. This helps with preventing blood clots. Studies are also showing that it helps with the prevention of a variety of different cancers.




Bonus: Multivitamin (link)

It is not always easy to stay on top of taking 8-10 different supplements on a regular basis. So a good way to make it easier is a multivitamin that covers a majority of these different supplements all in one go. You most likely will want to take a few specific supplements, but a multivitamin is also much encouraged.



Best Supplements for Women Conclusion

You are not always going to be able eat as healthy as you would like to, and that means that your body may be missing out on different vitamins and nutrients that it needs. This is where supplements come into play.

Not everyone needs the exact same supplements either. That is why with this list of the the best supplements for women we wanted to provide you with some different great options for what your body needs.

We would love to hear your feedback on any of the above products in the comments section, so please don’t hesitate to share.


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