Best Body Washes: The Top 15 List

Best Body Washes


Best Body Washes: Cleaning and Hydrating Your Skin

The best body washes on the market boast all kinds of qualities and benefits, but which one is the best for you and your skin. Your skin is your largest organ, but many are quick to overlook its health. Just within a single hour, your skin sheds over 200,000,000 cells. Because your skin is constantly renewing itself, it also needs continuous care.

Step one to an effective skincare routine is finding a body wash that is agreeable with your skin type. Sensitive skin needs a calming, dermatologist-trusted body wash, dry skin needs one that hydrates and locks in moisture, and rough skin needs one that exfoliates to remove excess dead skin. Regardless of what type of skin you have, there is a body wash for you.

These body washes are loved by many, clearly evident in the hundreds and hundreds of raving reviews online. But that can make it challenging to decide which one will be your favorite. Each is unique, from its texture to its smell to the very ingredients it’s made of. The best body washes will leave you feeling refreshed, moisturized, and of course, they make you smell amazing! From the best smelling body washes to the ones that heal painful skin irritations, there is definitely one to fit your needs right here in this list.

And, if you are interested in skincare products, make sure to check out our list of the best face washes. You will be feeling and looking your best from head to toe.



Top 15 Body Washes:



Nivea Body Wash



Nivea Body Wash (link) 

Price: $8.59 (16.9 oz)

Highlights: Crafted with almond oil, lightweight, and restores moisture to dry skin.

About Body Wash: If you struggle with dry skin, it could result from frequently showering with overly hot water. The essential oils are stripped away and leave your skin vulnerable to dryness. This body wash will lightly cleanse your skin with a hydrating, milky foam that won’t leave behind any sticky residue. Despite how gentle this body wash is, your skin will be given an intense and long-lasting moisture boost. It is hardly surprising that many claim this to be one of the best moisturizing body wash available.




OGX Coffee Scrub and Wash


OGX Coffee Scrub and Wash (link) 

Price: $5.74 (19.5 oz)

Highlights: Exfoliating yet moisturizing, amazing scent, and eco-friendly.

About Body Wash: You can trust OGX to bring you some of the best smelling body washes around. This body wash contains naturally exfoliating Arabica coffee (surprise, coffee isn’t just for drinking!) and moisturizing coconut oil. Furthermore, these give this body wash a rich, appealing smell. Enhancing your natural beauty by improving the health of your skin has always been OGX’s mission, and this body wash represents that perfectly. Additionally, this body wash is cruelty-free, and OGX has taken the pledge to help fight climate change.






Botanic Hearth Tea Tree Body Wash (link) 

Price: $14.98 (16 oz)

Highlights: Combats numerous skin conditions, made with tea tree oil and top-quality botanicals.

About Body Wash: For those who suffer from skin conditions like body acne, ringworm, athlete’s foot, or similar irritations, choosing a body wash can be difficult. This powerful body wash works to heal and prevent these conditions without using damaging chemicals. Its formulated with powerful, natural ingredients such as 100% pure tea tree oil, sea buckthorn oil, and peppermint oil. It’s the perfect body wash to use after going for a run or a workout at the gym because it also eliminates body odor.




Remedy Soap Tea Tree Oil Body Wash


Remedy Soap Tea Tree Oil Body Wash (link) 

Price: $14.95 (12 oz)

Highlights: Soothes irritated skin, organic, and packed with essential oils.

About Body Wash: This is one of the best body wash for men and women who want to heal their dry, itchy skin. Firstly, it is full of fatty acids and vitamins. Secondly, it’s formulated with pure, natural ingredients and contains no fillers and additives. It will leave your skin feeling nourished and moisturized while still being effective on bothersome skin conditions. You will also find that it is loaded with some of the best essential oils for your skin. Notably, this body wash has rosemary, jojoba, eucalyptus, olive, and coconut oils in it.




Neutrogena Rainbath Refreshing Shower and Bath Gel


Neutrogena Rainbath Refreshing Shower and Bath Gel (link) 

Price: $20.00 (40 oz)

Highlights: Refreshing, hydrating, and offers a calming smell.

About Body Wash: Neutrogena is many people’s go-to skincare brand for facial cleansers and moisturizers, but they also make fantastic body washes like this one. It delivers a revitalizing clean for your whole body while also moisturizing and conditioning. The decadent lather is also great to use for shaving your legs in the shower. The scent of this body is a unique combination of fruits, spires, and herbs. Many of its reviews online profess this is the best smelling body wash on the market.




Olay Manuka Honey Body Wash


Olay Manuka Honey Body Wash (link) 

Price: $25.84 (4 Pack)

Highlights: Decadently, rich lather, and superb scent.

About Body Wash: This body wash contains shea butter and manuka honey, both known for their hydrating and soothing qualities. They also make this one of the best smelling body washes you can find.  Enjoy a decadently rich lather as well, turning shower time into a spa-like experience. And it doesn’t end there. The hydration provided by this body wash is incredibly long-lasting, so your skin will be soft and glowing all day.




Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash


Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash (link) 

Price: $6.99 (18 oz)

Highlights: Naturally nourishes dry skin, gentle on sensitive skin, and dermatologist-recommended.

About Body Wash: Dry skin doesn’t stand a chance against this body wash. It is crafted with several emollients, including oat, which work to retain moisture in the outer layer of your skin. Bacteria, dirt, and unwanted oils are gently cleansed away to reveal your naturally beautiful skin. This body wash is soap-free, meaning it won’t remove the natural oils your skin produces, which helps prevent dryness. It’s no wonder this is one of the best body washes for women and men who have sensitive, dry skin.





