Best News Websites: The Top 20 List

Best News Websites


News Websites: Staying Informed on the Latest News

Keeping informed of current events can be a momentous task, but thankfully, online coverage of the news makes it easier than ever to keep abreast of what is going on in the world. In this list of the best news websites we have compiled 20 great online news sources.

Even if you only have a few minutes to spare, the websites on this list will provide you with up to date news from around the world. So next time you are stuck in traffic or waiting in line for coffee, pull up one of the news websites on this list for quality, current news coverage.


Top 20 News Websites:




The New York Times News


The New York Times (link)

Formatted much like a traditional paper, The New York Times is a quality news website that reports on a variety of subjects. All of the traditional topics are covered (think US and world news, sports, etc.) as well as other topics like jobs, health, art, and even an NYC event guide.





The Guardian News


The Guardian (link)

Known for its Pulitzer Prize-winning Edward Snowden revelations, The Guardian covers American and international news for an online, global audience. The site is formatted well and is user friendly – users can even choose from in-depth or in-brief news coverage.






The Daily Beast News


The Daily Beast (link)

Colorful, aesthetically pleasing, and full of great reporting, The Daily Beast has a monthly readership of more than 20 million. Based in New York, the site delivers political, pop-culture, and world news, and is a great fit for those looking for something beyond a traditional news outlet.





Yahoo News


Yahoo News (link)

Yahoo News is perhaps not as flashy as some of the other online news sites, but Yahoo still delivers plenty of good content. Topics and articles are easily searchable, making this site great for searching or browsing news articles.





The Wall Street Journal News


The Wall Street Journal (link)

The Wall Street Journal or WSJ is going to provide you up to date info on all of the stock markets from around the world, as well as the biggest breaking stories. With 40,000,000 unique visitors a month coming to the WSJ, you will be able to join the millions of other readers who trust The Wall Street Journal for their news.





Reuters News


Reuters (link)

Headquartered in London, Reuters has 200 worldwide locations and is a division of the Toronto-based Canadian media company Thomson Reuters. With more than 2500 journalists, the Reuters’ news website is updated continually and features news from all around the globe.





The Huffington Post News


The Huffington Post (link)

Known for its reporting on pop culture, The Huffington Post also features coverage of US politics, world news, and technology. The site also has a large blog section, making it ideal for blog lovers and style and entertainment buffs.






USA Today News


USA Today (link)

With a daily readership of over 3 million and mobile app download of more than 24 million, USA TODAY is a multi-platform news and information media company. Since its inception in 1982 the news company has served as a news outlet committed to high quality journalism.





Business Insider News


Business Insider (link)

More than just business news, Business Insider features technology, finance, policy, strategy, and life pieces. Launched in 2007, Business Insider is the largest business news site on the web. Now owned by the German media company Axel Springer, the site has worldwide readership.







Newsweek (link)

An American staple for more than 80 years, Newsweek has millions of followers from around the globe. With in-depth analysis of news and opinion about international issues, technology, business, culture and politics, Newsweek is available across platforms and devices.





Chicago Sun-Times News


Chicago Sun-Times (link)

Winner of eight Pulitzer prizes and the oldest continuously published daily newspaper in Chicago, the Chicago Sun-Times has a strong print and online readership. With a strong emphasis on innovative media and emerging technologies, the Chicago Sun-Times news website details a wide array of topics.





NPR News


NPR (link)

A multimedia news organization and radio program producer, NPR has more than 340 news staff in the United States and abroad. Mission driven since its inception in 1971, NPR has won a number of prestigious honors in journalism making it a news website to contend with.








A global news and information company, POLITICO has a strong print and website base. With its beginning in 2007, POLITICO has focused on providing a nonpartisan perspective about politics and policy making. POLITICO has been adding to its journalist ranks over the years and now has more than 350 reporters, editors and producers across the United States and Europe.




Los Angeles Times News


Los Angeles Times (link)

With the fourth-largest circulation among United States newspapers, the Los Angeles Times has a strong print and online membership base. More than 36 million unique visitors visit the site monthly, and the site’s attention to detail make it a great choice for those in the LA area and around the world.




NBC News


NBC News (link)

A global leader in both broadcast and digital platforms, the NBC News Digital Group provides a constant flow of information, giving readers information wherever they are, whenever they want it. NBC News’ journalists are also based around the globe, providing the site with real-time news.






Vice News


Vice News (link)

Featuring stories and investigative reports that may not be as well covered in other news sources, Vice News updates its site daily. Unvarnished documentaries and a YouTube channel help to keep users connected and informed. Readers who want a non-traditional news source should definitely keep Vice News in mind.




CNN News


CNN News (link)

Staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, CNN draws from a global team of almost 4,000 news professionals. The site is well laid out, and features live video streaming, searchable archives, and background information. For up to date, on the hour coverage, CNN is a safe bet.





Fox News


Fox News (link)

Covering a little bit of everything, the Fox News website is a must for fans of Fox’s television reporting. The site set-up is straightforward, and links to Fox’s shows are also provided.





Google News


Google News (link)

A computer-generated news site, Google News amasses headlines from news sources across the globe, groups the similar stories together, and then displays the stories based on user interest. Once you click on a headline, Google News  then takes you directly to the site that published the story.





Quartz News


Quartz (link)

Not the typical news outlet, Quartz was formed in 2012 “for business people in the new global economy.” Quartz is specially designed for tablet and mobile phone usage, and features creative journalism from a global perspective.



Best News Websites Conclusion

Staying informed has never been easier, especially with this list of the best news websites. Our goal with this list was to provide you with multiple great news sources. That way you can decide which website best delivers the news for your preference.

We would love to hear any feedback that you may have on these news websites in the comments below.


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