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Best Crockpot Recipes

Slow cooker or crockpot – whatever you call it, the fact is that a crockpot makes cooking easy and virtually mistake free. In this list we detail ten top crockpot recipes that are a cinch to make and super tasty. Everything from appetizers and

Best TV Series

Admit it, you’ve been there – you, know that ‘one’ time where a TV series sucked you in, and you didn’t see the light of day for the next week. Well, there is no judgment here; in fact, we have compiled ten of the

Best Christmas Lights

Christmas – that magical time of the year where ordinary places are transformed into glittering bastions of Christmas cheer. In this list of the best Christmas lights we detail ten over the top Christmas light displays from the around the world. Even Scrooge himself

Best Homemade Halloween Outfits

A fraction of the cost of store-bought costumes, DIY Halloween outfits are also oftentimes more creative and fun. In this list of the best homemade Halloween outfits we have collected ten creative and easy to make Halloween costumes. Many of these costumes can be

Best Fashion Magazines

Trends and styles are ever changing, and if you want to keep up with the latest fashion news, a fashion magazine consultation may be just what you need. In this list of the best fashion magazines we detail ten fashion magazines that not only

Best Chocolate Cake Recipes

Chocolate plus cake – what could be better? In this list of the best chocolate cakes, we cater to the chocaholic and provide ten amazing chocolate cake recipes. With everything from a simple and traditional chocolate cake, to a death by chocolate cake, the

Best IKEA Hacks

While affordable, sometimes IKEA furniture can be a little, well, boring. In this list of the best IKEA hacks, we detail ten creative ways to take your IKEA furniture to the next level. For most of these projects, only simple DIY skills and supplies

Best Shelving Ideas

We all have stuff that needs stored or displayed. A standard shelf will get the job done, but if you want a more custom piece, then this list of the best shelving ideas is for you. Some of these shelving ideas are simple revamps

Best House Plans

Gone are the days of the one room frontier house and in its place is a plethora of house plan options. In this list of the best house plans we detail ten great house plans. The house plans on this list range from small