Best Languages to Learn

Best Languages to Learn

Learning another language is great for personal enrichment, ease of travel, and business savvy. In this list of the best languages to learn we detail ten great language options. Learning any language, not just the languages on this list, will serve you well, however, so make an effort, and start learning a language today! Even if you just know a few key words and phrases, a little bit can go a long way, especially when traveling.

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List of the Best Languages to Learn




Spoken across the globe, Spanish is a growing language, especially in the United States. English speakers should find Spanish relatively easy to learn and with a number of emerging Spanish speaking economies, business professionals can certainly benefit from learning Spanish.






With over a billion people residing in mainland China, and countless others worldwide, Mandarin is spoken by a large number of the world’s population. Add in the fact that China is a major power player in the world’s economy, and learning Mandarin makes sense from both a personal and professional standpoint.






A little bit of French goes a long way, and with France being one of the top tourist attracting countries in the world, learning some French is certainly helpful. Many African countries also speak French, giving you a great means of communication in a number of countries.






With a number of international finance centers emerging in Arabic speaking countries, learning Arabic is a solid business move. While English speakers may have a bit more difficulty learning Arabic than a Romance language, the effort is well worth it.






The official language of both Portugal and Brazil, and a handful of other countries, Portuguese is a beautiful language. And, for English speakers, Portuguese should be relatively easy to learn.






Many important companies are German owned, so knowing German can be a definite advantage in the work force. Additionally, while German grammar can be tricky, English speakers should be able to pick up on the vocabulary fairly quickly since both English and German are Germanic languages.






An important language in science and technology, a working knowledge of Russian is a definite asset in the scientific community. And, with Russia as a regional power, knowing Russian is certainly helpful in the business world.






A beautiful language, learning Italian is a good option for food and art lovers. And, with a number of Italians scattered worldwide, practicing your Italian should be relatively easy.






With Japan as one of the world’s leading economies and with a number of high profile Japanese companies, learning Japanese is certainly beneficial from a business perspective. Add in the centuries old tradition and heritage surrounding Japanese, and learning Japanese makes sense from both a business and cultural perspective.






While not a traditional language to learn, the Polish language is a good choice, especially as Polish speakers live worldwide (a number of cities in the US have a large number of Polish speakers). A Slavic language, Polish will also help you better understand other Slavic languages, as Slavic languages tend to be closely related.


Best Languages to Learn Conclusion

Being able to speak multiple languages is becoming even more and more common place today’s ever shrinking world. A lot of times you choose a second language based on location or relationships that you may have, but if you are still undecided about the language that you would like to learn, we hope that the above list will provide you some great options to choose from.

We would love to hear any feedback that you may have. Good luck with learning your new language!


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