Dial Body Wash


Dial Body Wash (link) 

Price: $16.49 (3 Pack)

Highlights: Thoroughly cleans, lightweight formula, and nature-inspired scents.

About Body Wash: Dial has been making some of the best body washes for over 65 years, so you can trust that they know what they are doing. This body wash cleanses your skin deeply, removing unwanted oils, dirt, and bacteria. Despite its rigorous cleaning ability, it is gentle on your skin and won’t leave it feeling tight and uncomfortable. It also comes in various exquisite scents, such as Lavender and Jasmine, Spring Water, and Sea Minerals.




Dove Body Wash



Dove Body Wash (link) 

Price: $25.88 (4 Pack)

Highlights: Beautiful floral scent, protects your skin microbiome, and pH-balanced.

About Body Wash: Indulge your skin with the best moisturizing body wash that’s also pH-balanced and sulfate-free. It’s scented with rose and peony oil extracts, reminiscent of a delicate bouquet of spring flowers. While this body wash may feel like a guilty pleasure with its silky texture and rich smell, it is incredibly hardworking when it comes to the health of your skin. In fact, it is made entirely from mild cleansers that are safe for your skin microbiome. That is the living protective barrier.




CeraVe Body Wash


CeraVe Body Wash (link) 

Price: $10.49 (1o oz)

Highlights: Repairs rough skin textures and effectively exfoliates without harsh microbeads.

About Body Wash: If you have ever used a traditional exfoliating body wash, then you have probably noticed how abrasive the microbeads in them can be on your skin. This body wash uses salicylic acid to exfoliate rough and bumpy skin instead of using tiny, plastic microbeads. The salicylic acid softens your skin, removes dead skin, and locks in moisture, resulting in healthier, smoother skin. It is also non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog your pores or feel heavy on your skin.




RENPURE Renpure Body Wash


Renpure Body Wash (link) 

Price: $9.99 (24 oz)

Highlights: Plant-based, designed for dry skin, and never tested on animals.

About Body Wash: Renpure makes some of the best smelling body washes available, crafted from specially chosen plant-based ingredients. You get all the benefits of honey, coconut oil, shea butter, argan oil, and tea tree oil without any harmful chemical fillers. Their body washes are free from parabens, sulfates, dyes, gluten, phthalates, or propylene glycol. That leaves you with a great smelling body wash that moisturizes and softens your skin naturally. Moreover, Renpure does not test their products on animals, and the bottle is completely recyclable. So not only will your skin feel good after, but you will also feel good inside because you are supporting a quality company.




Jason Natural Body Wash


Jason Natural Body Wash (link) 

Price: $11.28 (30 oz)

Highlights: Relieves stressing skin problems and provides a wholesome clean.

About Body Wash: Showertime can be a great time to unwind from a long day or prepare yourself for one. This body wash was created to bring calmness to you and your skin during and after showering. You’ll find Sativa oil in this body wash, which treats and prevents dry and itchy skin conditions. Sativa oil is full of helpful fatty acids that work to rebuild a strong skin barrier free from impurities. The body wash also contains lavender and hops extracts, giving it a beautifully relaxing fragrance.




Alba Botanica Very Emollient Bath & Shower Gel


Alba Botanica Very Emollient Bath & Shower Gel (link) 

Price: $11.52 (32 oz)

Highlights: Made with bright botanicals, deeply hydrates your skin, and is 100% vegetarian.

About Body Wash: Citrus lovers will find this body wash to be their dream come true. Citrus, chamomille, and lavender come together to create this tropical, fresh scent that you will adore. Packed with natural emollients that drench your skin in moisture, you are sure to feel softer, smoother skin right away. When used in the shower, it creates an incredibly thick and creamy lather that will blanket your skin in hydration. Add when running a bath, you will be able to create an exotic bubble bath paradise. And it’s always a bonus when a product is entirely vegetarian and not tested on any animals.




ALL Natural Tea Tree Body Wash


ALL Natural Tea Tree Body Wash (link) 

Price: $12.70 (16 oz)

Highlights: Tough on stubborn skin conditions and contains powerful natural ingredients.

About Body Wash: Everyone has been tormented by embarrassing and uncomfortable skin afflictions at one time or another. Things like ringworm, athlete’s foot, and toenail issues, to name a few. What you need when these arise is an effective yet wholesome body wash to help heal your skin. This body wash features a high concentration of eucalyptus and tea tree oil. Yet, despite its strength, it is still incredibly nourishing and creamy. Just because you seek a powerful deep clean doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice moisturizing qualities.




Dr. Teal's Body Wash


Dr. Teal’s Body Wash (link) 

Price: $9.31 (24 oz)

Highlights: Aids in relaxing sore muscles and rejuvenates your skin.

About Body Wash: This body wash is definitely unique. It features Epsom salt, which many think of as more of a bath essential instead of a shower essential. But in reality, it actually brings the same relief associated with a nice warm Epsom salt bath to your shower. It eases the pain of sore and achy muscles while hydrating and cleansing your skin. This is the best body wash for men and women alike who wish to elevate their shower time experience through healing their skin and the muscles beneath it.



Best Body Washes Conclusion

With all the different body washes in this list, there is sure to be one that not only matches your needs but outshines your expectations – no more settling for boring, abrasive body washes that smell clinical and stale. Ditch the ones that boast all kinds of claims but never deliver. Take getting clean and fresh to a whole new level with one of these awesome body washes.

The best body washes also make fantastic gifts for friends and family members. If you are looking for more gift ideas, then check out the best gifts for men and the best gift ideas for women for some more inspiration.

We also have lists of the best supplements for women and the best supplements for men. Both of these lists will help to improve skin health from the inside out. All of this will leave you with clean and radiant-looking skin.

Have you tried any of these body washes before? If you have, we would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.



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